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World Social Forum Kicks Off in Canada With 'Travesty of Democracy'


World Social Forum Kicks Off in Canada With 'Travesty of Democracy'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

This year's World Social Forum (WSF), which is being held in Montreal this week, is off to a rocky start as hundreds of international activists were denied entry due to Canada's restrictive visa policies.


Canada, as a youth you always seemed to be that bold and strong nation to the north,
full of pristine wilderness and brave people.

You have become too much like your spoiled cousin to the south.

Assign surrogate people to act as virtual presences for those denied access.
People in constant online communication with their ostracized partner, yet with
their representative, able to converse and present at large during the convention.

With technology as it is, use it for something good.
Unless they jam all reception, virtual presence is a viable method for modern meetings.


I didn't realize that Canada was (another) key ally of Israel's. That sucks.


This is another example of how the bankster/corporatist powers are international in scope. Struggles between the Left and Right of any particular nation are just window dressing meant to distract us from the fact that the Powers, or the Controllers as Tom Engelhardt would call them, completely dominate political discussion and the reporting of it in the mainstream media. Any attempt to challenge this control will be suppressed... and you won't read or hear a thing about it except in alternative media.


As with any other such movement , the tried and true method of co-opting the group is being used.

The WSF is to be subject to a hostile takeover by the Corporate state. It will be transformed into another group that lobbies on the behalf of corporatism and privatization.


Shame on you Justin Trudeau (Just A Turd). It won't be the end of the WSF, not by a long shot. These forums uplift and tie oppressed communities together globally. There will be more. The US Social Forum is part of this global movement building organization. Check it out.

It's really sad to learn that this has happened, though.


Absolute agreement
Just looking to workaround what appears to be on the increase


Worth a closer look.

Speaking of U.S. policy, did you happen to see this piece on Truthdig this morning?

"Beneath the marionette theater of American electoral and parliamentary democracy, policy is made by a “deep state” oligarchy of corporate and financial elites. The political actors atop the great quadrennial campaign carnivals speak in progressive-sounding terms of their commitment to equality, justice, peace, popular self-rule and the common good. Behind stage and screen, however, the contenders on both sides of the nation’s party duopoly—“two wings of the same bird of prey” (Upton Sinclair, 1904)—are captive to the nation’s unelected and interrelated dictatorships of money and empire."



Great article. Hillary has gone through more costume changes (shape changes?) than you can shake a stick at, from warm cuddly grandma-type making nice with Bernie to attract some of his supporters, to Xena the Warrior Princess who's itching to bomb Syria, Libya, Iran, etc. to attract neocons like Kissinger.

It's a dangerous game she plays, one that leaves her credibility in a shambles, ripe for some demagogue like Trump or whoever replaces him after his total implosion before November to pick off in the general election.


Oh look! Confrontational Politics disguised as a social forum. How quaint...