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Worth Dying For?


Worth Dying For?

Danny Sjursen

I used to command soldiers. Over the years, lots of them actually. In Iraq, Colorado, Afghanistan, and Kansas. And I’m still fixated on a few of them like this one private first class (PFC) in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in 2011. All of 18, he was short, scrawny, and popular. Nine months after graduating from high school, he’d found himself chasing the Taliban with the rest of our gang. At five foot nothing, I once saw him step into an irrigation canal and disappear from sight -- all but the two-foot antenna on his radio.


When It Comes to the War in the Greater Middle East, Maybe We’re the Bad Guys

There is no “maybe” about this and has been for decades.

I appreciate the fact that this “death bed” conversion is heartfelt and honest; but the fact is that Danny Sjursen is a West Pointer and volunteer, not a draftee. They don’t exist any more. And he he went with “eyes wide open.”

This has been going on for decades for chrissake and though Sjursen now makes sense, his conversion, as he says, is at the deathbeds of others. But unlike others, he offers “no excuses.”

Welcome Home to OUR shitstorm Danny Sjursen.


Name a ‘war’ where we are the good guys.


Aint much good in any war unless it’s for self-defense; and even then it’s a bloody awful godsforsaken thing. This “good guys” v. "bad guys’ is a childish thing created by mis-education and reinforced by media conditioning. Childish and profoundly evil.


Yep, ain’t no “maybe” about it, no way.