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Wrecking America: How Trump’s Lawbreaking and Lies Betray All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/22/wrecking-america-how-trumps-lawbreaking-and-lies-betray-all


All that you say about Trump is accurate, BUT

Obama and Biden are responsible for the destruction of numerous other governments and

both helped brutally slaughter many thousands of people.

Trump and Biden are perverse predators and I would have little problem with both of them (and

many of their associates) receiving life sentences to prevent their murderous schemes.


The thing is when you talk to your neighbors or family about the list of issues with Trump, that Ralph brings up, they don’t believe any of them, calling it fake news. Being good at the one thing he’s good at, conning people, Trump knew exactly the right way to manipulate his supporters.


Eric Hoffer’s (1951) The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements pretty well describes @ReconFire’s point and how Trumpism came to take root in this country and to a degree in other parts of the world. It won’t simply dissipate with the electoral defeat of Trump that I hope to see in twelve days. It is at stage 3 metastasis and needs to be aggressively addressed. I expect violence if the election goes as I hope. The stochastic-terrorist-in-chief as all but guaranteed it with his rhetoric. I sincerely hope that he will be held to account for such.


Trumpism is NOT a movement, it is a cult that is fully enabled by the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP. Goebbels and the GOP understood that organized religion recruits and retains followers by getting them emotionally invested, hence both the Nazis and the GOP successfully adopted that strategy.

Abandoning an emotional investment is more difficult than abandoning a financial investment, therefore detaching cult members from their cult is near impossible. When I worked in Germany in 1975 a significant minority of Germans still had no problem with anything Hitler did, EXCEPT losing WWII, despite Hitler having died three decades earlier. They never left the cult.

All the evidence in the world means nothing to cult members who will defend their cult leader and their commitment to the cult to the end.


My thoughts about a strategic goal tied a thread between multiple crisis, Covid-19 among them as no less nor more pertinent than healthcare systems, impending environmental collapse, police brutality, vigilante extremism, racism, hypocrisy, political theater, you name it. The BLM justice movement is tied to these other concerns which in addressing all, furthers the cause of each.

My cause has long been the health of our environment, the preservation of plants and animals, its waterways and atmosphere inhaled in every breath. Air pollution nears the top of my list behind sources of pollution, industrial activities that pollute, wasteful consumption among the well off while most people get by with less and not enough.

Following weeks of the Covid-19 lockdown, the skies were remarkably clear. The world let us view its celebration of life with less traffic, absent ubiquitous streaks of jetliner trails. Barely a week or two passed before our skies were polluted again like normal. That word ‘normal’ led me to claim, “We can’t go back to business as usual” nor back to our ‘normal’ acceptance of dire pollution that occurs with modern living standards.

In my opinion, the most polluting modern device is the automobile. This is not a claim I make lightly.
If say, we’re no long able to drive even 1/3 today’s average distances, would we be able to fly? Would restrictions placed upon trucking and shipping follow or occur first? Is Amazon wrong to devote mountains of battery resources to electric trucks for global trade? Is Google wrong to mislead everyone with their “driverless” car nonsense? If it were safely possible (it isn’t) would it actually do more harm than good? YES?

This thread of the multiple crisis we must face to me highlights an imploding planetary ecosystem humanity is trampling to death. Those filthy rich whose motto is “He who dies with the most money, wins” have their reclusive estates to retreat to while the rest of us choke on our own pollution.


Pray tell, Mr. Nader: So why is he still in office, let alone eligible for re-election?

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Agreed that 45’s expertise in conning people is amazing.

I do appreciate Nader’s attempts to reach those on the other side of the political system – and I think some of the issues he raises actually do get through.

Lots of Republicans in my extended family, so I know the challenge, but heck – are we just going to roll over and play dead??!


check out DR. STEVE HASSAN who’s on YouTuibe radio shows talking about how Trumpers are CULT-members & different ways to try to respond to them. Problem is BEYOND even just Trump: the right-wing propaganda media–talk radio for 35 years followed by FOX TV & online publications–have effectively BRAINWASHED a big segment of our country when it comes to BASIC FACTS. Americans no longer share a consensus reality on lots of issues. Just getting Trump OUT is only Step I: the GOP is just as horrible–& too often the Democrats have created conditions w/their FAILED “rising tides lift all boats” when its YAHTS rising fasted-- that made Trump possible. It’s SO overdue for far MORE people to get ACTIVE. Do NOT fall back asleep after Biden wins–PUSH him & Democrats to actually take on the real problems that led to Trump.


