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Worst, Ever

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/10/17/worst-ever


What you mean-um “modern” history, Kemo(s) Sabé(s)??   Tweetle-Dumb is The Worst president EVER —
A Clear and Present Danger to the very survival of the United States as a republic.


i got a kick out of the ‘trump presidential portrait’ at the top of the article. trump surely is a dumpster fire, but sadly, republican collaborator biden isn’t a great deal better. as long as america remains enamored with the 2 corporate party system, needed radical changes aren’t happening.


The dumpster in the picture is blue. So we are supposed to vote for the blue dumpster fire instead of the red dumpster fire? We know, deep down, that the two dumpsters are the same, but fear overpowers logic in our monkey brains.


About 3 1/2 years too late to the party. Is the news like the Republicans who are now confident(brave?) enough because of polls to tell the truth?

If Trump loses election and manages to not start a war with Iran in his remaining few months, he will still be responsible for less death and carnage than GWB. One could argue Trump is responsible for more US deaths, but not total so I can’t give him top billing on this worst to best sorted list (not that I’m ready to try him out for another 4 to see if he can catch up). I’m sure he’d go in the top 5 somewhere though.

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Worse than Andrew Jackson and worse than Hitler–yes, Hitler–because Trump is willing to incinerate our entire eco-system, our support system.


Fun fact about Hitler: When nuclear bombs were in the theoretical stage there was a genuine concern among the scientific community that a nuclear detonation could ignite the atmosphere and incinerate all life.
Upon learning this Hitler immediately stopped all research into the hydrogen bomb.
Franklin Roosevelt on the other hand ordered a test and America’s nuclear scientists started a betting pool.


As usual, the Times is a little late to the party.


NYT, as usual… beneath contempt? 0.01% media, that gave Trump billions in FREE coverage; to silence ANY whisper of Bernie’s platform, attracting gigantic crowds “blue” state & “red” across the battered hinterlands (as Hillary was lucky to draw 200-400 wealthy boomers at occasional ol’ Yuppie milking fundraisers, without a detectable ground-game in several key states). WTF is going to replace Bezos’ PropR’ Not McCarthyism, as plague, depression, our authoritarian falangist judiciary unleashes rule by OathKeeper company thugs? Think, I’ll go back and reread Tropic of Kansas? Parable of the Sower? Homage to Catalonia? The Times has been lowering their pay-wall for COVID* coverage. It must be subscription drive week?

*frequently, copied from Gothsmist, JohnsHopkins, etc…






The US is too young a country to use words like “ever”.

The one thing I am sure of is that there will be someone even worse than Trump, sooner or later.

It’s wonderful that the Times has realized that Trump is bad, but saying so doesn’t help a bit. What are we supposed to do about it? Electing Biden isn’t going to make all these problems go away.

How much longer before the Times realizes that the DLC is also bad? Probably long after we’ve managed to kill it.


Well, it took them just eight months to acknowledge COVID spread as an aerosol, eyes were vulnerable & we are most assuredly NOT, “in this TOGETHER?” Now, once they realize LBJ/ Kennedy probably “killed” more innocents than Bush (Poppy)/ Cheney; and they supported, lied for and silenced dissent against ALL our Imperial Crusades? I’d stopped watching TV news in Jan 1981. But it occurs to me, few of our commenters look at “our side’s” smug, sneering $12M media mouthpieces, as we look at Fox, etc? Watching any snippet of CNN or MSNBC, where a clueless, wealthy drunk celebrity inadvertently reads Neera or Rachel’s teleprompter lines, reminds SOME of us exactly who their PRODUCT is?

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I think that is Trump’s trump card.

SFAIK, the U.S. is the very first country to EVER have a Constitution instead of a feudal hierarchy and a President in­stead of a King, and Tweetle-Dumb is CLEARLY the worst hominid EVER elected to said Presiduncy.  Our Constitu­tion is far from perfect, just as our “Founding Fathers” and all our politicians since the 1790s are far from perfect, but compared to what went before, and much of what still exists elsewhere, the experimental republic that is the United States IS at least a big step in the right direction.   The next three or four weeks will see whether or not that “IS” will become a “WAS” . . .


They forgot to add “dumpster fire in a meth lab”.
I had to unfriend(such a high school term!) someone I knew from my old high school on FB. She posted such a Koolaid paean to Trump that I knew she was beyond listening to reason. All about the unborn babies and illegal aliens. Well, I knew she was racist, but that entire area is. Rural northwest Ohio remains free of the far right wing militias so far, but the KKK was and still is active there.
Those of us who still retain a smidgen of compassion, empathy, and reason need to stand strong these coming months. This storm will test the very core of our being. We may even see the US become a fascist state, abhored by the rest of the world. We may see people already in concentration camps killed openly by “good Americans,” Look for any non-christians to be the next target of hate groups, rounded up on phony charges and placed in confinement, there to be told either convert or die. Also members of the LBGQT community will be targeted, their marriages declared null and void by SCOTUS(though, technically, that’s a matter for state family law). Elders, the disabled, the poor…we all have targets painted on our backs. But…I have news for any of these Boys…Mr Cane and I will not go willingly with you. And we will defend others who you try to force into confinement.
One thing Biden needs to do is to close Gitmo. And to shut down those concentration camps along the Mexican border. Show good faith on human rights and free prisoners who were placed into the system simply because of their race.
As for Trump…you want to see a case study of a child sociopath, someone without a conscience chillingly portrayed on a television show. Check out Little House on the Prairie Season 8 Episode 2-The Reincarnation of Nellie. Lie after lie, deadly harm to a classmate while blaming another for something Nancy did…And there are millions of Americans out there who have no conscience, about 5% of the population. I’d rather deal with C-19 or an angry rattlesnake…

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The times only wrote this because everyone already knows
The media will eventually say things that are common knowledge.

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And those who are late to the party rarely stick around for the clean up.