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'Would Be Comical, If It Didn't Involve Real Lives': Unhinged Trump Interview Spotlights Deadly Failure of His Covid-19 Response

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/04/would-be-comical-if-it-didnt-involve-real-lives-unhinged-trump-interview-spotlights


Well, we never did think he was particularly bright, did we?


Let me help you Dumpf with complicated questions … if you had five live chickens in your administration and one died: How many live chickens would remain?


To their credit, Axios and Jonathan Swan have cultivated a trusted relationship with Trump from the beginning of Trump’s term. That relationship has brought us to this moment: a fool out of his depth in understanding essential mathematical proportions and speaking from the presidential seat.


Bright? His modus operandi is so typical of bullshitters/con men - never answer a direct question; talk non stop with the same repetitive phrases; emphasize with “ott” hand gestures. Pathetic.


I think John Cusack nailed it. And not just for this interview, but of this entire presidency, and yes, trumps entire life…
Grotesque farce.


“They are dying, that’s true. And you have - it is what it is.”

That statement pretty much sums up Trumps response to, and about the effects of, this pandemic.


We have to fond a way to protect whistle blowers so they can discourage trump on every issue.
We can’t lose the country to a fear mongering, disturbed child.
A voice here and there isn’t enough.
Some reporter perhaps, that can speak truth to power with the bosses permission.
“Would you please quit lying to us every day. We are sick and tired of your falsehoods.”


His speech writers aren’t much better. They aid and abet his lying.
There is so much the democrats and other parties should be holding trump accountable for, but it ain’t happening near enough.


I wonder if part of his MO as con man is to simply wear us all down with his b.s.


Nope. Unfortunately, there are a lot like him who vote. “Ignorant. And proud of it” is a bumper sticker they will be proud to display.


He has plenty of help. fox and those who watch it


Oh C’mon Gandolf!

You know how stimulating spike heels are for the powerful. I’ll never forget reading a satirical essay on the high heel. It is a legacy of being in two places at the same time. One where the powerful is and the other - poof - no longer a human being, strictly a ‘thing’ to claim as one’s own. The fashion version of negation of the human being. Now we know why fashion designers are so cozy with the rich and powerful - something perhaps worth contemplating. 2 places at the same time … mehhh… maybe schizophrenia?

Amazing how delusional dynamics must constantly work to create the rut a criminal might want to hide in. In nature when something works science refers to it as a ‘creode’ - more along the lines of ‘practice makes perfect’- a dynamic niche.

But seriously, time to look at how this bastyard trivializes in order to hide from what could, according to international law, be crimes against humanity by inciting false perception and exposing ALL OF HIS “BASE” (can’t get more base than that) who in turn raise the bar to exponential incidents of exposure - potentially a lawsuit of politically motivated and institutionally fomented genocide. Sad that he demands that the only way they rise is in number of infections.

Legal scholars in Brazil are calling for Bolsonaro to be investigated according to the international legal definition of genocide. I am not being facetious.

Here is the definition of Genocide:


Right out of “The Irishman” I think ?

A widow in Texas has put truth-to-power by accusing trump for her husbands death from the corona virus
We all have to speak out.


Not sure, I haven’t seen that movie yet.

Thank you for note on the Texas widow - heres a link for other readers

I’d add 3 of the many topics/areas where Trump is causing harm to specific populations - NOW DOCUMENTED

21 state attorneys general sue over new Trump water rule

Would-be Dreamers sue as Trump freezes out 86,000 Texans eligible for DACA

Nevada to mail all voters ballots; Trump promises lawsuit

feel free to add to the list.

Here is part of the formal legal definition of genocide:

  • A mental element: the “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such”; and
  • A physical element, which includes the following five acts, enumerated exhaustively:
    • Killing members of the group
    • Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group
    • Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part
*    Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group
*     Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group


“Imagine the intelligence of the average American. Now consider that half of them are even stupider than that!” – George Carlin
Comedian David Cross had his own take of the reason why Trumpo the Traitor had such support from the beginning - “At least a quarter of Americans have always been ignorant, racist xenophobes.”


I grew up around organized crime in Montreal - the movie is accurate enough.

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OK Donald…we get your M.O. “If the lie is HUGE and the liar keeps repeating it often and fast with a few twists and turns to confuse the listener, then, like the con artist mentality that it is, it will be eventually be believed.” Guess what? We get it and we see through it for the double talk BS it is. We found you annoying on 'The Apprentice" when you had no real power and now find you intolerable in the position of power you hold.