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Would Hillary Overthrow a Government Run by Bernie?


Would Hillary Overthrow a Government Run by Bernie?

Les Leopold

Let’s try a thought experiment.

Imagine for a moment that a Bernie-like leader was elected the president of a Latin American country and that the U.S. feared he would adopt policies that were hostile to American corporate interests. Further imagine that Hillary became the president of the U.S. Would she consider supporting a coup against Bernie?


Sanders is no Allende. That said, it wouldn't be the first time a coup was attempted in the US. More likely, should Sanders try to break up or roll back the power of the National Security State, we would suffer an accidentemphasized text__ or just be assassinated like JFK. Yes, Clinton would be in on it but with plausible deniability. That is why, if he is serious, he needs to carefully consider in Vice Presidential choice.


Yes she would, in a New York second! (Including our own.)

Les Leopold has been mining Bernie gold lately. I've commented that a number of my relationships have changed for the worse because of this election, but at the same time, I'm recognizing kindred spirits all over the place. Keep it up, Les, and thank you.


I'm voting for Senator Sanders; I wanted to be clear about that right off. Lets not, however, fool ourselves. Presidential candidates begin being "briefed" after the primaries. If I recall correctly that practice goes back to 1960. The deep state will certainly know as soon as Sanders is "briefed" whether they will or will not destroy him (one way or another). Or he will be turned to the dark side. That is just the way it is. Surely Hillary and the DLC will play their part and rejoice if he is destroyed. Hillary will probably gnash her teeth in rage if he is turned but will still work to sabotage his Presidency from inside the party and beltway.
In any case, that is what this country has come to. It's not a conspiracy theory, it's just the way they do business.
The best we can do is to support Sanders, urge him to stay true even at risk of destruction and bear witness.



I haven't even read this article yet but is that a great title or what? Lol


I think this was a great article too. He's right ... She would... Starting with calling him a socialist no doubt! The sad thing is that Hillary is mesmerized or fixated by a world view that she thinks must follow a certain path that includes more USA military power and the further advancement of corporate rule.

I still love that title too lol.


Anybody who doesn't understand what UnclePo means by being "briefed" needs to watch the 1972 award winning movie THE GODFATHER, and the sequel if the first one isn't clear enough.


Re overthrowing govts: excellent piece by Andrew Bacevich in May Harper's.


The amerikan people don't give a damn about war. Just as long as they don't have any skin in the game. But the amerikan people still haven't come to grips with a society that offers nothing but part time jobs with no benefits, and no chance of a college education without being loaded up with a lifetime of debt.
And as far as these wars go, who benefits? What do the amerikan people get out of these wars, except dead kids and lost hopes and dreams. The only people who benefit from amerikan wars are families like Bill and Hillary Clinton and Marc and Chelsea Mezvinsky, Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein, Diane Feinstein and her husband.
Amerikans, morons extraordinaire!


Good insights, Mr. Leopold.

On this:

"But the foreign policy establishment and Team Hillary warn that Sanders is naive. Once in office he will have no choice but to defend, and thereby project, American power around the world. That is the responsibility of the world’s superpower. He will be drawn into the long war against terrorism, just like Obama."

There is a huge distinction that hopefully would separate Mr. Sanders from the past Presidential pattern. Since W.W. II, the only "American power" being protected and/or projected around the world has been that used to protect U.S. corporations.

Since most of these corporations are charging usurious rates for their products, and in most cases underpaying workers while too often leaving pollution or toxic residues behind; they can hardly be held up as good for American citizens, by and large.

The Military's function is to protect corporate power and profits (while sustaining its own lucrative financial cash flow); and Mr. Sanders--unlike every other candidate (apart from Jill Stein who has zero visibility) --makes that distinction.

When a candidate is not tethered to or pressured by corporate oligarchs, VERY different decisions--which is to say ones that would be actually beneficial to U.S. citizens--can be pursued.

This conflation of the Citizenry and/or America/Americans with a number of massively influential industries deliberately distorts the truth.

WE are not G.E.
WE are not Monsanto
WE are not the big banks
We are not McDonnell Douglas/Raytheon/Dynacorps
WE are not At & T
WE are not Walmart


Of course persons ranging from John Perkins to Smedly Butler have done their best to expose that truth.


Hell, Hillary, the CIA and who knows all, would "overthrow" a Sanders presidency.


we are here :O) and i must admit, there's a good, base crowd over at daily kos, too, for now, if you ever need more bernie than you can get at CD in a day. (actually too much for me, i'm a wee bit addicted to all this.)

Feelin' the Bern! Go NY!


Yep. JFK knew he was putting his life on the line. Perhaps because he was a soldier, it didn't seem foreign to him. Laying it on the line for his country.

I don't know that that would happen again, though. Geez, I hope not. Because i'm counting on Bernie.


Bernie just has to make sure that anytime he gets into an Aircraft as president of the United States of America, that Ms Clinton on the same flight and hey, be extra generous and bring one of the Bush Clan along.