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Wrong About Iraq, Wrong About Iran


Wrong About Iraq, Wrong About Iran

Robert Greenwald

The framework agreement that the U.S. and its international partners reached with Iran that blocks Tehran's pathways to building a nuclear bomb is barely a week old, yet the usual suspects have already denounced it as a "bad deal."

Former George W. Bush administration official John Bolton called the agreement "a surrender of classic proportions," and for Bolton, war is the only answer.


“They Don’t even fear us,” mutters Rand Paul, " much less respect us."as Rand Paul jumps on the war mongers g badwagon. With a little more obfuscation so is our new Democratic leader, Senator, bought by AIPAC and war lover at heart, Chuck Schumer. To the contrary, 70 % of Ameicans want a deal. It doesn’t matter, the elites who rule us want war. Why? I Suppose this war loving pathology reveals itself in Ron Paul’s ramblings. The other side does not respect us enough, if they feared us and our military might, then we would be respected and they would do our will. I imagine that hard liners on the Iranian side feel the same way. They are pathological and shame on us for even listening to their warped ideas. If we let them continue we will all face the consequences of their sickness. Live by the threat of nuclear war, die by its terrible reality.


"Why should we listen to these people again? "
My question:
Why are these people not being held accountable? They have been caught for their most egregious lies and the murders of many American soldiers and who knows, how many innocent civilians in Iraq. These fascist, war mongers, like the insane and crazy Bolton that have no conscience, should have been indicted for war crimes a long time ago, but of course, that just proves America’s foreign policy is not democratic…but fascist!


Nothing but repackaged and highly prejudicial generalities. Ugh!