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Writing The New Rules For The 21st Century – In Secret?


Writing The New Rules For The 21st Century – In Secret?

Dave Johnson

The great Thomas “Mustache” Friedman is perhaps best known for encouraging the invasion of Iraq (and subsequent resistance insurgency, civil war, thousands of American and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths, eventually leading to the formation of ISIS – plus the trillions in costs) by saying, “What they [Muslims] needed to see was American boys and girls going house to house from Basra to Baghdad and basically saying ‘Which part of this sentence don’t you understand?’ … Well, Suck. On.


Good catch on the dubious use of items like “We,” “Us,” “Ours,” and (all) Americans:

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership – an agreement negotiated entirely of, by and for corporate representatives who represent giant, multinational corporations that don’t even pay us taxes anymore – is not an agreement on “our” terms. We the People will get nothing from a rigged process like that, no matter how much these so-called “American” corporate giants might profit from it. We won’t get better pay, we won’t get better schools or infrastructure, we will only get even more cutbacks in the things our government does to make our lives better. TPP with fast track is an agreement between the plutocrats of the various giant corporations involved, some perhaps calling themselves “American” and others not.”

Too often the narrative designed by, for, and of the Dominators is alleged to fit–like a uniform glove–over the entirety of a highly diverse (in needs, wishes, behaviors, predilections) citizenry.

Also, Thomas “Mustache” Friedman is to “free” trade what Cass Sunstein is to “free” sharing of ideas, theories, and communications, in general. These boot-lickers to the 1% (and authoritarian power structures, in general) are well-rewarded for their pathetically maimed loyalties.


Friedman is, indeed, always wrong. He’s nothing but a gigolo to billionaires.


I have been wowed by Friedman’s commentary on shows like Charlie Rose for many years, and he has had some interesting things to say about some subjects. But it has become painfully obvious that he is simply a very clever self-promoter who is severely lacking in perspective, and tragically wrong on the big subjects mentioned in this article.