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Worry About the Old, Not the Rich, HuffPost Tells Readers


Worry About the Old, Not the Rich, HuffPost Tells Readers

Dean Baker

There continues to be a large market for pieces saying the big conflict in the US is generational rather than class. The HuffPost (3/11/19) made its latest contribution this week.



By design, the capitalistic system deprives the great majority of the people from financially securing their future. Starting with the evisceration of comprehensive, i.e. liberal, education, the people are largely left without the mathematical and critical thinking skills to compete with the exploitative market place. Desperation of the masses is the capitalists’ friend as it ensures the minimization of wages required to achieve production goals. Psychological warfare in the form of Propaganda (Edward Bernays, 1928), just piles on for effect driving many to consume far beyond their means and needs. The system is antisocial. It is therefore not too hard to determine what the antidote is.



It’s the “Ides of March” kiddies.

In commemoration of this wonderful day, might we, as Brutus did in Caesar’s day, organize 60 Senators outside the Senate, and dispatch the would-be Dictator?

Oh, how lovely it would be.



Well, as a Boomer, all I can say, ala George Carlin, is I still ain’t in the club they’re talking about.

Most days it feels more like living in an alien landscape, where everything only vaguely looks familiar, but in practice . . . well, it ain’t.

Another diversionary divide-and-conquer aspect of our wonderful plutocracy.



I feel the same especially with math and technology! I am a boomer also. I think many people think we are going to live to 150. Wink Wink. Not so- most people pass on in their 70s and 80s- period. superager might live to the 90s but that does not happen that often no matter what the BS is out there.



Just yesterday picked up from Seattle Public (Socialist) Library: White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America, by Nancy Isenberg. For those who want the details regarding the fact that it’s about class and always has been, this book is excellent. Now excuse me while I go hone my guillotine blade.



So Huff Puff thinks ole folks are at the root of all evil (lucre). Now in my ninth decade, there’s a lot I could say regarding ole folks’ attitudes and voting habits, without regards to race, gender, national origin or sexual desires. Here’s my two cents: Wake the f… up before the neoliberal democrats and neocon republicans have you sharing the cat’s food. The government owes social security near three trillion dollars, they have no intention of taxing the fats to pay it back. They will cut, cut and take it out of your meager earnings. To do this, they need the young to hate you for ruining their lives.



Thank you Dean Baker for at least questioning, however superficially, the veiled and "externalized¨ premises in the dominant discourse.
Note: the defined benefit pension question is not included? Might that have anything to do with Wall Street sucking those billions in good-faith planning as the “giant vampire squid” unveiled by Matt Taibbi for their criminality???

Forget about this piece from MIT being in the pocket, MIT IS the corporate pocket in this case.

This system is, and has been from its inception, flailing to reconcile irreconcilable and intentional insertion of paradox by those benefiting from the configuration. That configuration space is created and defined by ONE indispensible practice: the externalization (“I don’t want to see it” ) of anything that cuts into what can be extracted. Central banks have been just fine with rape of the planet, stowing their gear a good distance from the blood and gore. The IMF Legarde makes me nauseous with the thinly veiled bulldozing for her masters. Ah yes, the ever so objective and highly (or maybe just high) academic points piffled for the public.

The ruse has failed, the thievery has now entered the realm of identifiable incoherence. The latter however DOES NOT represent a pass out of criminality and crimes committed. They thumb their nose and laugh - so many years of tombs of written words - ALEC being the latest iteration of the generator, making governance discourse a quicksand of buried meaning.

Our conversations - when giving space to the ever so dominant discourse MUST NOW BEGIN to include alternative analyses. Otherwise it is nothing more than smoke being blown into your private parts. If one permits such activity, it is best that it be treated as inoculation and move on.

Public Banking Institute
National Cooperative Business Association



Perhaps if people are called white trash or deplorables they will act out and perhaps even vote against their own interests just to show someone " Now there I got revenge!" I hate personally the whole idea of class. Does that mean if someone loses a job then suddenly that person is white trash or whatever? Come now. We are all Earth class.



