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World Powers Reach 'On Paper' Cessation of Hostilities in Syria


World Powers Reach 'On Paper' Cessation of Hostilities in Syria

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

World powers on Friday agreed to a plan for a "cessation of hostilities" in Syria, to begin next week, which would allow humanitarian aid to reach besieged civilians but would not stop military action against extremist groups in the region.


This is off topic, I just thought it was fun.



Nato military suppliers are gorging while the ECB is gouging continuing its coporatization (GMO) and decimation of local food security in France and Greece - TRIPLING the pay-ins by farmers to social security type requirements.
We need better reporting that triangulates across what are so far extremely siloed by the trope of terror and war on this that and the other thing.
The people fleeing consequences of centuries of the same authoritarian configurations and ideologies are alternately referred to as "immigrants" or "refugees" are victims being cut off from healthy lives from both their homelands and potential flight destinations.
The cynicism of the powers, the deadly 'chessboard' as opportunity for predatory cabals that know only how to optimize parasitic grabbing while decimating the genius needed for any form of future is stunningly short-sighted. The future being shaped by these powers is not only dehumanized, but denaturalized, denuded of biodiversity, deessicated by preying on the planet's water systems as it swirls down the drain.


You don't understand the system as practiced.
1. We will cease bombing you (except for those we think need more bombing).
2. We will help you to rebuild, using American companies like KBR (Kellog Brown & Root) who will build a lot of substandard structures and services which will cost millions or billions, paid for by American Taxpayers to the American companies.
3. We will bill you for the costs, to be paid by your resources (oil, minerals, etc.) being taken by the above companies.
4. After it has been largely built or repaired, we will find some reason to start bombing you, destroying what has been rebuilt.
5. Return to (1.) above, rinse and repeat.
* It seems to be "The American Way."


Looks like the Empire may have finally been stopped (temporarily). Kerry now scurries to the "peace" talks to salvage what he has left of his so called "moderate" opposition that Russia has been pelting from the sky.


Obscenely, tragically, meaninglessly true.



Report on Syria claiming that virtually all we heard in the West about Assaad attacking peaceful protestors and using barrel bombs and the like were outright lies.


The USA and Britain have said that Putin and Russia are more dangerous then Isis. Russia has atom bombs so yes they are and he is. The world says USA and Britain are even more dangerous because Putin and Russia make sense while US and Britain are crazy.