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World's Oceans Last Year Hit Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded... 'By Far'

World's Oceans Last Year Hit Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded... 'By Far'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A new analysis conducted by Chinese researchers and published in a peer-reviewed journal on Friday found that 2017 was the hottest year on record for the world's oceans, renewing concerns among those in the scientific community about the man-made climate crisis.

I guess for Donald Trump this would go into the category of fake news and be an example of how China has created the hoax of global warming.

Good - glad to hear that the Chinese scientists and their government are on board.

Putin knows also.

Here - don’t think I can adequately convey feelings just now.

OK - It’s several hours later.

75 comments on the useless Soros article - still only two comments here - enough said.

I just read the pdf article cited in this Common Dreams piece - it is short and absolutely worth reading for several reasons, the most important of which is the absolute concurrence of the Chinese science community with the western world’s as to all relevant measurable parameters, sea level rise and the contribution of warming to this metric, the overwhelming importance of the world ocean as an absorber of the Earth’s current energy imbalance, etc… (see link below & read for yourself).

Right now it seems like scientists are the only sane people on the planet, at least in the so-called civilized world.

Without a doubt, the former UK empire and its offspring - the USA, Australia, Canada - India - definitely “The Age of Stupid”.


We need to extrapolate 100 years out, to the best of our ability.

Both hurricanes and blizzards now have a newfound capacity to bomb up in power. In the case of hurricanes, the higher winds will in general reduce the occurrence of tropical storm formation, but every once in a while the lower winds over the ocean will be blowing roughly in parallel to the upper winds, and that’s when we get the big bomb. The 220 mph gusts that we saw in the Phillippines a couple of years ago may become the new normal, and we’ll get category 5s in new localities. In general, crank wind loads in all building codes up by 40 mph fast.

Continue to double insurance premiums on all houses and buildings. Double crop insurance premiums.

Expect more dead oceans. The Black Sea is a great example of a permanently dead ocean. It’s full of nothing but one species of jellyfish now.

Expect the methane and CO2 in the Arctic to escape. Expect a rise from today’s 407.96 ppm to around 1000 ppm.

What are your great-grandchildren going to have to eat? I don’t know that answer. How do you feel about not having much of that generation surviving? Where will the climate refugees head?

How do you feel about your own personal participation in this big meltdown?


The Soros article was important and it deserved that many posts. But I think it is typical that climate change articles on this site do not get many posts. I don’t think sanity is the issue. We were all born into a world in which fossil fuels were the dominant form of energy. A transition away from fossil fuels to other forms of energy is very difficult. It is not simply knowing that it has to be made. It is hard to do. But the biggest problem is the politics. There are profits at stake, jobs at stake, local economies at stake, and national economies at stake.

The dramatic warming of the oceans, besides affecting storms and land temperatures, will affect food supplies. Heavy rains and hail, hurricanes and flooding atmospheric heating will be inconsequential when the ice sheets start sliding into the ocean. Studies of ancient coral reefs have shown that the sea can rise as fast as 10 meters in 10 years. There is not coastal area that can respond to that rapid a rise.
Google and Facebook being a totalitarian threat in comparison is like comparing lung cancer to the sniffles. The sniffles are irritating but it does not kill you.

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Unfortunately, sooooooo true!

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It is pretty clear where climate change is leading. It isn’t clear at all where Big Tech companies are heading. What the threats are in a world dominated by robotics and artificial intelligence is unclear. We can only speculate. Some people have a positive view and some a negative view. Right now I think it is leading down a pathway that we should not follow. Google and Facebook and many other high tech companies do not consider the human implications of what they are doing, they just do it. That should greatly concern us.

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Yes, it is disheartening that the biggest threat that humans are facing is collapse of the biosphere due to AGW/ACD and few are talking about it.

But . . . what more can be said?

This is an existential, global crisis that no population of humans (or nonhumans) has ever faced before.

There is nowhere to go to escape the breakdown of the biosphere and the sixth extinction. I’m not sure if there is anything we can do at this point.
Perhaps that is why the comments are few; what more can we say about this? Add that to the fact that for those of us aware of the science it is terrifying.

“Soros Says Facebook and Google Need More Regulation”.
The above statement does not seem as terrifying as this:

“Our planet my not be habitable for life forms that exist today in the not too distant future”.

Theoretically (maybe?) it is possible that FB and Google could be regulated and Donald Trump et al could be ousted from office.
I’m not optimistic that these things will happen but they could.

Anthropogenic warming on the other hand is at a point where we can’t stop it even if we tried because of lag time in air (http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1748-9326/10/3/031001)
and in oceans

We’ve had countless, horrific disasters directly linked to human induced climate change and here we are with Trump and the oligarchy/duopoly.

There have been breathtaking works of art spread throughout the world including poetry, fiction, songs, paintings, sculptures that attempt to convey the depth and breadth of this crisis (predicament)---- to no avail.

There are movies, books, speakers, TED talks, billboards and headlines that articulate what is happening regarding AGW. There is a new category of emotion related to AGW and habitat destruction: solastalgia.

There is even a live feed of carbon emissions and birth/death rates:


Climate chaos is coming at us faster and with greater ferocity than “was predicted”. And the stock market keeps going up, the “economy is great” or so we’re told repeatedly.

This is crazy making---- laden with immeasurable grief and anger.

