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#WouldYouShootMeToo Hashtag Trends After Reporting Revealing Canadian Mounted Police Asked for Snipers to Target Indigenous Protesters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/22/wouldyoushootmetoo-hashtag-trends-after-reporting-revealing-canadian-mounted-police


At no time in history has there been such a groundswell of protests across the globe. Billionaires don’t want to become mere millionaires and they will stop at nothing to protect their wealth. I think now with so many people watching their every move, they may have good reason to be scared. Thank you, young people for taking the lead in the climate movement.


And where is Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s moral leadership and voice on the potential Israeli-like sniper murders of unarmed protesters?
Where is his leadership and moral compass on the cause of the protests and climate crises leadership; same place it was when he gave the green light for tar sands exploitation and pipeline expansion sabotaging climate crises efforts?
Trudeau bought the Trans Mountain pipeline from US corp Kinder-Morgan for $3.40 billion; billions that should have been used to build a new green energy sector and jobs, not kiss fossil-fuel industries ass!

Trudeau’s entire tenure has been one of utter weakness, being lap-dog for trump and craven servitude to the fossil fuel conglomerate, much like Australian PM Morrison does with their dirty coal industry; both ignoring the critical effects on climate change/global heating and the severe consequences for short-term private profits - pathetic failure of leadership and integrity!

Justin’s father Pierre would very rightly be ashamed beyond measure at this weakness and utter failures of principle and integrity!


Jay Gould once proposed that he could pay half the poor people to kill the other half. During America’s first gilded age his hypothesis held true, as may a labor uprising in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were put down with gunfire.
We are about to find out if his theory holds water in the 21st century. I have a feeling it will, as our police are now simply civilian mercenaries, armed to the teeth, jacked up on steroids, and willing to shoot anyone that speaks out against the status quo.


But life is about power and possessions…


This is the country that, until very recent, had a Nazi Sympathizer in charge of foreign policy. She is now Trudeau’s right hand girl, possible his successor. Excuse me, just had this nausea feeling …


This is what Oligarchs do and have always done throughout history; they have their minions kill people. Beat people. Steal everything or destroy it so it is unusable. Tax those under their control into permanent poverty to enrich themselves.

Doesn’t anybody read freaking history??? Call them kings or dictators or presidents or prime ministers or neoliberals or neocons or Stalinists or whatever cute label you want, but what we see is history repeating itself over and over and over. These people NEVER learn any lessons except how better to grind others under their heels while hiring people to think of strategies for getting away with it. Power demands more power, and it is intoxicating.

Is the insanity shown by the cops in this article genetic?

It’s no different now than it was twelve thousand years ago, the last Ice Age. Our species are STILL emotionally at cave man level and react as such. Ignorant superstitious violent barbarians. Fight Flight or Freeze. We put a thin veneer over the top and pretend only ‘bad’ people do bad things but we are blinding ourselves to the ugly reality of our own history.

But then who wants to get that depressed reading the reality? Ruins your whole day because accurate history isn’t exactly uplifting to the spirit… what’s on tv? Let’s zone out…

Ah hell. We know who always floats to the top of this historical toilet bowl of ruling elite. Nothing but the WORST examples of our species. Always!

I swear it’s a freaking curse. That what the history of our species shows, we just don’t learn. Ten thousand years since the Ice Age and we are still doing EXACTLY the same crap to one another and the planet. WE. DON’T. LEARN.

So keep waving those signs, sign those online petitions, vote for tweedledum or tweedledee. Those in control WILL keep killing you. Me. All those they don’t care for or challenges their power. Always have.

I mean, look at Israel snipers shooting off thousands of protestors legs the last couple of years hiding behind their giant walls. WTF? What is going on in Brazil? Who is getting killed by government enforcers in Iraq? Africa. Texas.The Chile protesters? Insane government crap committed by hired thugs orchestrated by the Oligarchs that control those governments (outright or behind the scenes) and this is everywhere, all over the globe. Right out the door where we live…

Anybody have any idea just how many of the 193 or so countries are being ruled by…the wrong people? At this point I’m guessing most.

