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'Worst Possible Choice': Pressure Mounts on Schumer to Keep Pro-Coal Joe Manchin From Powerful Energy Post


'Worst Possible Choice': Pressure Mounts on Schumer to Keep Pro-Coal Joe Manchin From Powerful Energy Post

Julia Conley, staff writer

While pressuring Democratic leaders to form a new congressional committee with a mandate to pass a Green New Deal, climate action groups and progressives lawmakers including Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) are also raising deep concerns over the corporate-friendly Democrat who's expected to serve as the party's top me


Here’s the deal: in order to keep the right-wing corporate Manchin in the nominal Dim column, Schumer will give him the post. Otherwise Manchin will formally declare himself a Rethug or Independent (which he may do anyway) and still win elections on a regular basis or get himself a high-paying corporate or academic job if he ever lost. Manchin is dealing from strength. Schumer is on his knees. This is the way of the Duopoly and a handful of “progressives” who remain in the Dim wing of the Duopoly aint gonna change it. It’ll change them. That’s a lock-tight guarantee. Nothing new here…move on…


The chair of the committee will be a Republican and so will a majority of the members. Things will not turn out well regardless of what Schumer does and coal-burning in the US will continue to decline no matter what Congress does.


Inslee fought for a ballot initiative that would have created the country’s first carbon tax in his state…

Here’s a U.S. “progressive” at work. Propose a regressive tax that will ultimately be paid for by the users of the energy pollution industry (us) to give the illusion that you are actually doing something positive.

A real solution is to take over the industry and phase it out as conservation and green production alternatives take over. But that is a “radical” proposition that won’t see the light of day…and pretty soon none of us will see the light of day at all – whether fossil fuel pollution is taxed or not.


With Schumer in control, anyone want to take odds on who will get this post ?
Tom nailed it in the above post, my money’s on Manchin.


They all are Worst possible choices.


“Say it isn’t so Joe.”


Another back-room “deal” from the zionist stooge and corporate shill…schumer will make any sell-out deal regardless how it affects progressive or environmental, issues or a strong progressive base. Schumer will sell-out our future and the progressive base, and thus the ability to actually win elections…another sell-out scum who must be defeated if there is to be any real change in the corporate/big-money DINO party…


Wait a minute the boss said: “We’ve ended the war on beautiful, clean coal” DJT

I thought Coal is back as a source of Clean Energy. It must be true the Bleach Blonde Bigot in the pure White House told me so.


The coal companies didn’t give Joe Manchin all that money for nothing. The henhouse will be in chaos. My question is how much money did Schumer take from fossil fuels? He’s the top dem fox.


See Opensecrets.org.


Okay, is there anyone here sucker enough to believe corportist Schumer is going to stop corportist Manchin?


“beautiful, clean coal”

Well that explains Trump’s no conscience problem. After all, how can a man without a brain have a conscience?
He outdoes himself again.


Looks like business as usual. The Democratic Establishment will make sure that there will be no meaningful change.


Schumer’s biggest contributor is Wall St.

Gee, I wonder if those hedge funds invest in fossil fuels?


On another thread, I just now posted the following:


I wish this POS would just switch parties already and identify with those with whom he has most in common instead of playing the “moderate Democrat” game.


You are what is the problem with Dims. Always do nothing because “blah, blah, blah”.


Turncoats like this need to be barred from all committees of any importance. He and his handlers need to be taught a lesson.


I wish Manchin & Schumer the Tumor were trapped in that coal mine in Chile 10 years ago & were the only 2 people not rescued.:8ball::8ball::8ball::8ball::hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: