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Wow. Americans Really, Really Don't Like Trump or Clinton


I wouldn't be surprised that 76% of Democrats would choose her over Trump...but it's hard for me to believe that

That's certainly not the impression I get around my circles nor on the 'net.
And then there are those troublesome independents- an altogether different story.


I agree with you, Dede.

To podmanic: Please list The Top Ten "incredible" accomplishments by Hillary Clinton that have helped the common people of the U.S. -- and that helped the common people of other nations -- and that helped other species in the natural world.

Please note: Hillary Clinton's many evasions of being found guilty for her illegal and unethical misbehavior do not count for your list of her "incredible accomplishments," OK?


That's such a dishonest spin from the Hillary echo-chambers. For the 100th time, progressives have criticized her rightfully for her neoliberal policies and actions, from time in the WH to her term in the Senate to stint of SOS; and on issues such as her role in ensuring that single-payer was never on the Democrats' table for health care reform, her close ties to Wall St (both taking and giving), her pushing of fracking around the globe, her pushing of unfair / democracy-threatening trade deals crafted in the back rooms by corporate lawyers & lobbyists, her unbalanced views on the Middle East and her hawkishness in general, and much more. Not a damn one of those criticisms have ever been raised by the right wing; though Trump (not considered as such) has now begun leveraging the TPP issue on which HRC and the DP establishment have given him the high ground.
And this is not to say anything about Trump, who of course is despised as well. That's the point of the article (and others)...that this has become an ugliness pageant. The Dems are blowing it by picking such a disliked candidate and thereby ensuring depressed voter turnout and making a slam-dunk into a crapshoot.


After voting for President Obama over Hillary Clinton, I have been impressed with the hard work his team, including Hillary Clinton put in over the past 7 years. They have accomplished so many good things and led with a grace and intelligent manner that has been better for most of Americans.

I am pleased to support Hillary Clinton to continue this path of domestic growth and betterment, while working globally to make a difference.

Furthermore, I like her. Tell me one person who has had to deal with such a negative narrative for the past 20+ years. A narrative developed by the 1% and the extreme right wing to personally batter a strong woman who gets things done that help people.

Nothing is completely one extreme or another, just like no one is perfect. But I like what Hillary has done over the years to make a difference, and know she can continue our country and world on the right path.

It's up to progressive, independents, and caring Americans to stand with her so that happens.


Isn't it just so Clinton, that to give her an edge in the favorable/unfavorable balance her totals had to be brought to 101%. With all media against him Trump is a little behind. Now the focus will turn more intensely toward Hillary. As more people catch the clue about her actions with the appearance of abject corruptness, that's not going to improve Hillary's standing. Can you imagine putting a dilettante on a secret nuclear advisory committee because, after giving millions of dollars to the Clinton foundation, campaign, and pac, he thought it would be a gas.


Do you like President Obama?


thanks for letting me know.

I just had this article come across my facebook and was hoping to get some peace moving through the people in this election.

there's a reason I rarely post on message boards.

Happy Fourth.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but progressives and independents are not going to stand with her. But you may be shocked, because you actually believe that she " will continue our country on the right path".

Just out of curiosity, what aspects of her path is it that appeals to you? The one that further locks in the role of concentrated capital in health care decisions, in undermining our nation's (and others') ability to adopt regulations? (ref. TPP - ISDS provisions)? The one that has been responsible for global climate destabilization via fossil fuel supports (ref. fracking promotion)? The one that has continued the growth of the wealth and income gap and overall concentration of both that and wealth within a super-elite? The invasion of other nations based on already debunked claims of WMD, and the expansion of a permanent state of war?

Which of those do you like most?

Please, pinch yourself and wake yourself up from the dream-world you apparently live in. I mean, it's fine to choose her because you think it's time for a woman (though Margaret Thatcher so well demonstrated that gender should NEVER be the basis for voting); or that you empathize with her for having had to put up with such a prick of a husband. But please... if you're really interested in the path forward, do a little reading and thinking about what that means.


Guess I do. But I do know she rebuilt international relations for the Obama Administration after the Bush years. How about working hard to get the Iran nuclear deal in place? Or her work in the Senate to support children health research? Helped lead the charge to push for equal pay for women. A strong role in taking out Osama Bin Laden and other extremist enemies. Pushing for national health care as first lady.

What do you realistically have to offer?


Finally, I know the world has been a better place when Pres Clinton and Pres Obama have been in office -- mainly for my kids.

That's what I want to see continue.


That's completely false. As first lady & chair of Clinton's healh care reform task force, she stacked the deck against national health care; ensuring that single payer /Medicare for all (which would be national health care) were never on the table and that Insurance companies driver-seat role would be further reinforced. And didn't support single payer at any point along the way.


I understand your feeling that the last 2 Democratic Presidents have been preferential to the GOP alternatives. Very likely, they were better in most regards. But I recommend a well-written piece on the net effect of this kind of choice: Against Fortress Liberalism | Jacobin https://www.jacobinmag.com/2016/04/bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-dnc-primary-moderates/ .
The problem I have is that for 44 years I've been making such choices. And today humanity and most of our fellow beings are faced with numerous catastrophes of our making, as the global climate continues to be further destabilized; while ecological equibrium is upset on several other fronts simultaneously (some argue we've launched the globe's 6th great extinction cascade). As a result of NAFTA (look up "Investor-State") democracy itself is being "traded" away to corporations who now have the ability to sue our nation or any other to overturn legislation based on potential loss of anticipated profits. Concentrated capital has gained more and more control over both electoral politics and policy formation. The wealth & income gap is at a once-inconceivable level. and so on.

All of that has been the result of the lesser-evils game and fortress liberalism or "incrementalism".
If that's the example of the better world you wish for your kids, I lament their fate.
It's exactly because I feel a responsibility to the succeeding generations that I will no longer be an enabler for that system.


I say name just one of Hillary's top accomplishments in her "incredible history of accomplishments." One.


Why did you leave out the name of the people's choice? MSM journalist??


The Martians have landed. Lol. My sides are aching. What world did you come from?


Didn't she spout macho bullshit about how she'd "obliterate" Iran in the event of non-compliance?

What a nincompoop.


I would love to see a completely documented list of Hillary's accomplishment. (At least progressive accomplishments, not the same old tired and generally untrue references to her "support" of identity politics.


The media played Donald Trump 24/7, and I guess that brainwashed someone to vote for him in the primary. Then Hillary pretty much openly cheated Bernie Sanders out of his nomination, and we are supposed to unite behind the cheating oligarch. Donald is probably playing bogeyman to get Hillary into office. What a complete farce! Of course no one wants these people. We have some real problems like climate change, exploding student debt, and banksters still running around free to have to fraudster criminals running the country.


Choose love, choose peace, make a difference in your neighborhood, join others in positive activities.

That will help.


Ok. You win. I won't vote. Enjoy president Trump. I'll be in Montreal. Au Revoire