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Worst Ever. Resist Bigly

Worst Ever. Resist Bigly.

Americans spent this President's Day wishing we had one, honoring the 44 former actual presidents we did have along with a few enticing fictional ones - Vote For Lisa Simpson! - and marching to protest the sick hollow shell of a human being now occupying the once-lofty office. Meanwhile, after just one ugly, tattered, inept, felonious year in office, The Cheeto has already been declared by 170 political pundits the worst president in history. What a surprise. Said no one ever.


I’ve had issues with many of the presidents of my lifetime. Sometimes, I didn’t agree with what they said or did. However, I always understood the difficulty of the job and respected the person holding the office. The person in the office now is unworthy of it. By putting himself in the public arena every day since taking office, he has only diminished himself. He has not risen to the task. He has shrunk before it. He continues to show his incapacity with near every response he makes to a national catastrophe, national issue, world issue, and even the issues within his office. The sooner he goes to Mar-a-Lago never to return the better.


He’s been a public joke for the better part of half a century. The first time I ever heard the term “ink junkie,” it was in reference to him and his pathological craving for attention. Nobody familiar with his antics should be surprised that they continue unabated.


No disrespect. It is your Ideas that I reject.

I have heard this train of thought so many times and it still amazes me

Tell me what in the hell is helped anywhere at any time by NOT voting.

In fact when the vast majority of the citizenry fails to get off their ass and VOTE, then all they have done is made sure that only the fringe of the population is ever represented.

And I disagree most profoundly that all people who run for an elected office are cut from the same cloth.

The arrogance of this statement harkens back to the Nancy Reagan’s of the world when pigeon holing people to marginalize them was taken to Presidential heights

It is the grist of all the OReilly and Limbaugh traitors to our Democracy.

It is a Lie. People are NOT all the same.
Never have been, never will be.

I Do agree that there is a truly fundamental lack of Statesmanship

And that there is ample evidence that people do indeed Sell Their Souls for the MONEY

But not all of us

So if you truly no longer wish to vote that is your prerogative

You could continue to take the free ride paid for by the blood of your fellow countryman who did indeed fight against the Tyranny you so aptly describe

I’m quite sure you can find a country that doesn’t allow voting though I don’t think you will find it preferential to the US.


So very well said, thank you.


Great post!

This might interest you too. The Theory of Vision

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Until 2016, he was barely a blip on my radar. I watched 5 minutes of “The Apprentice” in an early season. His abrasive personality was off-putting. I learned in my career to stay clear of a person like him. Now, I’ve read three books and numerous articles about him, seen his mug on magazine covers too many times, and watch his antics daily on the News Hour. Dammit, he got me. Ink-Junkie! Thanks for expanding my vocabulary.


OMG …New read on the horizon

If you and Moderatus liked this one, then you have to try Eric Kandel’s “Age of Insight”

Brilliant text showing how the brain processes vision including why our visceral responses are triggered by the work of art

It specifically targets 1900 Vienna with its confluence of medicine psychology and science producing modern art and the role of the unconscious and of neuroscience in art

On top of this the Nobel Prize author details the new brain imaging science showing those sections of the brain which activate when triggered by the artwork

Definitely brings new insight to why we respond the way we do


Always happy to be of some use.

When I was still in high school, a neighborhood where families, some of whom were my friends, had lived for generations, was declared “blighted” by the municipal gov’t and seized by eminent domain. The residents, who were promised new housing under an “urban renewal” scheme, were paid pennies on the dollar.

Flash forward thirty years: the promised housing was never built, and the 30-acre parcel, by now a lunar landscape, was declared “no longer needed for public use” and sold to a well-connected developer for one dollar. I couldn’t prove that this was part of a long game played by the old boys’ network, but the injustice and the underlying racism left an indelible mark.

It was at that point that a certain bully and blowhard appeared on my radar. Your reading into his background may have led you to the story of Vera Coking, who, by standing up to the bully and winning, earned the respect of untold numbers of “little people,” myself included (I leave it to you to imagine my reaction to the SCOTUS ruling in re Kelo v. City of New London more recently).

As you mentioned, he’s made himself all but unavoidable, usually with comic results—unless you were one of his creditors or ex-wives. But now the joke’s on us all, as he continues his never-ending search for validation on the largest stage in the world.


Every so often we find a hidden treasure, that is what I thought of in recommending this. It is also an appreciation that is long overdue for the artist and the man. Anyway, I hope you enoy it, Also
He is the subject of Afterimage (2016), the final film by Andrzej Wajda.

Thanks too for the Eric Kandel reference, I will definitely check it out.


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Ditton, I wanted to share this book with you as well. Wladyslaw Strzeminski’s Theory of Seeing.

Had to put on my old Cleveland hat to pronounce the names…lol…wow

Pierogi’s anyone…those were good days

When one lives in a Polish Parish, the fundraisers are full of excellent food cooked by
sweet little Grandmothers.

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I know what you mean. My great uncle was Ukrainian. He was an engineer and escaped Russia during the revolution though Mongolia and from there went to Canada. He went to a fine art college there and then came to the U.S. and married my grandmother’s sister. He painted all the scenes they used in movies and did building restorations.

Sounds totally yummy.

Oh, gee Fern, I cannot read anymore. My spine just won’t allow it and being deaf those audio books would be a real hassle. It does sound interest though, I’ve got one good eye left :slight_smile: It is interesting that I see more through intuition now more than ever, does this apply? as I think it might :slight_smile:

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I noticed the art work on your site so I thought you might like this. More than just his theory is the conditions and political influence that affected his work. I still have more thinking to do about this but I can let you know if you like. recon touched on the visceral responses to what we see more than just the intellectual knowledge. A good starting place.

Art is a fun, complex and interesting subject, please, let me know. We see so much more than we are aware of, our brains limit what we recognize. That is why Edward Hopper is so important, he shows us what we see :slight_smile:


While the discussion and texts provided of the studies of art and perception are certainly important, the sad fact remains that Donald Trump IS your(and mine, and all of our)s President. He’s just doing a crappy job. There are things that Bill, and Pappy, Shrub, as well as Barack, did, that I didn’t like or agree with, but those guys were at least REAL politicians, with experience in government and governance. The Donald has no such, nor does he desire to gain any, real experience. Resistance need not be futile. Get ready to play the long game.

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Thank you for your elegant statement. It needs to be said!

I hear you, it is a bit off topic. This a person that gave great thought to consequences of political oppression and lived it as well. What happened is that his work was suppressed and so was he. This marks a formal recognition to his work on this subject.

“Dismissed from his post in 1950 with the intensification of the Stalinist regime, he was effectively deprived of the means of making a livelihood and died of tuberculosis. During his last years he attempted to effect a compromise with the principles of Socialist Realism, but the works he produced were unacceptable to the cultural authorities. At the same time, he completed work on his book Teoria widzenia (‘A theory of vision’). In this work he interpreted art from earliest times to the 20th century in terms of Marxist categories and developed a theory of the evolution of artistic forms defined in each period specifically by its dialectic of realism and formalism.”