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'Would Be So Wild If Harrison Pulled This Off!': Democratic Challenger Pulls Ahead of Lindsey Graham

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/22/would-be-so-wild-if-harrison-pulled-democratic-challenger-pulls-ahead-lindsey-graham


Wouldn’t it be great if the country started to wise up and stop voting for war mongering hypocrites like POS Graham?


I cannot wait to cast my vote for Jaime Harrison!



Donate to Harrsion’s campaign and send that Confederate packing.


Expect the voter suppression methods to be dialed up to 11


It’s just unbelievable how such a race could possibly be so close when one of the candidates has become such a truly despicable person. Should the worst of the worst, ha, that means all of these orcs running for senate reelection beginning with mcconnell and graham be reelected, it will cast a dark, dark, shadow on hopes for this country. Maybe karma catching up for the tragic imperial materialistic capitalist history of this country.


Thank you, but make damn sure your vote is counted because the Republican Party, is really an organized crime syndicate that has metamorphsed into the Trump Party, much like the Nazi, Party was the Hitler Party.


It would be so great to see Lady G go down.
Pardon the pun.

Perhaps I will put a hold on my proposed trade with Denmark: they get South Carolina and we get Greenland. That’s the official version.

Also, we get Ontario and Cuba. London gets Royal Dutch Shell and British Petroleum out of North America. Cuba keeps free medical and education. Batista types in Florida may not and may not sue for return of houses, farms, etc.

Go Harrison!!

Already did when he started falling behind. Will now add a bit more. I’d vote for him too, if I didn’t have to hold my nose and vote for Peters here in MI.