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'Worst Mistake I Ever Made': Union Support Nosedives as Workers Express Regret for Trump Votes

'Worst Mistake I Ever Made': Union Support Nosedives as Workers Express Regret for Trump Votes

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Many American union workers who voted for President Donald Trump in the 2016 election are increasingly beginning to regret their decision—and realize that Trump has been firmly on the side of the rich all along.

That's according to new survey data published by Reuters on Friday, which shows that between March of 2017 and March of this year, Trump's support among union members has fallen by 15 percent.


I could forgive them their buyer’s remorse if they weren’t so effing stupid in the first place.


I have the same thing to say to all those Blue collar and poor folks who have been voting for conservatives since LBJ signed the civil rights act back in '65. I say the same thing about all you spineless liberals who started calling yourselves “progressives” when the DLC took over the Democratic Party…
What did you think was going to happen?
Fucking idiots.
Once you sell you souls they are awfully hard to buy back.


Did anyone else notice the article is making hey about a 15% drop in support? Not 15% support. A 15% drop in support. 3 out of 20 changed their minds. You don’t say.


Just wait for the buyer’s remorse to kick in after replacing Brand R’s obvious smash-and-grab thieves with the slightly more subtle pickpockets of Brand D.

Memo to the working (if we’re lucky) class: neither establishment party gives a flying fig about you. All they want from you is your vote, your money, and, if you’re still addicted to the Kool-Aid, your volunteer labor. After they’ve extracted as much as you’ll let them, you can hit the bricks.


“Darkest forebodings” indeed. The damage inflicted on the 99% by the Trump/GOP Congress cartel will not be turned around within the lifetimes of anybody reading this post. When you consider that the 476 AD fall of the Roman Empire triggered the onset of the dark ages that lasted the better part of the subsequent millenium, “darkest forebodings” may be the most accurate assessment of the current sacking of what little remains of the remnants of democracy.

My message to any working folks who believed that voting for a guy whose most well known line during the previous decade plus was “You’re FIRED” would begin to attempt to solve any of their problems is:

If you are looking for sympathy you will find it in the dictionary somewhere between shit and syphilis.


We can all bitch and moan - or we can pitch in and grow coops and local/regional resilience and capacity to keep threshing out the chaff that pollutes, sucks resources out of a region and extracts from afar.

Michael Hudson and Richard Wolff Employers and Employees provide insightful critiques of our expectations of society from progressive economics perspectives


Being rich doesn’t necessarily mean good decision making, it does however mitigate the consequences of bad decision making, but not forever. In this case the decisions being made affect all of us. I think we need better safe guards for one thing. We also need our own contingencies.


It’s beyond belief that the majority of Americans only believe they have two choices.

Democrat or Republican.

Dumb or Dumber.

Both corrupt to the teeth.

Working people need representation. They will never get it from the Duopoly parties.

Dump the Duopoly.

Vote Green, Socialist, or any party that rejects Corporate Rule.


Again, how exactly can Democrats appeal to union members? What actual policies do they support that provide a clear alternative to the right? They support NAFTA like deals (which have non-binding and weak labor protections and harm working people in a thousand different ways), the WTO, they have supported things like school privatization, which is an attack against teachers and unions, they have often supported austerity, and have done next to nothing to support the striking teachers. What will Democrats offer, some speeches where they say this or that? Those that control the party have been pushing for right wing and corrupt Democrats, and which does lead to non-progressive parties and reverse progress made decades ago, forget about building on any progress that was realized. Some Democrats might be able to truly appeal to union members and working people, most national Democrats cannot, and their dated, 1990’s third way worldview is now deeply unpopular.


About time! It’s too bad the DP doesn’t have the common sense of a mushroom to reform and support unions and the 99%! Expel and shun the R’con-lite garbage they support rather than progressives and our issues!..the Bernie Sanders wing!

The contemptible clinton (both) - obama - DCCC & DLC corporate/banker/wall street whore wing still dominate the control and direction of an utterly failed “strategy”…ya gotta wonder how those “strategists” can be so damn stupid - or just corrupt to the core…if a corp exec was so goddamn incompetent, corrupt, and self-concerned - lost so much to an idiot extremist competitor, they would be fired with prejudice and run out…but not the DP establishment, no, they thrive still after years-decades of contempt for unions and the little guy & gal, kissing ass for big-money donors…sold-out to big money and never looked back…


Complaints about the intelligence of Trump voters would be a lot more convincing were there not such similar errors among Democratic voters.

It is indeed remarkable to see people vote for their oppressors election after election and generation after generation. But it is not less pathetic when the candidates bearing oppression are Democrats.


NOW you regret it? I say too bad and suck it up, you dumb gullible people. I/we tried to warn you, to reason with you, to ask that you really look into this guy and his Con-artist shenanigans. But no, you wanted change, you wanted someone who could throw a monkey wrench into the establishment. Didn’t you see this guy IS the establishment? Couldn’t you see this guy is everything that is making the world the kind of hell=hole it is and has become in the last 50 years??! You refused to listen, refused to THINK, so now you regret it? Too bad


Isn’t it amazing? Voting strongly against their own interests for this train-wreck, willfully taken in by this side-show, Misogynistic road show BS jerk.


Who needs unions or political parties when you can have direct online democracy and vote securely on your cellphone?


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Oh, yeah-and don’t all those shleps in the picture with Trumph look oh-so delighted to be with him??!


What are you talking about? Progressives came out of the fight against Eastern railroad monopolies; who were holding goods ( commodities ) and services ( repair shops and small merchants’ wares, etc. ) hostage. They were originally called Radical Progressives in some areas of the Middle Western States for being abolitionists and… anyway, they’re New Dealers who supported Roosevelt & Wallace, for sure. But, of course, politics does make for some strange bed fellows ( Think VP Pence brushing out Trump’s hair after a roll in the hay, here ).

Today, Progressive policy is best exemplified by the Sanders/Warren wing in the Senate and the Progressive Caucus in the House. And, even more left-center coalitions at the grassroots level.
Anyway, you’re a liberal so I don’t expect much from them because of faulty brain malfunctions, and so I’m rarely disappointed. But, at least progressives have national clout, unlike some poseurs and hosers who can’t get more than 1.8 million votes when people like Clinton and Trump are their adversaries.


The CWA? The IBEW? The…are all cell phones powered by wind and solar?Just wondering.

Agree Dan, you and I are both past union members, and I don’t get it either. There was more than enough information before the election to show anyone who had an IQ 2 points above rock life not to vote for him. Trumps history towards the working class is repulsive, long, and documented. So now a small amount of union members have voter remorse, you knuckle-heads are a embarrassment to past workers who put their lives on the line to form the unions you are in. They took the risks to form unions to provide a better life for their families and future generations. By voting D or R in the last election, you have thrown these ideas in the trash.


A bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.