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'World Watching' as Tribal Members Put Bodies in Path of Dakota Pipeline


'World Watching' as Tribal Members Put Bodies in Path of Dakota Pipeline

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Thirty-eight activists were arrested in two states on Wednesday as protests against the $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) continue.


The "World is watching?"
Which world?
Try to find this story in the corporate media. It isn't anywhere to be found.
Thanks to the good work of CD we have a front row seat.


So true. The whole world EXCEPT the US is watching.


The US media does a fantastic job 24/7 covering Trump's wall that will be of no value even if it does get built.

The media wants younger generations understanding of today's native Murkins to be limited to their identity as casino operators. Trump hasn't figured out how to deport native Murkins, so there is no story here.


Let's remember how US politicians (publicly at least) lauded the actions of "Tankman" who stopped a line of moving tanks near Tiananmen Square.

THIS is similar - direct action with one's body to stop an egregious act of destruction and political domination!

BRAVO to all the activists who put their bodies on the line for justice and Mother Earth - for our very lives and health! Where are our politicians NOW, lauding and supporting this American action? THIS American hero?!


Such honorable actions by our American Tribal Brothers and Sisters! I am so honored to bear witness to true bravery! A climate change emergency is at hand. The criminal behavior of the bankster owners must be talked about and debated over our national, publicly owned airways. Stopping the unconscionable planet-destroying behaviors of the barbarous carbon owners is a no brainer must do. But getting the American public involved must happen first. Again, thank you my honorable family.


I find it heartbreaking that the first African American potus would sit by and watch the only real "americans" be further degraded. I guess that is 'muricin exceptionalism at its' best. waiting for the "world" to collect the bill for us war crimes and other crimes against humanity like this one. our interim "distraction" president has distinguished himself on many occasions e.g. killing innocent civilians, American cirtizens and violating sovereign nations with his drone warfare. nobel peace prize winner indeed. I guess it is relative when we consider the predator (I mean predecessor) administration of war criminals.


Share that, too. Even if we turn out in massive numbers (unlikely), we are outgunned. The Overlords (Democratic & Republican) will bring out all of their fun weapons that are otherwise gathering dust.


lets hope the native americans win this time


I've recently given up on the corporate media, for reasons as this.
Next (harder) step: Out goes the television, along with its extortionate monthly cable fees.


Yeah, instead of Custer's last stand, I would love this to be the oil pipelines last stand!


" The controversial pipeline will enhance energy independence?"

That is total B.S.! Because that is the last thing we need is an excuse to build an almost 4 billion $ fossil fuel pipeline to enhance energy independence! What we need is fossil fuel independence!


Washington tribes stand with Standing Rock Sioux against North Dakota oil pipeline


Bravo for making this correlation! Yep, the good ol' US of A, always right; always with the blessings of God.


I found myself looking at the picture thinking about what the differences might be among each of the people in the foreground in terms of their knowledge and experience of "history" and what the implications are to conscience, priorities and choices in life and long term wellbeing.

To those, very possibly in chosen ignorance - 'not my responsibility', enforcing the advertised version with misrepresentations obscured as 'status quo', that history might well represent an impoverished conceptual breadth and depth. The past informs the present and either contributes to or detracts from the capacity to envision balances and consequences in the future.

To the man placing his life on the line to force some degree of recognition of the actual documented, historical costs, that history includes searing recognition in the bearing of the massive and intense costs of the legacy: the egregious premise of "externalized costs" swept under the rug. And that having been orchestrated by precisely the same PR sales pitchsters wallowing in margins of 'plausible deniability' of culpability.

I'm also reminded that the difference between medicine and poison is often the dose. The poisoning by addiction to oil in extremis left the treatment room long ago and headed back to the intravenous feed. Those tubes are breaking down everywhere they are implanted but the addicted rarely pay heed.

To wit, worth recalling is the emblematic 2014 turning of the energy extraction tables: Not Even the Head of Exxon Wants Fracking Operations In His Neighborhood

And on the "corporate responsibility" side of environmental concerns from the same year and still devastating this year - tsk... that old past informing present, informing future thing:
Navajo Nation Sues EPA Over Gold King Mine Disaster


Oh how inspiring!

Those of us who are willing to put actions behind our words for systemic change, need to be taking notes and learning all we can from these tribal members and the indigenous all across the world with their tactics of "direct action" without being violent.

Being an expat living in South America for the last four years, I have seen the unrelenting commitment, focus, and regular events of "direct action" that, at times, produce the desired results that would not have otherwise been achieved.

Yes, the state's first action is to "shut them up and shut them down." However, the indigenous keep getting back up, as a coordinated voice, to proclaim their message one more day ... day after day.

Yes, the capitalists (large corporations) throw all kinds of money and power around in an attempt to squelch dissent to gain control over the natural resources (water, minerals, timber, etc.) that belong to the people ... not for profit of a few.

Sometimes the people win.


You won't miss it. We unplugged our TVs permanently 11 years ago. Kids grew up fine without TV in the house.


You may find that getting rid of your television is easier than you think. Keep the set, watch Netflix or rent movies. I don't miss mine even a little bit.


Native American civil rights


Don't stop watching the MSM by unplugging your television.
It's important to know what the oligarchy is up to.
As difficult as it is to force yourself to watch and listen to "them" we must know what their latest propaganda reveals.
Being well informed is our best weapon. It takes effort and a multitude of sources, but it can be satisfying to be able to call "bullshit" on them because we know what the truth actually is.