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World's Artificial Intelligence Experts Sign Pledge Aimed at Averting "Dystopian Future With Robots Flying Around Killing Everybody"


World's Artificial Intelligence Experts Sign Pledge Aimed at Averting "Dystopian Future With Robots Flying Around Killing Everybody"

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Thousands of artificial intelligence (AI) experts and developers have signed a pledge vowing to "neither participate in nor support the development, manufacture, trade, or use of lethal autonomous weapon," and imploring governments worldwide to work together to "create a future with strong international norms, regulations, and laws" barring so-called killer robots.


As if self-driving cars aren’t ludicrous enough.


Sorry to late. America wants war and they will not win with the military they have so all cards are on the table. We already love to use DU rounds. Talk about dystopian future.


The efforts by groups such as these are essential and inspiring.

Forestalling effort to develop lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS) is extremely challenging. LAWS are already being developed by British, Chinese, Israeli, and Russian, Israeli, and Russian engineers. In the US, several military contractors are actively engaged in research and development of AI autonomous weapons. in university engineering programs cannot pump out grant applications fast enough to get the funds the military is shoveling out for these weapons. Students knock each other over as they race to get in line for these opportunities when undergraduate or graduate level research or internship opportunities open up,




Probably the only way this will be stopped is if climate catastrophe takes us out first. If it can be done, it will be done. After all look at the number of good for nothing but destroying all that is nukes we have, what is the difference?


You won’t need a “Tokyo Rose” to subvert the troops back on their leaders. Just a twelve year old hacking genius who with a battalion of these monsters could become the worlds new Napoleon!


Wouldn’t it be easier and better NOT to develop these monstrosities in the first place?


For cryin’ out loud, why can’t we have artificially intelligent sex machines instead of autonomous weapons?


Skynet is here


Wouldn’t sell. Trump, Weinstein and their ilk–the target market–would prefer the “artificially dim-witted, compliantly obsequious, gonzo-porn sex machines.”


Here you go: http://syntheaamatus.com/
Of course, if they actually catch on they will probably come equipped with all kinds of spyware etc eventually.


The world is full of pre teen and teen hacking geniuses. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I can see your thought coming, absolutely. However also, when the fresh water is no longer available it will sure make a very serious mess of matters. Hello Los Angeles, Texas, Arizona…


Musk and Google

Paragons of principle

Oy gevalt …


The FAA already let death out of the bag. For around $50, you can buy a recreational drone. and register it with the FFA/ One guy already had a gun on his. Another had a camera for spying on his neighbors. Drugs are passed into the prison yard by small drone drop------------and the worst is yet to be.

Add the Orwellian facial recognition to the package, and DEATH R US…if you think high school deaths are bad now------just wait. Drone Death has more maws than the many headed hydra. : (


Its really very nice that someone thinks “We would really like to ensure…” a future without “…robots flying around killing everybody.” I really feel so much better now.


I heard Japan is the forefront of that enterprise


I said this before but it really does feel like that if these warmongers in charge can read at all they are looking at all the dystopian media and using them as blueprints rather than warnings.


At least self driving cars I can understand the appeal as they are intended to reduce accidents. This a.i. is purposefully designed to kill more and more people.


I am aware of how dire things are in that regard. Militarized drones are the 1%'s “final solution” against the overwhelming numbers of the populace.
However, my reply was intended as a joke, all be it a silly one (the link is to a sexbot, as the op requested).


Hey Phillip K. Dick created Pris, a sex replicant ( Blade Runner), and Mr. Dick also predicted the future, for example, Minority Report.