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'Worse Than Wrong': Wisconsin Advances Bill To Gut Workers Rights


'Worse Than Wrong': Wisconsin Advances Bill To Gut Workers Rights

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Wisconsin State Senate passed so-called 'right-to-work' legislation late Wednesday night, against a backdrop of protests from those saying the bill represents pay cuts for working people and a direct attack on organized labor.

After nearly eight hours of debate, the bill passed the Senate 17 to 15, with all Democrats and one Republican voting against it. Onlookers in the Senate gallery shouted "Shame! Shame!" as legislators filed out after the vote.


Damn Kocksuckers. Boycott all things Wisconsin. Cheese, milk, beer, any and everything else. Texas and Florida gave us the Bush plague. Wiconsin has bred the Walker plague. It is far far deadlier to life and freedom.


Austerity politics one big race to the bottom.


And on the other hand we have Gov. Mark Dayton, a billionaire of Target fame, who has taxed the rich and raised the minimum wage and cut the states deficit into a surplus in Minnesota:

Maybe we should try to get HIM to run for president?!


The “right to work” such a play with words. Truth is that these corrupt politicians have been selling themselves to corporations for a while now and intend to trample the rights of organized labor. We must assure that organized labor continue to exist and hopefully thrive.


Wow, the anger is palpable, this you will not see on MSM!!


The good people of Wisconsin re-elected this monster. Why???


Meanwhile, the Walker State Journal takes every opportunity to portray working folks as “tired” of the struggle and “resigned” to the inevitability of defeat.

I’d like to think it’ll be forced to eat those words, but it’ll take a far more ferocious labor “leadership” to feed them to it.


They are getting what they voted for.


Unbelievable, Wisconsinites supposed to be mostly of German decent, well educated intelligent people, so who in the hell are their representatives? I never thought Wisconsin would be going down this low.


Throw Scott Walker into a very deep hole in the bottom of the ocean close to where Bin Laden was thrown since he is a real terrorist.


A similar bill is under consideration in West Virginia. Instead of the disingenuous “right to work” (for less) moniker they are using the cover “taxpayer responsibility act” meme. I never knew that union members were exempt from paying taxes. Boy did I miss out.


Shame indeed.
Did the good people of WI really vote for that asshat Walker? My relatives sure as hell didn’t
Methinks that the election was stolen, votes nibbled away bit by bit and disappeared in to the ether.
I mean hey, the Koch Boyz gang has absolutely NO shame.


Walker is the biggest Koch sucker of all time.


We should all know just who the real terrorist of destruction to
this government , nation and citizens are today.
Corporations and their private owned elected officials.

Hell our votes are not longer needed for these candidates to
steal the elections.
And most democrats are now setting on their butt while the
republican party gives completed ownership to these
global corporate empires…

This nation is owned by the elite today and we have no voice ,
rights , freedom to do a d… thing about it…

They say the British owned the citizens of yesterday.
He… their power was not even close to what corporations
have today. They own and control every move or word we
do or say…


Walker is a junkyard dog who feasts on scraps thrown to him by the likes of the Koch brothers thinking all the while that he will soon be king/leader of the pack. I am sickened by how far this monster has come…not unlike GWB, another scarecrow looking for a brain.


One way to look at RTW is as a completely predictable expansion of our workfare policies.I read that some 80% of middle classers support mandatory, bottom wage/no rights workfare replacement labor. The popular spiel for workfare labor is that it gives people the opportunity to “develop a solid work ethic,” with the incentive to “enhance their employment skills,” enabling them to “succeed in the modern workforce.” Since WI decided this is a good thing, why limit it to impoverished families?


But let’s be honest. WI will continue to re-elect Walker until he moves on to a position in DC. Walker clearly picked up where T. Thompson left off, doing to the middle class what Thompson did to the poor – using many of the same “justifications.” Since the right wing takeover of WI in the 1980s, we have watched as our family-supporting jobs have been shipped out, and as family farms have fallen like dominos. Wisconsin’s response: Get very, very tough on the poor. Labor can raise a fuss about Walker, but there’s nothing they can do about it. Have a rally, shout out your outrage, and it will change nothing. That’s the tragedy of this generation.


Actually, no. WI embraced the neoliberal agenda as far back as the 1980s, with Gov. Tommy Thompson. We went from hard right-winger Thompson to right-winger Scott McCallum, took a break with conserva-Dem Jim Doyle, and raced right back to the neoliberal agenda with Walker. Since the 1980s, we’ve watched a steady continuation of trickle-up poverty. With the poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, so successfully pitted against each other this time, there is no way to unite to push back.


Actually, I believe California is now the leading dairy state, and WI is no longer the top producer of beer. Our myopic middle class thinks Walker began the downhill slide, but it actually began in the 1980s with Gov. Thompson. It’s discouraging that they don’t recognize that WI has been implementing the austerity agenda since then, from the bottom up.