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'Written for His Base and to Deflect Blame': Trump Sends Letter Threatening Permanent Freeze of US Funding to WHO

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/19/written-his-base-and-deflect-blame-trump-sends-letter-threatening-permanent-freeze

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You know, every day someone in the hierarchy of the Democratic Party should be on tv, or standing in front of reporters on Capitol Hill, and calling this the “Trump Virus.”
In politics, messaging is everything. The GOP does it every day. Has for decades. They pick a message, go over talking points, and inundated the media with a long line of pundits spouting the same propaganda. It serves two purposes. It’s keeps your base solidified and engaged. It’s classic Goebbels.
Meanwhile, at the DNC offices…zzzzz
It’s a presidential election year, and the only message we have heard from the democrats is…nothing. They seem content on hiding Joe Biden, and sending senile old Nancy out infrequently to call Trump a big fat meanie.
Just like four years ago, Trump and the Republican Party are controlling the narrative and the media cycle. And just like Goebbels used to say, when my voice is the only one you hear, mine is the only one you will believe.
Unless there is a large second wave of Covid that kills hundreds of thousands more Americans and absolutely crashes the economy, Trump will win again because the only alternative message the Democratic Party is offering at t his time is, vote for old Joe, because he’s too old, too senile and too lethargic to do any more harm. Just makes you brim with confidence, doesn’t it?


You certainly have a very valid point about the Dems not being vocal and upstaging Trump and his media thugs.

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This is pure channeling of Ron Cohn. If you have been wondering why US America has bases in 132 out of 190 UN member countries, with multiple military bases with Germany having the most, wonder no more. US Empire holding the entire world hostage to its ego needs and greed in another global crisis:add deadly SARS-Cov-2 to ecological collapse and threat of nuclear war.


The problem with democrats is that they have adopted a policy of quiet compliance, obedience even, with the right wing. Democrats in general do not challenge right wing, as a rule of thumb. Now in the case of Trump, while a minority of them may not be comfortable with it, their corporate bosses are very much on board with what Trump does, so they do not feel they can be critical.


While trump & co are busy propagandizing and firing watchdogs, among numerous other atrocities, the DINO’s are largely incapable of communicating with voters or to actually be an opposition. Instead of calling-out der trumpenfuhrer, what does nancy pelosi do? She gets on her soap-box stage worrying about trump taking hydroxychloroquine and his health!
Seriously? WTF is wrong with that idiot (and Biden and the other DINO “leaders”)? Never fail to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory - or actual principled leadership!

Of all the opportunities to reach the voters and expose trump’s crimes against the people, planet and world, pelosi focuses on the most irrelevant crap, betraying and undermining progressives and the future, being actually complicit to trumps pathology and corruption, and her own political interests - her focus does not include trying to oust/defeat orangeman. - an out of touch cow that fails at every turn; her own mental acuity is seriously in doubt! Her integrity, or lack of it, is not.

" Nancy Pelosi has led a chorus of surprise and alarm after Donald Trump said he was taking the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to ward off coronavirus."
““He’s our president, and I would rather he not be taking something that has not been approved by the scientists, especially in his age group and his, shall we say, weight group … morbidly obese, they say,” she said.”, Such a stupid obtuse person should not be herself in a position of absolute power to “counter” trumps malignant idiocy!

  • from Guardian article
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I think it was gore Vidal who said it best. There is only one political party in the USA, and it is a bird with two Right wings.
One of our local reps here in western PA is a perfect example of why we can expect nothing out of the modern Democratic Party. Conner Lamb is pro gun, pro life, pro military, and pro charter school. By any measure, he’s a Republican. Yet, he is welcomed with open arms in democratic circles because, well, he’s not as bad as the other guy.
Lesser of two evil-ism is what got us Donald Trump. Just imagine what it gets us next time.


Your right. What it may get us next time is Donald Trump again, if Biden is unable to rise to the occasion, and he sure hasn’t so far, he’s practically an absentee candidate. I feel that Sanders would have destroyed Trump with ease, once nominated, but the DNC primaries were a rigged game against him, now its anybody’s guess who wins the election.


Another of the day by day tragedies trump’s comes up with.
This is like a rapist/killer movie. We sit through an hour and a half of the (trump-like) character raping and or killing something over and over the whole time, (throughout his term), and in the end there is no justice because in a minute or two he is caught, killed, or jailed. Misery for an hour and a half and a momentary spate of revenge.

For me the writing was on the wall when Pelosi chose not to pursue court remedies for Barr and others by not using the power of her post. No Sgt. at Arms hauling them away for contempt.
They have been contemptuous ever since.