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Worst Mass Shooting in US History Leaves More Than 50 Dead, 200 Injured

Not to mention previous and more mundane calamities.

Have a look at how many shootings there were in Las Vegas in the 48 hours prior to this one.

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I’m not a psychologist, but it seems to me that as odious as it sounds, people might connect more to this tragedy than the Sandy Hook one.

Definitely should have been enough with Sandy Hook (or any of the other numerous mass killings) but if you try to think like gun proponents and people on the fence, sandy hook was an attack on a specific place. THIS however, is something even fence sitters can imagine themselves…at a concert, no worries, suddenly a barrage of machine gun fire reigning down on a crowd, from a snipers nest. He was on the 32nd floor of a hotel, no mythical “good guy with a gun” could save them…hell, it took an huge amount of time to even know it was happening (according to witnesses there that thought at first it was fireworks) and even more time to be able to locate th source, where the attack was coming from. Even then, so far away, so high up, no “good guy with a gun” could have saved them. By the time they knew, some, there were already many casualties. People can, a lot more easily, put themselves in this situation and realize (hopefully) that no citizen should be given or allowed to have this kind of firepower.
One can hope…and if we resist the urge to just shrug and say “it’s nuts” but instead inundate lawmakers with protest, maybe it can change?


One man with a powerful weapon under his sole control.

One man’s lack of empathy for the victims.

One man’s insanity is shown by his willingness to kill so many people.

One man with a powerful weapon under his sole control…

…how did we let such a madman become our president?


Remember folks: Gun do not kill people, people do. But, guns increase the efficiency exponentially enabling the sickest of us to do untold damage and harm resulting in ever more numbers of deaths. All the same, what really matters is the profit generated in selling auto and semi-automatic weapons with massive ammo clips in a mostly unregulated market. What could possibly go wrong?


If, as it seems at this point, the shooter used at least one fully-automatic weapon, he didn’t do so legally. Such weapons, AKA machine guns, have been illegal for civilian purchase in the US since 1937. Firearm laws in general can only protect us from people who abide by the law.

With that said, I would urge citizens to demand, as part of health care reform, full coverage for comprehensive mental health screening and treatment where indicated.

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Was the (dead) person who was identified as the shooter really the shooter? What was behind his actions?

I can’t tell from this article. I do know that this horrible slaughter will take our eyes off of Puerto Rico, and the vulture capitalism that is underway there, though.


He turned his anger on the least responsible, for what ever his hatred stemmed from. The innocent always pay the most terrible price, wither it be in war, or poverty, or an act of violence such as this.
In the documentary ‘Vietnam’ a veteran who had seen combat and the horrific consequences said, and I am paraphrasing, ‘that humans are killers by nature, that he had come to see the military as just a finishing school.’
I pray that is not true!
My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.


Or they will blame it on Islam somehow to fulfill the Zionist agenda of attacking Iran.


Well, all I can say is GOD BLESS Amerikkka. we sure do love our killing here in the States. A round of applause for the fisrt responders and thier military hardware and tanks which, as we can see, keep us safe. And last but not least a “well done” to the government spooks who make these happenings possible. Now move along. There’s nothing to see here.

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Yes, yes, we know it’s the guns that are to blame. Go back to sleep.

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These incidents will occur periodically however at a smaller and smaller increments. As we allow the congress to pass laws to lower the rich man’s taxes and as more services get cut this the outcome we should expect.

I just hope that people make this connection quickly and not let the media twist the shit out of it. There are millions suffering from mental illness.

With no facilities available to take them for treatment with compassion they end up on the streets. Strangely whenever i bring this issue up for debate almost unanimously people blame the victims and say that’s a choice they have made.

There is not enough love not enough empathy in America today. The wealthy have started a race to rob everyone at unprecedented pace. All others who can have also caught the disease of greed and a sense of urgency that says it’s now or never, better take what you can today because there won’t a tomorrow attitude.

It’s a very contagious disease and it self perpetuates like a snowball effect so now we have ever greater number of people who would run others over to get at the loot and make their get away as fast as they can. Almost everyone except the down trodden is in this race. Actually when i look closer at the mentally ill they seem to show a lot more human quality and free expression of real love despite their condition.


Automatic weapons ARE banned. The murderer was a criminal with a banned weapon- how to stop that?

Again- automatic weapons are banned. The killer used an illegal weapon. If all weapons were made illegal, only the law-abiding will be disarmed. Ask Chicago, DC, Zimbabwe, Australia, etc how that is working out for them.

We should NEVER have to use a gun. We create the conditions by our own violence to children, infants to families by firing the father. An entire family goes into self perpetuating infliction of harm with it’s members where children are the innocent victims. They grow with that violence without their parents there to help and the institutions are either non existent or woefully inadequate.

Economic stability does wonders to a stable family whee kids grow a semi normal environment without too many psychological scars that later on haunt them.

America needs an overhaul job starting with the family unit, we need spending on good clean high paying long term jobs. We need to create healthy atmosphere for our children. We need a compassionate society where government spends less, much less on military and much much more on human and societal development.


Let us go further and discuss the why’s. We can see and feel the violence but why is it happening? The root cause analysis as we engineers call it. From my perspective it all begins with the family unit and long term economic stability.
Our illustrious government (don’t forget to take the knee) has been systematically taking the wealthy peoples side for the last 40 years and this is the result. It’s like giving more candy to an already hyper active child, they will want more and more.

The government has a responsibility for collecting trillions in taxes every year in this country we are getting back less and less. Until this trend is reversed nothing good is going to happen.

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So very true! America was built on hate of the other. From their hatred for Naive Indians to their enslavement of African. America profits off of hated and destruction. America imprison more people then any other nation. Our police kill with impunity. America has wage war on other nation (Iraq) and brought untold misery to them. We reap what we have sowed.


Honestly, I have no idea what type of weapon the mass murderer had and I do not care. These large magazine weapons are available and so is the ammunition INCLUDING the magazines. The US is not going to take all guns away but the legislature should at least take some baby steps to confront the auto / semi-auto /large magazine issues.


You are correct. My post would have been much longer had I delved into the exceptions granted to holders of Class III Federal Firearms Licenses (FFL). But still the perception persists that any nutter can walk out of a gun shop with as many military weapons as he or she can carry. I believe that much of that confusion is deliberate.


Of course I am not stating that Trump’s hate had anything to do with this horrible tragedy, but it may have somehow contributed to it and at any rate, no doubt about helping Trump because it has taken Puerto Rico off the MSM news.

My condolences to all the innocent victims of this horrible tragedy.

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Isn’t this CIA’s NRA?