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Wounded Knee: To Mend the Hoop

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/12/29/wounded-knee-mend-hoop


If you have not read Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee, FORCE YOURSELF

Like stories and pictures of the Holocaust, the Heart must Take In the Magnitude of the Violence
In Order to Heal

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse is Equally Devastating to the Heart
Too Much to Take In

Still We Must Overcome. Haaland will get it Done


Was the story of the rifle going off made up?

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Well there have always been different accounts, some say the person was deaf or otherwise did not understand the instruction to forfeit his rifle. Clearly it is something that is still remembered. Genocide, didn’t stop with this event, it has been practiced in U.S. for a long time and in some cases institutionalized. Unmarked graves have replaced some of the other practices. It isn’t just a matter of color, it goes much deeper.

Black elk, a survivor although he was very young gives his opinion, although it is translated from his native language, still quite meaningful.


Besides Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, I would recommend An Indigenous People’s History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. Then there’s the graphic history book A People’s History of American Empire by Howard Zinn. The illustrations of the many genocidal wars the US has fought over the past 240 some years are bloody and dreadful. We’re truly a blood-thirsty lot, eh?
That’s why, when it all goes pear-shaped, I have no doubt whoever is President will happily call out the US military to put down our own citizens. It’s been done before in our history, and will again. Count on it.


This was in a country where, also at the time, Americans would load an old ship with live animals of all kinds, set it on fire, and watch it go over Niagara Falls—for “entertainment.”


Whenever I come across this travesty I can’t help but remember some of my own ancestors (maternal, matrilineal only) and the untold numbers of Trails Of Tears. This and the ongoing oppression of the First Nation peoples and the descendants of Africa. We have more reasons than not to walk away from this horrible system of racism and exploitation.


Add any of Ward Churchill’s books along with Vine Deloria… I especially appreciated John Fire Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions.


My own go to book on this is Facing West, The Metaphysics of Indian Hating and Empire building by Richard Drinnon. It covers the racism that occurred and how it became integral to the “character” of the United States of America , starting when the first Pilgrims got off those Boats. This then was followed by all those wars abroad for much the same reasons. Build the Empire , use racism to get there.


That book should be required reading in all US schools.


I grew up when it was a common thing to see on tv, cowboys and indians, with the cowboys always the brave and civilized heroes and the indians always the evil savages, deserving of annihilation. We “pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…one nation, UNDER GOD, with liberty and justice for all”. As an American, I felt pride at America’s exceptionalism and glorious history, even as countless people reminded me that, as an Asian American, I was not quite an American enough. Still, I always felt a discomfort, even as a child, at the depiction of Indians as always bad. Fast forward to today and there are still many people who would argue that the football team, the Washington Redskins, should not have to change their name. “Its just a word” they say and means no bad will. They are hopelessly ignorant about our history and the consequences of evil denied. Perish the thought that such a history should inconvenience them into having to rename a sports team.


Excellent! Ward Churchill is one of my favorite authors.


As soon as there is a citizens movement that has enough political power to threaten the billions of $$$$$ of wealth of the economic, elite…WE CAN COUNT ON IT!


the cathalic/protestant institutes fueled this unjust treatment of native peoples all over the world.
“The Doctrine of Discovery” is the banner that all white explorers followed. This decree gave white europeans the right to murder, steal, torture


I have read them ,great books, important books.

They must be on the school curriculum for every child.
“What you memorize you memorialise.”

They tried to eradicate a culture ,assimilate it claiming superiority claiming dominion which they interpreted from the Bible to mean domination over nature, people and places.
The Doctrine of Discovery is an example of this understanding.( As Joey mentioned above.)
It’s all an illusion fallacies myths .It continues with Greed and Violence.This mindset will end us all .
The indigenous peoples had a name for it ,they called it Wetiko…a disease and sickness of the mind.

You know superiority is an illusion when those who claim superiority act in inferior ways.

For another way ,a great book is Communion With God…The Ten Illusions Of Humams.

Ours is another way not a better way .
We Are All One .

Humanity’s Team


Wounded Knee 2. As drumpf pardons crony criminals, blackwater murderers, etc. Leonard Peltier still sits in prison. In 1986, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals acknowledged the fabrication of evidence, withholding of exculpatory evidence, coercion of witnesses, improper conduct by the FBI and willful illegality on the part of the government - that put him behind bars. Deb Haaland, our new Sec. of the Interior (and rep Raúl Grijalva) asked for a grant of clemency and his release back in April. Hopefully she can persuade Biden to act. Peltier’s continued imprisonment is certainly one of the lower moments in American justice.


RIP: Hank Adams, 77. Passed on Solstice Day, December 21, 2020, at St. Peter’s hospital in Olympia, WA. Mark Trahant, “Indian Country Today.”

Noted below, FYI: Hank Adams passed away at age 77, on 12/21/2020 at St. Peter’s Hospital, Olympia, WA.

Along with “Lies My Teachers Told Me.”

Because of this thread,
I watched, “Little Big Man” today, for the first time since childhood.

Tomorrow I will watch, A Man Called Horse.
(maybe, I will flip a coin, seems to get some criticism)

I bought Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee also, Thanks.

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