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Worst. 100 Days. Ever


Worst. 100 Days. Ever.

John Feffer

If I were a Trump supporter, I’d be furious at the coverage of the president’s first 100 days. The mainstream media has engaged in a bout of competitive schadenfreude as headline writers and columnists vie for the distinction of deriving the most pleasure from the administration’s failures.


I think the whole angle has to change in these polls. There is only one real question: What has your elected representative (from President on down) done for you, your family and your community? Or, did your representative at least try to do something helpful for you? Elites and the 1% can rattle off a list. The rest of us will struggle to answer. Opinions really don't matter at all without power.


Both candidates sucked. Why bother to compare? Worse candidates winning every election could make us ask why, not who is the least terrible.

Direct Democracy


"What might seem like Mental Illness..."

...may very well be, Mental Illness.


Trump's scorecard with the voters, the media, political pundits and the overall public makes a great topic for discussion, but in the end, it's Trump's scorecard with the oligarchy that counts the most. Although the 1% has expressed concerns at his unpredictability and goofy comments, they are delighted with his rampant deregulation, proposed tax breaks, obscene military budget and more. Trump won't be disappearing, anytime, soon.


The views of Americans remain a mystery to me. Trump's policy of increased use of fossil fuels will clearly destroy the country if not checked so why do so many Americans support a candidate who espouses policies that would destroy the country he was elected to lead? I guess there are several explanations. I think one is that many people would rather die than be subjected to government regulations. Another is that they feel the wall between church and state must be torn down and Trump is the best available alternative to accomplish that. Another is that a lot of people only want to live in a country dominated by white people and don't care what happens if they can't get their way. And then there is a group that is simply anti-social and destructive and wants to destroy everything for the sake of destruction.


cognitive dissonance? do you know cass sunstein ?


The rightwing agenda is class warfare worldwide culminating in the collapse of globalization which leaves all nations unable to feed their starving masses, while the wealthy set up reclusive sustainable luxury retreats staffed with servants. Globalization which leaves every nation vulnerable to its imminent disruption is their final solution to the world's population explosion. Trump was their candidate most comfortably able to proclaim "You're fired" as the bodies are cremated by the hundreds of millions.


Are Trump's stumbles a brilliant ploy to "deconstruct the state," a political performance, or actual incompetence?

No reason to think it can't be all three.


No, but this 100 will do until the worst 100 gets here.

That will be when the US picks a fight with China and gets the shit kicked out of it or the global financial sector pushes our slice of the pie out of the country for safe keeping.




The tabloids at the supermarket are full of Trump's wonderful, record breaking first 100 days. Of course most of his wonderful accomplishments are a horror for America and the world. Too bad the Trumpites reading these headlines will never actually read the list of his " accomplishments" and realize that they are among the Americans getting royally shafted.


Trump's narcissism, ignorance and impulsiveness make him the best of all possible Republican presidents. He will do more to push America leftward than a thousand glorious Wall Street funded Democratic Party media campaigns complete with red white and blue balloons and sparkly pink confetti. America was just plain dead set on having a bad-boy flirtation with a racist and sexist pig. Eight years of Obama will do that to a person. And now we know how that fantasy turns out. Trump tells you that he loves you and then runs off and has a torrid affair with a CIA mole in a tight black skirt in the back seat of an Uber cab. But it turns out she's actually Pootie in drag. You can tell when you grab for the crotch. Once it is all over America will go back home again like a dog with her tail tucked between her legs and settle in happily with the nerd next door and have lots of ugly children. The past is forgotten. Just like it never happened. The Chechens have come home to roost.

And that's just the first one hundred days.