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World Repudiates US Over Jerusalem Despite Haley's Pre-Vote Bullying and 'Temper Tantrum' on UN Stage


Yes. One wonders how she can say that without any sense of irony regarding how other sovereign nations choose to vote.


No further comment is required to such dismissive ignorance. Good bye.


I give credence to the organization that was responsible for the treaty agreement that is being violated. Look at American History, we do not respect Treaty Agreements as you pointed out. And. as you point out we are only a part of the World organization.


Zionist Hasbara propaganda rubbish…the Palestinians and Arab world have offered peace and security but Israeli extremist mythology and racism wants land to be for Jews only…an apartheid state.


Your racist history and pro-Zionist “facts” are BS…


You are certainly entitled to your world views. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to make the blind see…


Understands what exactly?


aipac sending another intern to advance the cause of evil.


Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND? Have you been unconscious for decades? Have you never picked up an unbiased history of the region?.. good grief…


How do other nations support one with a President who is a Hate monger, a War Monger, a Pedophile supporter, a Sexual assaulter, a Pathological Liar, an Abuser of Power, an Obstructer-of-Justice, a Greedy Prick, and a “Fucking Moron?”

The only nations that didn’t vote to rebuke him are ones that use the money the U.S. gives them to repress their own people.


Shameful of you to repeat Trump, he fails the human test and so do the Zionists.

BDS is the right answer to Israeli aggression and terrorism of Palestinians in their own land.


She’s the mouthpiece of a fascist cabal of criminals. What does that make her…??


Hater has to hate, right MMinLamesa?


The fact that Israel does not have the legal right to make Jerusalem it’s capital? You’re obviously a Zionist, so I’m sure these types of little legal details don’t really matter to you. But they DO matter to the majority of the rest of the world, as evidenced by the UN votes.

Enjoy your little Israeli/US global bully status for the limited amount of time remaining to them. Karma is a mean little bitch.


These are big words for MM, you may have to explain them to it/him/her.


Trump will have a Tweet Storm tonight on the toilet, you can bet on that.


Bigot, too.

Bet you hated to use the words African-Americans to label that group, didn’t you?


Once in a while you come across a troll. They’re so easy to spot and don’t even know it. Do they get paid for the drivel they write…??


I don’t believe the US will cut off any “AID” to any of those 128 nations because the US takes back million fold what it “gives”. Besides who’s gonna care about the dollar anyway since it is losing it’s value to the Yuans, Rubles, bitcoin, etc…
The green buck days as a petro dollar or reserve currency are numbered.


Hater has to hate somebody. Might as well be the Palestinians.