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'Worst-Case Scenario': Report Finds Sturgis Motorcycle Rally a Superspreader Event Infecting Over 260,000

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/08/worst-case-scenario-report-finds-sturgis-motorcycle-rally-superspreader-event

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If only their suicidal tendencies weren’t also homicidal


You don’t have to be Dr. Fauci to be able to predict this. Many humans are stupid and filled with their own self-importance and many think it can’t happen to them and maybe it doesn’t but does happen because of them.


SD has a population of 860K, less than that of a single large city. With no research universities of note, it has few persons qualified to lead a government, the present governor demonstrating that point. The two senators (equal in influence to two senators from NY or CA) similarly have little to recommend themselves. Isn’t it time to rethink our bicameral legislature?


Sadly, an excellent example of awful behavior, from the governor on down. And now there will be billions in potential medical expenses, perhaps thousands of deaths, and more saddened families and friends. .


Dude, I got the Covid at Sturgis.
Got drunk over there, rocked out to a Tom Petty tribute band.
Got drunk and had sex with a stranger (I think) behind a dumpster.
Got drunk and blacked out on my hog after throwing up.
Oh, and I passed the Covid to Grandma and she died.

So, yeah, it was totally worth it, Dude.


I know long-time Harley riders that did NOT go to Sturgis this year because they read the science not the trumpette stuff.

Smart bikers!

I also heard from friends they knew some that went that live around here. Gonna be some used Harleys up for sale soon maybe? But the infection rates have ticked up a bit in the last ten days or so in and around these little mountain towns. And I noticed Sunday that people are still eating and drinking in outdoor table settings (sidewalk cafe style, pizza and beer joint specifically) with their scooters lined up at the curb… Lots of drive-through highway summer bikers this time of year…superspreaders? Just great!

Probably not yesterday, though, with the massive hurricane-force Canadian low pressure cold air windstorm that howled through these mountains. I bet that kept them home. But then it was Monday after all…



And Iowa’s ( R ) governor is just like South Dakota’s. They are political twins who adore Trump, and both seemingly believe COVID-19 is a hoax.

Witness the current rise in COVID numbers in both of these states.

Intriguing study of two upper plains states, governed by Cro-Magnon females in the 21st century. Our states are in a race to the bottom.


We are still within incubation time frames for family, co-workers, bartenders to catch C19 from the harley davidson devotees.

Suggest the cell phone tracking can be whittled down to a home address. Then, test the biker and family too. Maybe do the census questionaire while we are at it.

Because three mile island disaster was investigated for cancer clusters - yes, it did occur.
And certain neighborhoods did suffer way too many extra cancer deaths.


I told you motorcycles were dangerous!

860K, huh? Well, within a few weeks or months, there will be fewer than that.

No matter what these idiots say or do, Math and Science will carry the day, and the deaths will continue with these ignorant fools in charge.