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'Worst Possible Choice': Pressure Mounts on Schumer to Keep Pro-Coal Joe Manchin From Powerful Energy Post


There is a lack of explanation in this article. Schumer doesn’t “assign” people to committees like people assume here. Unless other long-tenured committee Senators, Bernie Sanders or Debbie Stabenow in this case, are willing to give up their ranking spots on other committees (Budgets for Bernie, Agriculture for Stabenow), that pretty much leaves Manchin as ranking member. The Committee on Committees is not going to boot a ranking incumbent member absent a contest for the spot, and it would likely go to a secret vote within the caucus to decide anyway.

Instead of yelling at Schumer, progressives should be pressuring Sanders and/or Stabenow. They are the ones that need to make a move. The problem is though, both probably prefer to be in line to chair those other committees than Energy.


Trying to think about it turns my brain into chunky peanut butter. Do we want people with microphones able to speak to the public to lay out in stark terms just how bad some of us think it is? I don’t, really. I wouldn’t want to go down in the history e-books as the guy would could say that discouraging word that seldom is heard, the guy who tried to kill off what little hope people had. The only reasonable humane outlook to present to anyone who might listen to would be some kind of realistic hopefulness, not actual optimisimism, but borderline, something that tries to nurture the sickly Hope child to do what I can to bring it to life and get it going in the right direction.


Joe Manchin (R- W. Va.) needs to be chairing the HELP Committee. Surely he’d much rather be in a position where he could be of assistance to his sweetheart of a daughter Heather Bresch, CEO of Mylan Pharmaceutical. Yeah, that would be the same CEO who jacked up the price of the lifesaving Epipen that helps prevent death from anaphylactic shock (originally she raised the price by 700% but because of public outrage she scaled the increase back to only 461%) then proceeded to give herself a multimillion dollar pay increase from the proceeds of said price hike. Heck if it’s corruption everyone’s getting all hot under the collar about with Manchin chairing the Energy Committee and Manchin being a senator from a major coal producing state why not go all the way? At least by giving him some control over the FDA he can lend his daughter a helping hand and the money for the Manchin family comes pouring in from both ends. We can call it “Manchin Money”.