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'World's Largest Humanitarian Crisis': As U.S. Backs War in Yemen, UN Agencies Make Urgent Plea


'World's Largest Humanitarian Crisis': As U.S. Backs War in Yemen, UN Agencies Make Urgent Plea

Julia Conley, staff writer

In a joint statement released Wednesday, the United Nations' top relief agencies urged the international community to help provide humanitarian aid to Yemen, where a major cholera outbreak has been spreading rapidly since April.


Yet again, if people are dying overseas because of direct or indirect US government actions, we hear the sound of crickets from the general populace…


95% of the voting electorate supported one Duopoly candidate or the other, so their votes supported the status quo that is the MIC and the Empire.

Endorsing the slaughter of innocents by voting to prolong Empire is seriously fucked up stuff.

I’ll personally never do it again.

Those whose ignorance allows them to sleep at night will.


The USA…full of religion…empty of compassion.

The real God here is $$$$$$$.


As I have said before and will say once more, we are the world’s leading terrorist organization.

“War is organized murder, and nothing else”. Harry Patch (RIP you badass mofo) Takes a WW1 Tommy to tell the truth.



I’m analyzing how a Hillary Clinton victory would have altered this tragic, barbaric, Israel-approved trajectory.

Let’s see:
Arms sales to the Saudis? check.
Subservience to Haim Saban and Bibi? Check.
“I want the Iranians to know, if I am the president, we will attack Iran." Check.

My conclusion: She would have made it even worse (under advisement from her dear friend, Dr Henry).


Not necessarily true. Liberals are hell bent “humanitarian interventionism” and are pretty vocal about it. They are implicitly supporting crimes against humanity.