I just love ‘civilization’ don’t you? Hot tubs, expresso machines, pizza! Just don’t look at what’s underneath and you can ‘Have a Nice Day.’

Big sigh. Some days I think I should have stayed in bed. But it’s Winter Solstice and that’s one holiday I really do like.



Thank you Canadian red dicks, you’re also emboldening the Zionist Jews I’m to loot plunder massacre and torture the indigenous Palestinians.

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Not Sergeant Preston, not even Dudley Do-Right. Remember how insulted the RCMP was about being portrayed in a cartoon as bumbling idiots? Good times.

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If i point out these things you mentioned i am more often than not called negative. Or i get “i dont want to see/hear any more”.

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When an entire culture refuses to believe that it has anything to do with what is occurring, it cannot do anything about what is occurring.


AND, we are unable to control police actions directed by an undemocratic state! We are forbidden to bring militarism under democratic control and accountability.

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There IS something deranged about cops in general, not all. Watch almost any youtube video. One man gone to ground is treated like the Incredible Hulk, with wings perhaps.
As many as a dozen or more converge like ants on a picnic table desert.
Your guess is as good as mine as to why this occurs other than insane training, or a mob mentality.
And that’s for just the UNARMED ones.

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The typo, ‘he’ is the real answer. Long before capitalism, the patriarchal death cult was there. That is who is in charge and why society is like it is.

Hi Tom,

No, the problem is exerbated by Class War, and Edmundo’s free-for-all militarism. and 4thefuture’s words on the patriarchal death cultism.

The bottom line is genetic, evolution at its worst, the Amgydala(sp?) in our brain. That damned thing was a wonderful adaptation to fighting off Sabertooth Tigers and knowing when to run from the absolutely gigantic Cave Bears, but is worst that useless in how it reacts to what we are facing now.

Fight, Flight, or Freeze. The cops are obviously (at least it seems that way) stuck in the first mode of functioning hence the constant extreme violence and aggression towards anything they PERCEIVE to be a threat. Or want to be a threat. Or they want to beat up for fun. Which, to that very old part of your brain the Amgydala, seems to be practically anything at all.

It causes people to react to people who to say Trump is a f&&*ing lunatic and so is Hillary the same way that if a Cave Bear was charging them. No difference at all.

The little piece of brain shuts off all cognitive thought! Nada, nothing, zippo on being able to think. Your bloodstream is flooded with chemicals that get you instantly ready to fight or die. That’s the damn problem!

So yeah, Tom, it is all of us because that is in all of our brains.
We have not evolved quickly enough! Nothing as quick as the Native Americans who went from short flat-faced Chinese to the bodies they inhabit now in 14,000 years, what a change! But I guess brains take a lot more time to get rid of, shall we say?, undesirable parts.

Like wisdom teeth and the appendix, this, too has mostly outlived its usefulness. Unless Cave Bears come back or we get invaded by Martians…

Case in point, here’s that brain part in full operation in India:

wingsofadove: yeah, me, too, all the time. Welcome to being an oddity. I make it worse because I’m the only person I know who doesn’t watch tv (haven’t since 1993). And the only person I know who has never had a cell phone. I’m nearly the only person I know who still has a library card for that matter.

Being correct (never use the word ‘right’) doesn’t mean that anybody is going to like you for it. The few that do…are jewels so cherish them in your life!


No Tom, the ‘starting point’ is genetics, what lies beneath all the thought up stuff we’ve piled on top. You disappear those ‘complexities’ of social development and what do you end up with?

We spent 200,000 years as hunter/foragers and the last 9,000 or so piling your enormous amount of complexities (Empires!) on top of our evolved behavior patterns and this is what we end up with; the edge of the precipice of our own making staring us in the face; a destroyed environment, a collapsing climate, and a species population that has so far outstripped the ability of the planet to support us that we face if not extinction an absolutely mind-boggling culling! But we are still dealing with the world and each other as cavemen reacting with the Amgydala at the forefront of everything we do.

Strip away all those human-invented complexities and what do you have left? Our animal evolutionary genetics.

The RCMP in this article most certainly are reacting this way. We won’t go into Trump’s Amygdala…not much complexity there I would guess!