I honestly can’t think of anything else to say. I wish I could. :cry:


And one more thing to add to my response to you regarding the number of comments on this thread:

“Millions of Americans have come to expect the unimaginable, but they can’t imagine a way out of the present either. So when a board of experts tells them that catastrophe is at hand, they read the news and think: Yep. And then they wonder what’s for lunch”


There will come a time, in the not too distant future, when our offspring will look at the world we have left them. Their conclusion, I’m sure, will be to detest our generation as the first generation who understood what we were doing but decided because of greed and selfishness to do nothing about it. They will detest us for the legacy we leave them.


We need a real economy and real economists, not billionaires like Soros & Gates & the Kochs - products of a chrematistic system which tracks money & wealth.

The carrying capacity of the planet is measurable, and the United Nations could measure it, given the state of the planet, the limits of water, soil and non-renewable inputs like phosphate, and poisons like Roundup.

Space is there to be tapped - solar power, resources, and a mission worthy of an adventurous species. It would remind us that what we have built is fluff.

Rights can and have been given to the environment - the legal system is already in place.

Half the Earth can be protected to the benefit not only of the species now on the way to extinction, but to us, for we are on that same road.

CO2 can be sucked directly from the atmosphere, both using natural means and by artificial direct air capture. Because there has only been fifty years of massive addition of CO2 - an equally rapid withdrawal would I think prevent Armageddon. In any case, these methods are well within our capabilities and resources - we lack the knowledge of our own predicament, and hence the political will to address it.

Right now this is The Age of Stupid, but it can be followed immediately by The Great Awakening.

We need real leaders - not these glorified pawn-brokers like Soros and his ilk.

This can I hope be sent to the others who replied: Lrx , Shantiananda , Antisandman

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The planet is beginning to warm up. What we see today is from the energy burned 40 years ago. The proponents of the 6th extinction suggest we have 9 years or less before humans become extinct. The comments above suggest we have time to divert and heal, there is no political will to do so. We are going to burn out in flames of shame, not glory. Even if we stopped today, all 7+billion of us we will not even slow down the 6th extinction. Love with all your might and love a life of excellence.

Please see my post, thanks.

Please see my post, thanks…I hope others see it as well.

Perhaps you can take comfort by thinking in terms of the great scale of time.

Six extinctions take hundreds and hundreds of years. And after the Anthropecene, there will be the seventh and eight and ninth extinctions. This current biological epoch was incredible…yet destined to end.

There’s no way to take pride in our top-of-the-food-chain species having a rapid population outbreak of staggering proportions, but biological fitness is measured by two basic factors: the ability to find food and the ability to reproduce. By those metrics, we’ve been devastatingly successful in evolutionary terms. So successful, that regulating effects–disease, scarcity, environmental degradation and change–are kicking in as they’d be expected to. It’s a shame that we’re taking so much down with us, yet that’s what outbreaks always produce: collateral damage.

The way I see it, humans need to be contained before they can react to climate change by colonizing the moon or other planets–because they’ll be certain to eventually ruin those locations too.

Thanks for your thoughtful response ST. Yes, I do take some comfort in the great scale of time given I am an agnostic and do not find comfort in religion. However the collateral damage that I witness on a daily basis is beyond gut wrenching. Can’t find anything to assuage the grief associated with the fact that humans are knowingly killing life on this planet and there is tremendous suffering that will only get worse.

And it seems I’ll never understand how some humans have empathy and compassion for all life while others are devoid of the capacity to care for anything other than their egos. Sometimes it is a curse to care (there’s a song that has those lyrics by Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald called To Let the Light In).

So . . . . I try to take comfort by losing myself/my ego in the night sky. That is, when/if I can find a spot without too much light pollution that allows for star/planet gazing which is getting more difficult.

Lo and behold that is being ruined too and not just by satellites and light pollution anymore ---- check this out:

That disco ball. WTF?

Ever read Galapogos, by Kurt Vonnegut? An entertaining novel satirizing the era of big brains.

And here’s another source of great comfort for me and my wife. If you go to the ‘ABOUT’ menu drop down, you can read the thoughtful manifesto:


I don’t see anything in science to suggest this Ditton. It would be helpful to provide a scientific peer-reviewed journal link, but I don’t think this exists.

Lonnie Thompson liked to say - “You have to have a plan” (mountaineering glaciologist, Ohio State University - see Mark Bowen’s “Thin Ice”)

Picture a circle, an indigenous motif, the Earth, water world view, surrounded by a thin atmosphere.

At the four Cardinal Points, also an indigenous motif:

Top: Real Political Economy (not our present chrematistics) {See Brian Czech of CASSE and Hernan Daly}
Center for the Advancement of a Steady State Economy

East: Half-Earth, a la Edward O. Wilson; Rights for the Environment, a sound legal device, already in practice, in Bolivia, in New Zealand; caretakers - Greenpeace & the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and their Red List, etc…
United Nations Convention on Biodiversity

South: Reversal of both AGW & AOA (Anthropogenic Global Warming & Anthropogenic Ocean Acidification). (See “Fixing Climate” by Wallace S. Broecker of Columbia University)
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

West: Space Exploration, JFK’s “New Frontier”. (See “Mining the Sky”, by University of Arizona’s John Lewis)
For better or for worse, this is who we are - it is our destiny