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Would You Trust Henry Kissinger with Your Social Security?


Would You Trust Henry Kissinger with Your Social Security?

Richard Eskow

Years ago a political scientist said that the mass media can’t influence what people think, but it can influence what people think about. Today it does both. If you’re a billionaire who wants to manipulate public opinion, that means you’ll keep feeding it stories that serve your ideology and self-interest.


Kraken, so again I ask you. Is Henry Kissinger a war criminal? Is Hillary Clinton a friend, admirer, and defender of Henry Kissinger?

Here, Hillary cavorts with personal friend, and War Criminal Henry Kissinger. From this War Criminal, Hillary receives the “Freedom Award”. The type of “freedom” as in, Operation Iraqi Freedom.

What do you think Kraken? No critique of this close relationship? Wait, I’m a misogynist right?


From the article:

"The group’s mantra is a statement that retired Admiral Mike Mullen first made when he was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

“The single biggest threat to our national security is our debt.”

“That’s a surprisingly bold and naive proclamation, especially from someone of Mullen’s stature. It takes a lot of imagination, and some highly implausible assumptions, to believe that our national security is really endangered by federal deficits.”

This is very interesting and could be used in a most strategic manner.


If Mullen and his pals really think the debt is the greatest security threat, let them scale back on the gargantuan military budget to ADDRESS that debt, rather than parade around the world like physically mature 11-year old children whose only interest is making deadly weapons blast off in lethal war games.

After all, if $500 billion poured annually into just the visible part of the MIC is not doing anything for that National Security Threat, by golly, stop the hemorrhaging of all those funds!

There. It’s a two-fer: Tame the make-war state and stop bleeding the treasury to endless debt.

Good article, Mr. Eskow. This is a great metaphor:

“The bubble speaks with the voice of false authority. It’s a floating oracle with the soul of a confidence man.”


How to retire the national debt safely:

  1. Create a “Credit Assurance Bureau” at the US Treasury to take custody of the debt, and guide asset distribution through local committees.

  2. Each State Treasury creates a “Credit Review Commission” to oversee the assets’ distribution for the benefit of the local economy.

  3. As the Treasury takes custody of the debt, a “Federal Credit Receipt” is created to represent the obligation.

I have presented it to both Texas Senators’ Regional Directors here in Austin (John Cornyn and Ted Cruz). They have forwarded the plan to DC. This will bring up to $1 trillion to each State. Texas could become the clearing house for the $200 trillion global debt market, as well.


I would not trust this guy to change the toilet paper roll


Here’s a link that shows (on p. 39) that the Peterson Foundation tithes to the lofty Clinton Global Initiative:

All three Clintons have spoken at events sponsored by this former Reagan hack, and the dollar amount(s) shown are likely compensation for their noble speeches.