Trump is still in office because REPUBLICAN SENATORS REFUSED to hold him accountable & sign off on impeachment. Hoping a LOT of them are VOTED OUT along with Covid Donald


Until they lost their majority in 2019 Republican House members, like the Senate were also enabling Trump and the GOP’s fascist agenda as much as the Senate continues to.

Every GOP House member voted to retain Trump after he was impeached.

8645 on 110320


I don’t see how voting them out will make a difference, policy-wise. There’s no evidence to assume that their replacements would act differently. The present crop has proven itself just as seditious as DT, and they too are getting away with it.

In mine too! But I find it impossible to have a cogent conversation with them and I do not want to play dead with them. But still have not figured any way to reach them…any ideas? Their supercilious attitude is a real challenge.


No I’m not suggesting we “roll over and play dead”, but like @Shantiananda, it becomes exhausting trying to make sense with people (my own family) who refuse to believe any facts because they have been told by a professional liar that those facts are untrue. I’m open to any suggestions that will bring them back from never, never land.

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I can EMPATHIZE with your exhaustion, because so many of my relatives ( who are nice people) love Trump and believe he can do no wrong. It is beyond Trump conning them, it is more like Trump has his Bible Trumpers…HYPNOTIZED! Since Trump reads Mein Kampf he seems to have learned from Hitler how to hypnotize and brainwash his acolytes who make up his voting base.


To Shantiananda and ReconFire – and others with GOP family.

It definitely is not easy – and with some of the most abrasive ones I generally avoid initiating political discussions. If I initiate a topic, I talk with about issues of common interest, if possible – like my retired sister who relies on Social Security survivor payments.

Sometimes it goes to the edge as when I told my dad, step-mom, a brother and sister-in-law, when they were condemning athletes that were taking a knee for Black lives, that I supported them. My step-mom, who with my dad listens to Fox news-programs (for which I refuse to say “news”) was appalled that I didn’t support the flag above Black lives and I thought I was going to need to turn around and drive back the seven and a half hours I’d traveled to visit with them. Luckily another sister came over to visit and after we talked about innocuous things for about an hour and a half, my step-mom calmed down enough that I could stay.

Another time, I sent an email to family about the post-office, thinking this might be safe ground as two family members retired from there, but my most conservative sister-in-law immediately responded to all of us that it was “fake news from 2012.” In this case, I decided to try to do some background research into sources she might believe. I found a quarterly report from the Post Office that said the post office was in financial danger, quoted it, provided a link to that document and also said that the unions believed the financial danger was true and sent it back to everyone. The conservative sister-in-law (who was one of those who had worked at the post-office!) responded – this time privately to me – with a link to a conservative business journal that confirmed what I had said. Then she said that she didn’t think it would affect her and my brother very much since they paid all their bills electronically. I didn’t respond to her asking how a take-over might affect my brother’s pension, but just let it drop for the time being – and only later on, in another email to my brother about other matters privately mentioned my concern for his pension.

Suggestions – to the extent I’ve been able to get through, it works best if we can find some common ground. Patience helps. When there doesn’t seem to be any common ground, I try to state where I stand and let it drop – only coming back later if there is an opening. I’m not so good at remembering details, but given an opportunity to research a question, I try to find sources they would recognize as legitimate – never citing sources to the left – and avoiding those from the far right.

It’s definitely not easy – and brain-washed people in my family even are essentially decent people otherwise – but as I finally realized with my GOP senators – who DO need to listen to me, if I didn’t speak out, the only people they would hear from are those who agree with them. It is more tricky if you want to keep family relationships, but at least sometimes headway can be made if you try to find common ground.

A little at a time, progress can be made. Good luck with your GOP relatives and if you have any things that have worked, I’m happy for new ideas!


Here’s a suggestion how to approach family members about the Postal Accountability Act of 2006, that laid the foundation to destroy the USPS. Inform them almost all democrats at the time, also voted for this destruction. The MAGA crowed seems to be programed to hate the left, so by including the left as part of the destruction might help you get through to them about the subject. It helped a little with my family, good luck.

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Reflecting once again on the original article and my response about talking to my family, I realize that I do something different than Nader recommends. I talk about the issues and not about Donald Trump.

From my perspective the folks that are attracted to Trump are quite similar to a person in an abusive relationship, who is overwhelmingly oblivious to the failings of the person, and who can’t be talked out of their infatuation. Only later – after the divorce, say – can they talk about the failings of that person. And, of course, even then, they aren’t receptive to “I tried to tell you so.”

So, it seems to me best, in general to focus on the issues, and let people come to their own conclusions about the person behind them!