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'Worst Bill for Women' Could Get Worse as 13 Men Tackle Trumpcare in Senate


'Worst Bill for Women' Could Get Worse as 13 Men Tackle Trumpcare in Senate

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer, Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With House Republicans having voted to pass the "astonishingly evil" American Healthcare Act (AHCA), the Senate GOP has assembled a group to craft that chamber's version of the bill known as Trumpcare—and its made up of all men.


LYSISTRATA. It's time.


An Hellacious Crime (against) Americans = AHCA. Looking at the photo with the diabolical demagogue getting yet another adulation fix from a salivating horde of ugly rich white men with one hopelessly rich Stepford wife thrown in as their "token" and one sees the reason why women are being jettisoned back to the Dark Ages with pen strokes. What next, repeal of the Thirteenth and Nineteenth Amendments?


What a pig pen!


it's time for Bernie to introduce Single Payer. What's he afraid of anyway? Is he as sexist as the rest?


Tha ACA is already a Heritage Foundtion creation used by Romney in establishing state healthcare in Massachusetts. No Collins, Murkowski, Fischer or even Heitkamp, The DINO From the Dakotas. Very bad optics, for sure, from the Republican Party. After 52% of white women voted for Trump in 2016, even worse optics. Very willfully ignorant.
The Patriarchal Plutocrats of the GOP ( Gnarly Old Peckers ) really are as tone deaf and out of touch as most minority females thought they were. Who'd of thunk? Where's Sarah Palin when you need her? She's great on preexisting conditions, having several that the Wasila Police Dept. has reported on, in the past.


Democrats don't control Washington. The hard right does. Bernie's bill wouldn't go anywhere and he's better off motivating people to get involved and vote in 2018, even local elections that may be coming. Frankly, we are stuck with whatever Republicans dream up anyway for at least four years, if not longer.


And Palin has a down syndrome child requiring a lifetime of medical care...as does the token GOP leadership caucus mannequin, C. McMorris-Rodgers (caucus member strictly because of tenure NOT ability, intellect, or knowledge)...a religious zealot and product of a lifetime of Bible Schools and Colleges; married into one of the wealthiest families in Spokane,WA. CMR posted on her webpage that the severe down syndrome son is the reason she supported the Death Act (of course she failed to mention that being the wife of a millionaire provides the son with a nurse 24-7 and lots of cash for medical costs).

The GOP jab is outstanding: Gnarly Old Peckers!


Republican's version of Sharia Law.

Direct Democracy


If you don't like Trumpcare why complain on line? Instead, get together and visit your republican representative at his HOME, not office, and explain to him why you do not like losing your insurance, or your life or the life of someone you love. It's a lot more effective if you visit the home of your representative. If he won't meet with you, there you can walk around his HOME with a sign


Very creative Seatower.


1) Most Democrats are not Democrats;
2) When they had both houses of Congress they did zip;
3) When the Rethugs were in minority, thet screwed up all kinds of things (basically because the Dems let them);
4) They all belong to the party of capitalism and imperialism anyway, which Nader originally labeled as the Duopoly.


I was wondering what excuses the Bernsters would come up with to try and get him off the hook for not introducing a Senate companion bill to Conyer's. Now we know. To answer your question directly, Tom J1, his office just announced the Bern feels it's more important to maintain a united front for the Dims and the ACA than to pursue single payer.


I'm somewhat familiar with CM-R. Her choice of colleges ( very 19th Century politically correct ) is interesting. She apparently can see Jesus's image in Taco Salad, who knew? American Exceptionalism is working in her, for sure, for sure.
The tax cuts will pay for her child's care and then some. Possibly allowing her the cash for expanding her search for a perfect Taco Salad and a sighting of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe Hidalgo, as well. You go, girl! Via con Dios and tax cuts, every time. That's the ticket.


Why would there be women on the panel? In the republican world, the woman's role is barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. They are suppose to be submissive to their husbands or father. Like children they are to be seen and not heard. Ask any of these white male republicans what role the woman should play and they refer to the old testament.
To them, only the white male is due any consideration for an opinion.


If they could get away with it they would get rid of all amendments that help anyone besides white males. And make sure that all amendments are only for white males.


He has, it goes nowhere in committee. W/o being able to get out of the committee, there is no vote possible. No bill offered by a democrat is going to have a chance while the republicans control the house. No amendments will be passed when offered by a democrat.
It is why Obama was not able to get anything passed while the republicans controlled the house. It was dead upon arrival. It had to be something the republicans also wanted to get something passed.


Palin is worth quite a bit of money, she doesn't have to worry about child care costs. It is only the people who don't have money who will be affected.


That is so funny: Jesus image in a taco salad and sighting of the Blessed Virgin. Thanks for the laugh, which I really needed!


What a bunch of old ugly white SOB's. I find it very difficult to have compassion for these fellows given how destructive and anti-social they are.