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'Wow, Just Wow': Jaws Drop Over Trump Endorsement of Doctor Who Believes Masks Don't Work, a Covid-19 Cure Exists, and Some Interesting Things About Alien DNA

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/29/wow-just-wow-jaws-drop-over-trump-endorsement-doctor-who-believes-masks-dont-work

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My primary avenue of sex is, in fact, through my dreams with demons and witches and I’m in perfect health so she’s wrong on that account! Lmao


And when I was treated with alien DNA it didn’t help at all!


Immanuel is a member of a group called “America’s Frontline Doctors,” a coalition of doctors and other professionals who are spreading misinformation about the coronavirus.

This is what I don’t understand. To what end are they doing this? Or are they simply coo coo for coco puffs (most likely explanation) Whatever the case, they are dangerous and should be institutionalized, not praised on national tv by the effing president.


Ease up on the crack rock, Doc Immanuel :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl:


I knew trump would be horrific but will admit that I was not fully prepared for the level of pathology, the new horrors that we witness every day.

Tragically his (and his enabler’s) actions are resulting in the deaths of humans, ecosystems, literally affecting all life on earth if you take into account his environmental rollbacks and new assaults.

With that said, look what we’ve got coming up!

Debates with Biden and DT!

Can you imagine?

Biden has been handled carefully since his “campaign” (what campaign? how did this happen?) began.

Will he have an earpiece? Cue cards? Teleprompter?

This is what the u.s. is offering up for top “leadership” of President and “Commander in Chief” (horrible title!)

How much more of the mask needs to come off for all to see how utterly sick this country is?

Everyday I wake up and it feels like I had a nightmare that DT and Biden are the candidates then of course fully wake up to the reality . . had to get a heavy duty mouthguard as I’ve been grinding (and cracking) my teeth at night!

I know I said none of this is funny anymore but CD’s commenters are pretty darn funny, laughing in spite of the horror of it all.


This so-called doctor (and her group) is a complete nutter and a carny huckster, like the ‘plant a seed’ televangelist thief taking advantage of idiots. The ‘doc’ is doing her thing to steal money from people perhaps even more ignorant and mental than she is - and that brings us to ‘the donald’ - that ignorant asshat who is the current face of the destruction of the American republic to benefit a minority of parasites and extremist greed-driven thieves who make billions from all crises, now presided-over by trump & co, on a foundation built by sellout politicians of both parties, some of whom have a more nuanced and less overtly mental scam than the Cameroonian alien DNA “witch doctor” but are still in it for themselves and greedy client groups.

Ya just cannot make this shite up!



Thoughts on alien DNA: How could I have been so stupid! She hates me now and when an alien hates you it’s even worse if that’s even possible. Am I part alien now? If they see me eating blorx for lunch are they going to make fun of me?

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It just gets more incredulous:


She should be struck off the list.

I make it a point to watch Trump’s daily briefings. Pure. Comedy. Gold.

I can not think of a single person elected to high office of virtually any country on this globe in history , that are as ignorant as Donald Trump. The guy is a loon.

This does not speak well of the 60 million who voted for him, or for that matter of Hilary Clinton who lost to him.


America has had four Great Awakenings where truly idiotic religious sects came to power. And then they went to Africa mostly to spread their anti-science, pro-weirdness. Think of Uganda.
For some reason, we’re susceptible to snake oil salesmen, hucksters, and Exceptionalism. Kurt Andersen’s book Fantasyland goes into details. The one that had me shaking my head are the members of the Disney cult who live in a town named Celebration.

Close encounters of the insane kind.

It’s worth noting that the European Union just spent $73.9 million for enough remdesivir to treat 30,000 patients. That’s $2463 per patient and that’s the wholesale negotiated rate. It would be wonderful if such a thing could happen, that scientists could come up with an unpatented generic drug that worked better than the placebo.

