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'Worst-Case Scenario' of Melting Ice and Sea Level Rise Coming to Pass, Warn Researchers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/03/worst-case-scenario-melting-ice-and-sea-level-rise-coming-pass-warn-researchers

Although we anticipated the ice sheets would lose increasing amounts of ice in response to the warming of the oceans and atmosphere, the rate at which they are melting has accelerated faster than we could have imagined," said Dr. Tom Slater, lead author of the study.
In other words exponential climate change is happening and all the climate models suggesting we have a century or so, are akin to reading tea leaves. All I know is that exponential climate catastrophe is the biggest existential threat to humanity and life on earth right now. And in the USA neither party is taking it seriously. Both parties only care about the next corporate bribes they can amass as they stick their heads up their corporate masters a$$e$. It is long past time to invoke ongoing massive general strikes and boycotts. And a good starting point would be to boycott what passes for elections in the USA.

Good news: This is fixable, and on a budget. We need to enhance winter Arctic and Antarctic ice growth. We need to make sure that the tundra is mostly covered with snow, probably by using wind-powered artificial snowmaking machines.

Bad news: to do this you would have to pay people on merit, and pay people for getting the work done. Because this money needs to go to the government’s friends instead, getting the R&D done isn’t physically possible.

Bad news: Yep, we’re shafted.

if you are at all worried about refugees–just wait until the millions start to leave the uninhabitable equator–the millions living on the coasts start to move inland-and when the ice is all gone --the only ocean cooling mechanisms are gone and then life on this planet will become problematic-just to be clear–BOTH of our political parties-our business communities-our political institutions, and the media are just fine with the fact they ignored science for 50 years so they could continue to profit on the destruction of our world–one candidate opens the nation to drilling -the other doubles down on producing the most egregious of green house gases–methane–(after being part of an administration that pushed fracking and INCREASED our green house gas emissions while gas lighting us on their environmental stand-note–it was Obama who made sure that there were NO consequences for the failure to address the problem in the climate accords)—no hope for the planet in either of those corporate run monstrosities–only more environmental destruction for a profit

“[T]he current melting rate could add 17 centimeters, or more than six inches, to sea levels by the end of the century.”

That’s less than news. For instance, the California Coastal Commission’s official guidelines (in effect since last year) require builders to plan for an additional 40 to 80 inches of sea level rise, depending on how risk averse they want to be.

The Great Unraveling will continue “faster than expected.” I wish they would stop putting year 2100 as a reference goal post. The exponential function is in play. We are talking drastic sea level changes by mid century…maybe as early as 2040. I’ve got some beautiful property for sale in Ft. Lauderdale! (Sarcasm)