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Writer Eduardo Galeano, Voice of Latin America's Left, Dead at 74


Writer Eduardo Galeano, Voice of Latin America's Left, Dead at 74

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Award-winning Uruguayan writer and thinker Eduardo Galeano, considered a leading voice of Latin America's left, has died at 74.

The author, who had been diagnosed with lung cancer, died in Montevideo on Monday.


First Guenter Grass and now Galeano. Are we watching the last generation of true literary giants slip away?



Very saddened to learn this. Galeano’s lucidity and compassion will be sorely missed.


“Impunity is the daughter of oblivion”

Galeano reminds me to remember how and where to look whenever the thermometer of fear momentarily reminds that the body of culture cares not about being a friend.

The only thanks that even begin to celebrate a heart and mind like Galeano is to take in the nutrient and offer it always.

Eduardo Galeano Presente!



And far worse, there is utterly nobody even close to taking their place…


Those who write truths that speak to people never truly die. His words, insights and inspiration live on and will continue to change lives.

Eduardo Galeano Presente!

Gunther Grass, Adrienne Rich and many many others as well.

And new writers with hard insights and sharp truths spring up like blades of grass though the corporate press does its best to smother them – look to the small progressive publishers and you will find them.


Terry Prachett too. This is a terrible year for the writers I love.


I, too enjoy Eduardo Galeano’s wisdom, words, and loving-kindness. He indefatigably demonstrated his caring for his fellow humans and all life. Hiis eloquence and erudition are unrivaled. He will be dearly missed!!!


A huge loss to mankind and the world of literature! Que Dios lo bendiga!

A blessing to all privileged to read his wonderful writing!