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Worldwide Condemnation as Egypt Whisks Al-Jazeera Journalists to Prison


Worldwide Condemnation as Egypt Whisks Al-Jazeera Journalists to Prison

Jon Queally, staff writer

Outrage and condemnation were the reactions inside a Cairo courtroom and across the world on Saturday after three Al-Jazeera journalists were sentenced to at least three years in prison by an Egyptian judge.


Not surprised, I'd say that I'm boycotting them, but I don't know what Egypt produces that is for sale in Canada.


Welcome to NaziWorld, supported and supplied by the US Fourth Reich and its 0.001% Oilagarchy.
* Wherever peace and freedom can be disrupted and destroyed, wherever people can be killed and imprisoned for protesting, or reporting the truth, Nazisim will be supported, as long as there is a profit, no matter how small, to be made.
* Another article yesterday, on which comments have been closed, about the horrible, callous treatment of refugees points out the same thing. The only way the refugees will get humane treatment is if people can find a way to make the profits from helping them greater than the profits from the wars that created the refugees in the first place. (Fat chance.)
* Its all dollar$ and no sense.


This travesty by an Egyptian kangaroo court couldn't get away with this without it's best friend the United States of America backing it up.


And there's that other place where some guy named Sterling got 31/2 years for allegedly just talking to a journalist?


What is really needed is to BDS every one of these warmongering, greedy regimes. BDS does work! Israel is squeeking and protesting.
* We the People of the World should BDS, stop trading or buying from any of them until they decide to join (or rejoin?) humanity.
* That's the peaceful way to achieve it. The only other solution is terrible to contemplate, but may prove necessary.


Egypt is a ticking bomb waiting for the right moment to explode. This US/Israeli stooge Al Sisi has the blood of many innocent people on his hands and must stand trial for murder. He has denied the people of Egypt their right to a free and democratic society by violently suppressing the social gains of the Arab Spring.


Oh, yeah. That's the US Fourth Reich.


I hate to say this but this is pretty typical in a time when people allow their emotions, bigotries, narrow-minded foci, and intolerance to control their choices. There is very little going on anymore at the government level that is rational--it's all about imposing one's will through violence on those who have little by way of self defense. Bullying reigns supreme.


Not a peep on this travesty and Egyptian kangaroo court charade from the terrorist supporter in chief. When our allies commit crimes against humanity or human rights violations or travesties of justice there is no word of condemnation from the US, going back to the Israeli Liberty attack and cover-up (and before). Now Egypt, Turkey, saudi Arabia, Israel, and others commit atrocities and all is fine with Obama - he has betrayed so many people and values so fast, so deeply, its a freakin wonder he can look at his sorry self in the mirror! And he has the gall to go to Nor'leans and claim its all going great......Pathetic!

Update - apparently the State Dept has issued a formal protest with Egypt. Doesn't change any other parts of my rant......



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Naah, they're the Reich's Propaganda Ministry. They'd probably get fined for telling the truth.


But we're still selling them munitions to attack Yemen, and their own people.


Yeah, probably a poor choice of words, but I meant "civilized" humanity, but that is a difficult one, also.
* I remember a reporter asking Gandhi, "What do you think of Western Civilization?"
* "I think it would be a wonderful idea," he replied.


When I see the reality of who US allies in the ME are and how they all are dictatorships, theocracies or just ordinary terrorists, the direction our republic has taken becomes very clear. Under Obama the wars of Bush have enlarged, wasted trillions continue to be spent on death and destruction unchecked, the humanitarian disasters grow and there is about zero leadership from the political coward in the WH or other "leaders" of our nation except to rally the jingoism and special interests that profit from the slaughter of others.

Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia ALL are under regimes that are committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.... these totalitarian regimes are our "allies" that we arm, fund and support? That has to tell us all what we have allowed our nation to become. The MICC (Military Industrial Congressional Complex) and its threat to our nation have come to pass - in spades.....and the integrity, experience and moral compass of our so-called "leaders" is pathetically shallow and corrupt.

"In this spring of 1953 the free world weighs one question above all others: the chances for a just peace for all peoples. To weigh this chance is to summon instantly to mind another recent moment of great decision. It came with that yet more hopeful spring of 1945, bright with the promise of victory and of freedom. The hopes of all just men in that moment too was a just and lasting peace.

The 8 years that have passed have seen that hope waver, grow dim, and almost die. And the shadow of fear again has darkly lengthened across the world.
The way chosen by the United States was plainly marked by a few clear precepts, which govern its conduct in world affairs. First: No people on earth can be held, as a people, to be an enemy, for all humanity shares the common hunger for peace and fellowship and justice.

Second: No nation's security and well-being can be lastingly achieved in isolation but only in effective cooperation with fellow-nations.

Third: Every nation's right to a form of government and an economic system of its own choosing is inalienable.

Fourth: Any nation's attempt to dictate to other nations their form of government is indefensible.

And fifth: A nation's hope of lasting peace cannot be firmly based upon any race in armaments but rather upon just relations and honest understanding with all other nations.

In the light of these principles the citizens of the United States defined the way they proposed to follow, through the aftermath of war, toward true peace. - Dwight david Eisenhower, 16 April, 1953



Easy now - we're on the same page. I realize the phrase "has become" ignores too many atrocities both domestic and international committed by the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the other alphabet spook agencies, Congress, and WH in one form or another. My intent was to emphasise the crossroads we may be at now, regarding corporate fascism and total domination of both our domestic politics and foreign policy by those who control vast wealth (and lust for more) and those that profit from the misery, usury, deaths, slavery of others. I guess the ability to control more, more openly, is somewhat 'has become", but I don't in any way mean to suggest we have been the light of the world for justice or equality in any way........

The contrast of what Eisenhower spoke openly (regardless what occurred under his watch, like the MI5/CIA coup removing Mossadegh), with what our mealy-mouthed "leaders" of low, mediocre, or corrupt moral compass and honor speak openly today I guess was the point........