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'Worst Possible Person': 300+ Groups Demand Senate Reject Trump's Pick to Manage US Public Lands

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/03/worst-possible-person-300-groups-demand-senate-reject-trumps-pick-manage-us-public


We all know Trump can do whatever he wants, didn’t he today do one appointment by executive order? Boy we need to do something about executive orders and all the other crimes this President did. But I guess they are legal as no one does anything about it?

It is all pretty disgusting that the dems (also most in pockets of the oligarchs) allowed this to happen. No one stands up to him because they are all doing it behind closed doors.


What!? Trump and the GOP are about to destroy public lands?! No, this can’t be right. They must mean the Democrats. Yeah! That’s it, this is the Democrats’ fault.

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People with absolutely no redeeming value! None!


I hope to see petitions opposing his nomination. I’m in on that.

The BLM has long put private interests on public lands ahead of conservation, native wild animals and plants, this trump pig nominee will meke it worse! The wild American horse, the Mustang, has been removed from their ancient range, rounded-up penned & sold for dog food or European tables. Taxpayers have foot the bill to millions/billions of dollars
Critical habitat destroyed by welfare ranchers leasing public lands for pennies on the dollar in sweetheart deals to run cattle and sheep by the millions on public lands, slaughtering large predators and any wild animal deemed a “threat” to welfare ranchers. Those cattle and sheep destroy western lands especially stream banks, native plants and more, wild horses do NOT! - private sheep and cattle by the millions and wild mustangs/burros by the thousands!
The slaughter of the spirit of the west, the wild horse and burro continues.

“Wildlife Services”, a division of the Department of Agriculture, slaughters, shoots, traps, poisons and gasses wildlife and domestic pets by the millions annually - " According to their official reports, they have slaughtered over 34 million animals in the last decade"."Wildlife Services - the Killer department - should be defunded and disbanded forever!

Our public lands and wildlife have been mismanaged by the BLM, rented cheap, damaged, and its wildlife slaughtered. for decades!






Congress and the Courts know that DT is routinely picking the “worst possible person.”

And yet, they do nothing.


Perfectly said.

Oh Emphyrio:
This is horrific. I suppose they recycIe these awful BIM into another department. I suppose that’s where ICE and DHS come from. After murdering animaIs—they move on to the humans. : (

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When was the last time the US Senate considered morality in any decision or action ?

Anybody who believes that Pendley is the “worst possible person” has been locked in a closet for at least three years. The only thing worse than a Trump appointee is that appointee’s successor after Trump throws the predecessor under the bus.

When Trump said “where is my Roy Cohn ?” he was referring to more than just an Attorney General selection…he expects every appointee to be at least as unscrupulous as he is, and for all appointees to be fearful that Trump will find somebody even more unscrupulous than they are if they don’t measure up.

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