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Would Jeffrey Sterling Be in Prison If He Were White?


Would Jeffrey Sterling Be in Prison If He Were White?

Norman Solomon

Last week CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling went to prison. If he were white, he probably wouldn’t be there.

Sterling was one of the CIA’s few African-American case officers, and he became the first to file a racial discrimination lawsuit against the agency. That happened shortly before the CIA fired him in late 2001. The official in Langley who did the firing face-to-face was John Brennan, now the CIA’s director and a close adviser to President Obama.


Norman Solomon is not affiliated with Media Matters, my mistake.


Totally false comment. The reader didn’t bother to check facts. Has an organization I’m associated with – FAIR – confused with Media Matters. I’ve never had the slightest affiliation with Media Matters.
– Norman Solomon


The commenter who wrote that Media Matters is my organization made a 100 percent false statement. I’ve never had any affiliation with Media Matters.
– Norman Solomon


OK thanks for that clarification. I stand corrected.


So I hope you will add a correction on the post of your false statement. Will you?


Indeed I will, my apologies Mr. Solomon.


You are the site’s current king of bull shit.

Obviously others are persecuted since Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou, and Edward Snowden are white.

The point is that in this particular case, racism IS a factor.

Why would YOU play that down? There’s not enough indications of police brutality and govt. authority showing hostility towards Black citizens for you?