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World Running Out of Time to Save Oceans


World Running Out of Time to Save Oceans

Thalif Deen, IPS News

The United Nations is posting a new environmental warning: the world is running out of time to prevent the gradual degradation of the world’s oceans and the widespread destruction of marine life.

In its first comprehensive assessment on the state of the oceans, the United Nations says delays in implementing solutions to the problems already identified as threatening to degrade the world’s oceans will lead, unnecessarily, to incurring greater environmental, social and economic costs.


How desperate this all sounds. Desperate in the sense that we must beg and plead. Desperate in the sense that the UN must frame the pleading in terms of potential economic exploitation as if only that will convince the powerful to limit their destruction of our oceans.

Our oceans are worth 24 trillions? Look at the all the treasure boys but you are blowing it and will kill the $24 trillion dollar Golden Goose if you don't stop.

To sane people the thought of the oceans dying is enough. The science alone is enough. The facts, the data, the reality... is enough.

But not enough it seems for those member nations - so we give the oceans a monetary figure which I think explains why the oceans are in the state that they are in.

It would be interesting to see those 24 trillions broken down. How much are Tuna populations worth? Salmon? Shrimp? Whales (do whales have a value worth mentioning? What about octopuses?

It is very bizarre sometimes ... here at the end of the world.


Wereflea, we are on the same page with this. Despairing of the shortsightedness.

We desperately need a human assessment of life/the oceans that is not just about those dollar bill amounts. There lies the disconnect. That would be my "coherent overall approach." Beyond the miserable on the ground details.

We are on a magical mystery tour that deserves our greatest reverence. We are moving in that direction but time is of the essence.


This economic valuation of the freaking ocean, source and sustainer of Life on Earth, is beyond bizarre. The confines of the dominant mindset mandate explaining ecological reality in terms of social fantasy. Equating fantasy with reality is the basic definition of schizophrenia.


A magical mystery tour that we should have stopped to ask directions for but didn't. Our journey has lost its way. Our direction is aimless and selfish. Where we should work together, we pretend that isn't necessary.

Lin... the right has overcome the good sense of the governing elites. The right has succeeded in making caring and concern for people, aiding others in distress, preserving the environment and even simple common sense (like providing a good education for the young or soc sec for the aged etc) into negatives and dismiss such thoughts as liberal bleeding heart drivel. Since when did heartless greed and insensitivity become the norm for these people? They wish to make us think as they do. Profit matters not people.

If they even know about the oceans? People have learned how to not see what they don't want to see in our modern world. Anything environmental the right claims is tree hugging and then never bothers to read about it. People have been taught to become creepy, selfish and crass (boorishly greedy). People have been taught to be stupid about whatever doesn't concern them directly.

The days are short for us to communicate the truth to those who would care if they were reached. If you would save the last of the best (oceans included) then communicate to others that the time is truly short. Even among us progressives... we do not really sense the urgency...

My friend... the world waits for catastrophe to hit and then they will demand change like they should have been doing already. Such is the way of things when the greedy rule. They do not care and perhaps... we who do care ...do not care enough... yet.


Yes, the inertia has troubled me greatly.

I have for years observed this dynamic, one of the dark shall we say duking it out with a counter force in this dimension. Historically I think the dark has held sway. At least for as long as I can see "back."

What to do about our fellows who are where they are in life? For reasons that you have sighted and those that may be more profound and personal than we can know. I don't have the answer.

I do see that we are rounding a bend that we have come to before. I think the so called legends speak of those times. When civilization lost it's way. And the earth was wiped clean. Must we do that again. So much is lost in the process. But really, nothing is lost. Energy is never lost.

I happen to love this magical mystery tour and see that there are so many ways to make this work. So many ways. Thank you once again my dear for your kind response.


And Not One Word Of All The Radiation Being Pumped In To It...Shame On All Of Us.


The "radiation that is being pumped into it" has not caused a single fish kill nor ecological effect - even right up next to the Fukushima power plant.

It is the CO2, oxygen-depleting farm fertilizer, and plastic trash being pumped into it that is the problem.


Yeah, like the Wall Street Journal headline on the last day, "WORLD ENDS TODAY. MARKETS TO CLOSE EARLY."


You are not correct btw. The initial release of irradiated water did result in local fish die offs.


24trillion what?
What the fuck is a dollar?
What are a trillion dollars?
Yellen's diareah?
Must be worth more than the lifeblood of the planet in some clever semantic game.
Effing hell.


Oh, really? mmmm...maybe you might be interested in www,enenews,com and what they have been reporting on for 4 1/2 years (since the beginning of FUKU...or as is well known to everyone on the planet, radiation is good for you yum yum...snark snark


Some of our needs for the world's oceans are easy enough to satisfy.

Don't dump kilotons of plastic junk into the ocean. The ocean is not northern New Jersey's personal outhouse. Plastics break down into microplastics and then they contaminate our food chain.

Don't build anything that can melt down near a body of water that flows into the ocean. After Fukushima this should seem like common sense.

Now we get to the hard one: ocean acidification due to excessive greenhouse gases. We have to make buildings solar heated when they warm up to 68 degrees every winter morning. That means storing solar heat overnight. Heating is about half of fossil fuel use. I'm here to tell you that it's not hard and I have pictures of a synagogue in Warwick.


Yunzer, I suggest that you special order Fuku-sashimi. You could wash all the radiation down with a nice San Diego craft beer that I know is your favorite!


Yes, indeed. I take Yunzer Radiation Caplets (easier to swallow) since I don't fly enough, or don't go for enough x-rays to keep me in good health otherwise. I highly recommend.


Very well stated.


Right on!!! Right on!!!


Well, I will have to say, I have had enough. I cannot continue on with my current situation. I handed in my letter of resignation on Aug 17th. My supervisor, has not fully accepted it, yet.... It's true, I logically know that I need to keep my job. However, there are many many reasons why I had to do this. I find it too difficult to try to "inspire" people with disabilities to go out and get that job, when that job, is actually something that is negative for the environment. I find it too difficult to inspire someone to think that "everything will be just hunky dory if you get a job". Plus, I have some kind of medical thing going on... goin' to see what that is very soon.
So, I am in limbo. However, I think THE WORLD IS IN LIMBO. For some reason, I feel that by the time my "resignation date" comes around, it will not matter. By then, the world may be quite different.


BTW, I drive over 500 miles a week, so that is part of the problem. I guess, after I get that medical check up, I may get another job, simpler, closer to home, if I can find it. Then, again, I have something that would be my own business. If I can get it off the ground. It doesn't really take any real "start up" money. So....
Had this job for 13 years. I'm very tired.


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