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Worse Than Keystone XL? TransCanada's Terrifying "Plan B"


Worse Than Keystone XL? TransCanada's Terrifying "Plan B"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The pipeline giant TransCanada, stymied in its attempt to drive Keystone XL through America's heartland, is facing renewed opposition to its "new and equally misguided proposal" to build the Energy East pipeline across Canada and ship tar sands oil via tankers along the U.S. East Coast to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico.


Here is an example of the TPP TTIP Trojan Horse "trade" deal provision called ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) - a blatant subversion of national sovereignty, ability to protect ones nation, workers, environment, and justice under the law.

First "investors" propose some wild total disaster of a plan - actually insane and criminal for so many reasons - like transporting toxic oil by dozens? hundreds? of oil tankers along the target/victims coastlines threatening trillions of dollars of fisheries and other industries, tourism, jobs, etc, and when the target nation passes laws to protect it's people and environment and workers, it's sued under the ISDS provisions of the "trade" agreement for billions? trillions? in "lost" profits - the "dispute" mechanism is a corporate trade lawyer tribunal with NO appeal thru the target/victims nations court system!

Say howdy to the specter of Obama's TPP "free-trade" deal and the ISDS rip-off! supported by R'Cons and other DINO sellouts!


"written in secret, behind closed doors by the corporate world" the TPP is a Trojan Horse for corporate domination over nations and peoples!
The Dem Convention and ALL Dems must demand NO TPP!



"Companies can file a lawsuit if they believe to be losing profit or even have a lower expectation of profit due to changes in the “environmental, health or other regulatory objectives,” according to the leaked document.

Moreover, if a foreign firm feels that a new law passed by a state impacts its rights under the TPP agreement, it could challenge the country’s decision in the private arbitration system, the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS)."



Add to that - the corporate abusers that are anticipating the implementation and behaving accordingly in political elections - hence the bizarre levels of sheer mendacity as this form of rot eats into what were perhaps formerly brains, hearts and wills.


Interesting timing on yesterday's pipeline spill between Maidstone and Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, foulling the North Saskatchewan River. North Battleford and Prince Albert Saskatchewan trying to figure out how to protect their drinking water. Farmers en route basically being told to "suck it up"



The above article "Why are Only Five of the TPP's 29 Chapters Actually about Trade?" is a must read for all of us. (thank you to a CD reader for posting it...it should be posted everywhere and repeatedly)


What does Trudeau say?


That also speaks to the NDP party and the current state it is in.

It was once seen as a party of the left. It has since become a carbon copy of the Corporatist parties.


Well, not exactly. The Alberta NDP and the federal party aren't singing out of the same hymnbook for sure. But remember that Notley's government is the first non-Progressive Conservative government in Alberta in 44 years, the first NDP government ever, and its putting in a carbon tax and a bunch of other progressive changes (raising minimum wage, getting farm workers worker protections, ensuring LGBT rights, removing corporate donations to political parties, exposing and removing decades of Conservative cronyism, etc.). The drop in oil prices has hit the province hard, so it's understandable that the Alberta NDP would "play nice" on piplelines right now. Unless the oil price rises and stays high, pipelines will not be economically viable anyway.


Actually this is plan 'C'. Plan 'B' is to get Hillary Clinton elected President at which point they can easily ram the Keystone XL straight through America.


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I filed a complaint with the Competition Bureau over false claims made by TransCanada about its Energy East oil. The Bureau informed me after 3 months of waiting, that this false business practice is not under its jurisdiction. Then, wait for it, it told me to contact the NEB! lol
TransCanada told me that they do not know where Energy East oil will be marketed yet had comments on its website selling the project because it would be more oil for Canadians.! Last i looked, the false claims were still on its website.
The NEB is a democratic failure, an industry win, and a regulatory nightmare. I'm sure the NEB will be quick to assist me when i contact them about TransCanada's inappropriate business claims targeted for maximum political manipulation.


The NEB is not a failure: It's working perfectly as designed by Big Fossil Fuel!!!


The use of fossil fuels most certainly needs to be regulated. And all of the attendant activity around 'drilling for oil'. I recall rural Saskatchewan people in the 1970's having to deal with arrogant land men wanting access to farm fields. This what spawned a Surface Rights Association. There is still plenty of power residing in oil companies and there needs to be a counterpoint, a strong one. This does NOT mean I subscribe to the impossible dream under the title "Leave it in the ground".
I do subscribe to the need for governments and industry to continue with nuclear research, since it is a viable alternative for the part of the world I inhabit.
I also have respect for the use of wind power on farms (not turbine farms!) - - many useful applications - - but truly small scale- e.g. - - maintaining power to a deep freeze or sump pump. Wind turbine farms DO have an application WHERE WIND MAPS INDICATE THERE IS SUFFICIENT WIND.
Solar is also an embraceable technology here. And if our economy would include workers manufacturing solar components, there might even be spin off - - but China will trump us there.
And there is no government in Canada that I will knee jerk support. "The Right" our previous Federal government was almost silly with their support for resource extraction industries, The unintended consequence of this has been the emergence of the equally silly "Leave it in the ground" movement. They try to disguise their aims by creating regulations and studies but their aim is to NEVER do resource extraction, and not really to regulate resource extraction or the movement of the product. So - polarization of opinion small vocal urban minority for LEAVE IT!
Large quite apathetic majority happy to have our GDP enhanced by resource industry activity.
Transfer payments from rich resource provinces to urbanized industrial provinces so that they can inflict anti- resource extraction policies on us.

So in summary, I'm not particularly attached to any one political party, but more to useful policy.

Finally, if I'm allowed, a comment on the Trump phenomenon. The habit of Australian Aborigines of turning their backs on those whom they don't respect (aka the Queen) would be a wonderful thing for the media to do with regard to Don Trumpadoodle. Our Canadian media is similarly in need of such a strategy.

I've said enough, EH!

One PS - -- We have travelled extensively in the USA and have met so many great and friendly folks that we can't totally lose hope in your country. Apathy is the only fear you SHOULD have. Certainly most of you folks are rational as all get out.


Who would have guessed Eco-Genodcide would have had a Plan B? I am betting it is not from outer space...