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'Worse Than We Thought': TPP A Total Corporate Power Grab Nightmare


'Worse Than We Thought': TPP A Total Corporate Power Grab Nightmare

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

"Worse than anything we could've imagined."

"An act of climate denial."

"Giveaway to big agribusiness."

"A death warrant for the open Internet."

"Worst nightmare."

"A disaster."

As expert analysis of the long-shrouded, newly publicized TransPacific Partnership (TPP) final text continued to roll out on Thursday, consensus formed around one fundamental assessment of the 12-nation pact: It's worse than we thought.


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I'm not surprised at all. Of course I didn't know the details then and I'm still wading through what's been published, but why the surprise when we knew who was drafting them, why they were drafting them, and of course the childish you-cant-see-me blanket thrown over the elephantine shape as they were herding it through negotiations.

We all suspected that feudalism had taken over, but with the TPP it's saying Giddy Up.

To channel Siouxrose, WE have been screwed, and if WE don't reject it pretty sharpish, WE will be lumbered with it for generations to come even though WE never drafted it nor do WE benefit at all from it nor do WE want it.


The Obama administration is already pumping out the propaganda on how it is going to "level" the playing field for America's top 1% to compete. Looks more like it is going to level what is left of the American middle class, the climate and the future of our families.


Nor am I surprised; this has been a done (and dirty) deal for a long, long time. Hillary, Barack, Bill , George W., they've all been on-board with this thing, because it prolongs their political lives and of course the money they'll make from this thing.


I worked to get Obama elected. This makes me sick to my stomach. So was he putting up a front when he was running for office? Or is the Government so corrupted that he gave up and gave in. When he allowed Big Pharma to charge Medicare anything they wanted to, I began to worry. Now I am Sure. And this is Hillary's Deal. She is talking it down now but she helped to design it and totally knew what it had in it. I don't like her anyway, due to her Goldman Sachs funding, but this just confirms what I suspected about her.


Now that we figured out who the real terrorists are can we just drone them?


Yes he was, to a point. He may believe alot of what he said/says, but now he's wholly-owned by the CEO's. Obama is a brand, just as Chris Hedges says. You're now truly "seeing the light", as it were, as to what these people are about. They will say anything to get us to vote for them. Some are a bit better than others; Bernie is sure as hell "better" than Dubya, of course. But should he get elected, he will cave in to those powers that be (like Goldman Sachs, as you noted) and bow to THEM, NOT to you or me. Without people revolting in the streets it doesn't matter who gets in. They will all sell their souls


I am also not surprised but very sad about this.
When will we ever learn?


I'm not sure that Bernie would buckle... my guess is that he would be assassinated.
I will vote for Bernie because I think he is OUR best choice.


I am sorry for my 2007 vote but glad that Dr. Keister and I discovered the truth by six months. Obama still lying. He has sold us down the river since his first campaign.

He has been a traitor all along and he still hopes to be world dictator and killer-in-chief. If he finds or creates a reason for martial law watch out; a goal of world dictator for the elite is not out of the question. Why else would he ram a secret, demonstrable damaging TPP down out throats with the knowledge it will help the elite and harm the rest of us. Similar reasoning can apply to his wars, oil leases and his choice of the elite for his cabinet and advisors.

I find it hard to believe any president can be worse than Bush but I think the danger from Obama gives him that title.


Interestingly, Common Dreams spent 2016 trying to sell Hillary Clinton. Before launching her pre-campaign speaking tour, Clinton was hard at work pushing the TPP in Congress.
Touch of hypocrisy here, don't you think?


I've come to the conclusion that Bernie is our ONLY hope. If elected, HRC will have no problem supporting the TPP. I sure wish Eliz Warren would jump on the Bernie ticket. IMO--she would ensure a win.


And we thought Obamacare was bad...If this does not rouse the people what will?


Disagree, and your post reflects a common naivete. Obama never promised rainbows and unicorns. As a candidate. he stated -- truthfully -- what his priorities and goals were. On war, Americans have to grow up and realize that war can't be turned off when you get tired of it, like a TV show. The US has remained engaged in wars almost constantly, almost always by choice, for the past century. War is what America does. That said, Obama did reverse years of job losses, so that we've consistently seen job gains. Obama was able to significantly expand health care coverage, and the health/lives of fellow humans should matter. Beyond this, note that with rare exception, the president submits his proposals to Congress, and Congress makes the decisions. Not least of all, Obama was able to restore the disability benefits that Bill Clinton had slashed (note: Dems promptly resumed "agreeing to" target the disabled again). You know those Democrats in Congress who are often advertised in lib media as "bold progressives"? Do a little research on their voting records. You'll see how they have blocked one progressive Obama proposal after another.


'President Obama has sold the American people a false bill of goods,'

That is because he is a good lawyer but does not understand industry and hence we are in this mess...sad but true. He was offered a $100 Billion project in January...His people put it in trash can. So, you get a road to abyss....Thank you. The next President would do the same too...


Been thinking about Obama myself and came to the conclusion that 1. While he declared himself a "conservative fellow" on an interview he has shown himself to be a coward, 2. He has been afraid of being assassinated. He should not have wanted the job because the interest of the nation was not paramount to him judging from his many betrayals of the people who penned so much hope in him.


Buckling Bernie? Sanders is pragmatic. Older people will recall how he used to speak out powerfully about US poverty and the need for legitimate poverty relief. He talked about how and why it's impossible to save/rebuild the middle class without shoring up the poor. That doesn't sell to today's middle class liberals, so he dropped the issue.

That said, I think it's fair to say that Democrats already lost 2016, largely by utterly alienating the masses who had voted for Obama in hopes that he could launch a legit discussion about our poverty crisis. Since Obama was elected, we have been even more deeply divided and subdivided, pitted against each other.


Can't say that I disagree but I am not celebrating.


It is about unassailable power doing their bidding with each other in secret. What does that have to do with you having not learned anything.