Your jaws will drop in real time after you read the following information based on my own experience, necessary research I have been doing, and now backed up by findings published by the government.
This requires from me to share with you personal medical information and I don’t mind doing this if in the long run it may help all of us:
Of all people I should be one to have acquired the SARS-CoV-2 virus by now and despite weekly testing it isn’t happening. I am a immuno depressed person having lived for the past fourteen years with the HIVirus, on ART meds regimen, undetectable viral load, CD4 count lab tests hovering around 400. I have not even had a cold in all these years but am dealing with underlying health issues caused by anti-retroviral drugs.
We all have learned lately that promising research is conducted on some HIV meds as a possible treatment/cure for COVID-19. Not being a medical professional but from my personal experience I can only support this research because I think that the sole reason for this old man not contracting SARS-CoV-2 is the ongoing ART.
Including a two week hospital stay unrelated to COVID-19 and now spending time in a nursing facility for recovery there was ample opportunity for me to contract SARS-CoV-2. On my floor alone were more than 20 patients and staff who contracted the virus within the past two weeks.

I keep approaching doctors with my ‘theory’ as explained above and unfortunately it seems to fall on deaf ears. I have also tried to become part of research studies but have not been accepted yet because there were plenty of volunteers.
I suspect there is a high possibility my system has produced SARS antibodies the medical community so desperately is looking for.
The following link will give you some insight into the matter described by me. In the mean time you may want to approach your doctor on prescribing PrEP (Truvada, an HIV preventative medication). I hope your plan covers it.



I suspect Biden’s vice president and white house staff will be making most of the decisions if he is elected. They’ll just bring him out to do carefully prompted and short speeches every now and again. This is why we need him to pick Elizabeth Warren as VP rather than a warmongering fool like Susan Rice or Kamala Harris. Unfortunately it looks like Biden is picking his VP based on the color of their skin and gender rather than their qualifications in his effort to ride the Black Lives Matter and Me Too movements into the White House, so we will probably end up with four more years of constant war and out of control defense spending.

Of course trump will continue his march to fascist authoritarianism if re-elected, so take your pick.


“To what end are they doing this?”

My guess would be, for the love of money.

Why, if this woman is a certified physician, has her license not revoked?
Others have lost theirs for less.



I agree with all of your post.
While it looks like he is going to pick Harris it will still sting when it is announced next week to hear or read the words. I guess that goes to show I’ve still got denial issues.

Thankfully we have this place to discuss, vent, analyze and share our common disappointment/anger/grief over this---- what seems to be----- tragic predicament that is the u.s. greed based, capitalist, driven system that is devoid of empathy, compassion and wisdom.

I can’t think of anyone that Biden (his handlers) would (operative word—“would”) pick for VP that would not make me feel ill given how much we need wise, strong, leadership that is based in compassion. We are in the midst of a catastrophic, fast paced trajectory as a country and globally. And the u.s. has vomited up DT and Biden to lead this country at this moment in time.

What words can accurately reflect how insane this is? I know, I know, it’s (the u.s.) has always been insane and cruel. But it seems we’re reaching the pinnacle of a malignant system that is the u.s.

Let’s face it, whoever he picks will most likely be president----can’t imagine Biden making it 4 years. (I won’t go off on a rant about what’s happening in the arctic and how that will affect the next 4 years!).


Very interesting Harry. Just out of curiosity i looked up truvada and bizarrely walmart sell it for $1865. Or a generic made in india was selling for $1.66 per tablet. (720) So unless ins covers it, it’s pretty expensive. Also i read before taking it you must be hiv negative.
Thanks for sharing all that and a disappointment to be ignored by the doctors. The linked article was too medically complicated for me, but i got the gist. Keep well.

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Thanks, wings. Yes, HIV meds are still outrageously expensive due to the greed of the PIC. I have no experience with the ones made in India but they may be worth a try. I am not so sure about a person having to be HIV neg for the meds to take effect. I started ART with high viral load and have continuously been undetectable.
The essence of the medical article/link is that research shows that there is indeed a correlation between SARS-CoV-2 and HIV.