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World Soil Day Champions an Untapped Resource to Solve the Climate Crisis


World Soil Day Champions an Untapped Resource to Solve the Climate Crisis

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As UN climate talks in Paris hit their mid-way point, many are marking World Soil Day—and soil's untapped role into solving the climate crisis.

Why World Soil Day? "Because soil is something to celebrate—and protect," Lara Bryant, Soil Health Fellow at NRDC, writes at the organization's Switchboard blog. "Healthy soil is the foundation for nutritious food, clean water, and sustainable agriculture," she writes.


For anyone who wants to "dig into" this, "Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind" by the aptly-named Gene Logsdon, is primarily about animal manure, but also touches on the vast "waste" of human manure.

"The Humanure Handbook" is a practical guide for folks who want to consider composting their own.

But policies, programs, investments and subsidies that make composting the norm are what is needed. We need a large "movement" on behalf of this. Apology for the puns.


Major requirements for swiftly increasing proper soil-building agriculture for carbon sequestration include ENDING SUBSIDIZED CORPORATE FARMING OF INDUSTRIAL COMMODITY CROPS.

Burning rainforest to create palm oil plantations is at this moment one of the largest contributors to GHG. Similarly with destroying rainforest to grow GMO soy, largely as feed for industrial meat in CAFOs.

While i certainly encourage smart eating to avoid participating in these massive ecological crimes, again, we need policies, programs, investment and subsidies to promote the economic viability of whole-systems, carbon-sequestering, labor-intensive agroecological, Permaculture and biodynamic farming.


We need to stop eating meat. That might include fish, although I'm not there yet. The worms and the Swedish brown beans in my backyard garden who eat all of my vegetable waste and recycled paper are all for it. I'm lucky... I have a backyard garden. Many are not.

Giving a damn is a process. Many of us are not into it, backyard garden or not.


Carbon Capture and Soil Banking. The wise Earth has created a system to capture and to store carbon because Wise Earth knows the impact of Carbon in the atmosphere.
Plants were designed to capture carbon from the atmosphere. This carbon is then Banked into the Soil through composting of their leaves. Let us transfer our carbon from the atmosphere into our Soil Bank Accounts.
Let us measure the wealth of our ecosystems by the amount carbon stored in our soils (Soil Bank accounts). Let us equate Carbon as equal to the dollar. Let us store our Carbon Dollars in our Soil Bank accounts instead of burning our Carbon, burning our dollars into the atmosphere. The system of Carbon Capture is well designed and without any negative impacts.. Let us not go down the road of Technology in developing carbon capture systems,,,injecting carbon deep into the Earth- for this will have un-intended consequences, look at the ill-effects of Fracking. This simple system of Earth's Carbon Capture does not get play because no one can profit from it..... However- if there were financial incentives to take this approach....Plant Trees--Harvest the Leaves (Carbon) --Compost it-- transfer to soil (Soil Banking), then this approach would increase.


Actually, we have to stop eating improperly raised meat. It is actually quite possible and even convenient to work animals into an ecosystem, raise all the more plants and so forth, and eat the animals too, or some thereof. This is the case, pretty simply, because there are animals that can make use of parts of the veggie matter that we cannot.

We may have other things to discuss about predating our fellows, but that is a different matter.