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Worst Mass Shooting in US History Leaves More Than 50 Dead, 200 Injured

Worst Mass Shooting in US History Leaves More Than 50 Dead, 200 Injured

"The shots just kept coming."

guess people are going to be heard, one way or another.

and by the end of the week, this awful event will be ancient history. ready for the next calamity.


Trump will tweet something disgusting like , " Well Some of these shooters are good people "
The world is collapsing, Back to back earthquakes in Mexico. Back to back Hurricanes. Police brutality in Spain. Ping Pong dropping nukes. New Nazis in germany and now this horrific event. The list is much larger. Yikes!!!


Are we ever going to get mad enough at these murders with automatic weapons that we ban them?
Maybe we should ask our beloved politicians to do something positive for a change. But I guess if things didn’t change after Sandy Hook, this won’t matter either.


It won’t end as long as the NRA keeps buying politicians.


It seems we’re at a “fourth turning” moment. There is almost no one left that remembers the 1930’s.
Here we go again.


Exactly GaryH and others who’ve brought this up: Politicians spare your crocodile tears. Stand up to the NRA already.And I’ll add that If you can’t or won’t do this then don’t expect my vote next time.


there are so many different angles to come at this from…it’s hard to be rational about an irrational act but it is like looking in a mirror, we really have become a sick society, there is very little civility anymore…I cannot remember his name right now but a former national security director always talks about the thin veneer of civility that holds us together, it is very thin when seeing a snake loose among us, everywhere I look I see ugly, angry faces, now I’ll be looking for snake-eyes.


The second amendment=Homicide, and the tears keep flowing!


good old Mitch wouldn’t let a supreme court nominee come forward for hearings without being approved by the nra first, wacko-sicko-jerk


The latest carnage, brought to you by the NRA.
Coming to your neighbourhood soon!


Truly tragic. I am very sorry for these people, who are victims of America’s insane gun culture, but I suppose the only result will be an increase in the sales of firearms, especially automatic weapons.


Military style weapons DO NOT belong in the hands of Civilians. (Or Police)

NRA is the most UNPATRIOTIC group of Predatory Capitalists in the history of the USA.

This Includes Every Politician who continues to take a cut of THEIR BLOOD MONEY.


A gun that one person can wield and cause such a stomach-turning amount of murder and mayhem on such a horrific scale in a matter of seconds–how is such a weapon included in the same category of “arms” as the muskets intended by the Second Amendment?

The right to bear arms whether in a militia or for personal defense is at most a right to bear a musket, if keeping to the original intent of the founders. That means one shot–and not a very accurate one at that–before having to STOP to reload, which might be all the time needed to come to one’s senses.

Let people cry that no one can take their machine guns away from them. Fine, automatic weapons for every household – but only one bullet is allotted per person per lifetime. Time to lay down the law lest we never stop shaking from this monstrous crime.


Attacking 22,000 concert goers is madness.

Politicians better listen now before all Hell breaks loose.


All hell has already broken loose and this is what it looks like.


Just another day in the US


But…but…it wasn’t a Muslim… deranged white guy goes berserk… nothing to see here… move along folks.


The deranged and stupid thinking that the US government exhibits by its bellicose activities in the Middle East and elsewhere, has penetrated the psyche of some of its own gun-owning citizens.

The government’s message, embraced by these shooters is: if you don’t like something, shoot it down.

A sane government would engender a sane citizenry.


Actually, 4chhan and the Drudge report jumped the shark about 5 hours ago and MISTAKENLY blamed an anti-Trump leftist. So typical.
To politicize this so quickly and blame Bernie Bros, without any proof whatsoever, shows how far down the road to Dystopian City we’ve gone.
This tradegy being used for " political points " is shameful and quite dangerous to the many innocent bystanders, of Fascist and Neo-Nazi terrorists in our country. They apparently will stop at nothing to protect their Fascist leader and POTUS.
It’s uncharted territory for all of us living in Trumplandia now.
My sincerest sympathies to the many hundreds who are suffering from this mass shooting. It didn’t have to be this way. So sorry for you all.