Yes!!! We need an old folks revolution!!! Cut SS and we’ll be there with pitch forks. So you are in your nineties? WOw- it takes chutzpah to stick around that long ! I mean that in a real positive sense. Wish my late parents could have stuck around that long.



I’d argue that it’s more than by design, it is fundamental. It reminds me of those who train animals a-la B.F. Skinner. The animals need to be kept just above the level of starvation so the food is sufficient reward to keep them under tight control. Of course it’s more complex, especially when you throw in competition among members of the same class.

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White Trash is a great read, and for the exact reason you state. Huffpo is doing its neoliberal best to divide us against each other, in this case using age as the cleaver, but I’m hoping for a paradoxical effect that will sharpen the focus on class.

Also note that the ongoing scandal around rigged college admissions can only further efforts toward solidarity across artificial barriers.



And it’s not just Huff-n-Puff. I don’t know what kindergarten they got their so-called writers from but they seem to be a very entitled bunch of jerks, not unrelated to the Kardashians they seem to love or the kid whose video about wanting more party in her school (big school bribery scandal).
Apparently none, or few, are even 30 yet and as such have no perspective. My tolerance for them is to remember that I too was once not even 30 and could barely imagine life past that point. That doesn’t mean I have to tolerate stupidly divisive, ignorant, perspectiveless and harmful journalism. I thought when they got their new editor a few years back things might get professional. Like the editors I had when I worked on radio and then newspaper back in the 60’s and 70’s. But no. She seems to be content to let the kiddies with complexes roam free and spout (also sprout) nonsense.
This would be amusing if it were not so ill-informed and potentially harmful. As such they seem to focus on trivia, or nonsense memes blaming anyone older than themselves (pale reflection of Trump) and the belief that they and they alone, in their younger generation, bring rightness and justice and all the best (instant) explanations for any mood blink they are having at the moment.



I’m not advocating for class–I hate the idea of it, too. I just think it’s inaccurate for USAns to think we are “exceptional,” that we have upward mobility based on equal opportunity to demonstrate merit, and that such a myth is used to perpetually con us. [Note here that the MSM recently reviewed Kylie Jenner as the “youngest self-made billionaire” in the U.S. Same bullshit!] Class has always been in effect and strictly maintained. Pretending it’s not a dominant, organizational, foundational characteristic of our economy just locks it down for the benefit of the Steve Mnuchins of the world. As long as these rich fuckers assert class, we will have no choice but to accede or resist. For 40 years now, we’ve acceded. Aren’t you sick of it?




The Huffington Post reads more and more like a high school newsletter, by and for those hypnotized by the latest in popular culture. Extremely sensational and loaded with shallow thinking. It’s a waste of time.



Yup. You said it more succinctly than I did. They’re not alone in that. They need to get rid of the kids until they age out enough to have a little nuance and actual experience behind their reporting. At the very least get adult editors.

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Seniors typically vote Republican because they want to Make America White Again. However they are conflicted by their desire to keep SS and Medicare going against the wishes of the Republican party leadership. It is strange that those Republican voters love the democratic-socialist programs of “social security” and Medicare while voting Republican.

They also love “Police for All”, “Firefighters for All” and “Teachers for All” nationwide local government programs. These programs are more socialist than Medicare For All in that local government hires the employees to provide those services and pays salaries along with defined benefit pensions! In contrast Medicare for All just pays private health provider corporations (e.g. hospitals and medical offices) for services rendered. The employees providing the services are not government employees.

Hopefully Bernie Sanders will appeal to some of those Republican seniors, given that he is of their age bracket and has a track record of fighting for and defending SS and now promotes Medicare for All.

The Health Insurance and Big Pharma Billionaires are controlling the mainstream media narrative on all these topics and seniors are more likely to get their news from mainstream sources than the Internet. Millennials and Gen X,Y,Z are more likely to get their news from online sources including CD.



I sure am- let’s advocate for climate class for all ages, work together globally for the benefit of all species… Google population connection. Thanks for your post!

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Including myself, the seniors I know vote dem or green.