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World Worries as Trump Set to Dump Paris Climate Deal

World Worries as Trump Set to Dump Paris Climate Deal

- Common Dreams staff

The world is worried as Decision Day nears.

At a April 29th rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Trump said he would make a “big decision” on Paris within the next two weeks and vowed to end “a broken system of global plunder at American expense.”

Now the Trump administration has a meeting scheduled this Tuesday to decide whether to drop out of the Paris Agreement.

So much for the office of the double barrelled birdie flip. Think global act local and send ALEC to the cleaners.


Not to worry – since no money is going to be used for the border wall, there’s plenty available to build seawalls around Mar-a-Lago and New York . . .


The world may be alarmed by Trump’s policies, but the world is more alarmed by global warming, and ocean acidification.

We should be grateful to Trump and his cabinet, for now they are exposing their true nature. They are like a bad tooth, once it starts to ache, you have it removed and disposed of.

As things progress, Trump may indeed make America great, because the blowback will be intense.

Renewable energy will succeed because not only is it the most economical, it is also the right thing to do. Trump represents a dying breed of selfish humans in their death throes, and we are witnessing the battle of the bulge. Altruistic groups always eventually prevail, it is a law of nature.

Trump is such a ignoramus on so many issues.

At the very least, some significant sanctions on the US are in order. The global community should quarantine the US.


It’s growing stronger every day.

I’m waiting for the headline:
World rejoices as Americans set to Dump Trump and rejoin the world community!

  • Perhaps someday. Someone once said “A dream is a wish the heart makes.” I hope this one comes true.
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“Trump represents a dying breed of selfish humans.”

What in God’s name can We the People do to speed up that process?

If I read a book set in the future, with global warming and a president too dumb to understand that there can and will be cold snaps in a global warming scenario, I would have judged it over the top and now well written.

That it can be explained to him, he would have to listen, and he is an ignoramus. His “reasoning” about why he thinks it is a hoax is that of a child’s mind.

A child who gets hundreds of millions from the fossil energy barons, and who lives in their mental universe.

… a broken system of global plunder at American expense.

The man is delirious as well as a consummate prevaricator. The comment should read “…a broken system of American plunder at the globe’s expense.” It doesn’t matter, I have a disturbing feeling that whichever comes first - global frying or all out nuclear war - it will happen sooner than later.

Cornel West very recently commented "And that’s why I think Brother Nick’s (Bernie Sanders campaign staffer Nick Brana) playin’ a crucial role here among the others is what excites me, because I’m desperate, y’know what I mean. As a progressive, a real progressive, not no neoliberal centrist, I’m desperate.” He’s trying to convince Sanders to build a new party. Too little, too late. Remember when Stein (Jill who?) tried to give the leadership of the Greens to Sanders. Bernie blew the offer off. We (the current population of the world) don’t have enough time left. Either way you look at it, we’re toast.

Goodbye folks “and thanks for all the fish” (allusion to a Douglas Adams’ book if you’re need for some comic relief).

I think that we need to be talking with our congresspersons in the hope that there are enough of them with their heads screwed on.

There is none so ignorant as those who are blinded by greed, and there are none so pathetic as those who are willfully ignorant. This administration is busy proving this hypothesis to be true.Sad, so very sad.
Our “socalled” president is either intentionally ignorant or a gibbering idiot and I haven’t seen evidence that he drools on his ridiculously long tie. Between his son-in-law hawking green cards at 500,000$ a pop and his stacking his cabinet and bureau chiefs with totally out to lunch political hacks and corporate toadies he has proven that voting when angry is every bit as bad as doing it drunk. We shall weather this poltroon but at what cost? It boggles the mind.

It is a matter of where their head is mounted. Up ones ass is perhaps quite secure but it then has little purpose.

Good for Pruitt. I so miss burning rivers and swimming in sewage.