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'Wrong Side of History': Outrage as US Congress Moves to Block Syrian Refugees



It is typical, that the main perpetrator in inciting the chaos in the Middle East first consented to only 10,000 fugitives and now refuses to do even this.
There is, of course, an unprecedented flood of refugees, which overpowers the resources of Germany and other European countries. The sad fact is that primary initiators of this mess, the UK and the US accept only 20,000 and 10,000 or zero(?) respectively, while Canada, which did not take part in the assault on Iraq has committed (informally) to accept 25,000 before the end of this year and Germany, which did also not take part in the Iraq adventure, will be stuck with accepting at least 800,000, methinks more than a million.

The problem in France bears watching, especially in view of this: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/02/41-admitted-false-flag-attacks.html and my suspicion right from the start that this might be one. That suspicion received reinforcement here: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/11/france-state-emergency-months-151116155912054.html

QUOTE: Hollande to propose changes to constitution such as increased surveillance and stripping citizenship amid safety threat. UNQUOTE


Shortly after the attacks in Paris it was claimed that passports found bear the bodies of two terrorists killed that were Syrian passports.It has since been reported that the passports were forged likely inside of Turkey.

As usually the case the wrong questions are being asked about these forged passports in an attempt to prevent people asking others as in who in fact found these passports and why would a terrorist going to kill people and very likely be killed doing so feel the need to carry a passport with him?

It would seem to me someone somewhere wanted to link these attacks to Syria and Syrians and given the governments of Western nations have advocated attacking Syria but were encountering resistance at home , someone seems to have gotten their wish.

These actions in the USA have ample historical precedent and are simply part of the "let's go to war" fervour the Western nations governments in conjunction with the media are trying to fuel.

Defense industry stocks trade at all time highs. The beauty of owning shares in such stocks as far as investors are concerned is that there no need to worry about unsold inventory or lack of consumer demand. The more bombs dropped the more bombs they need.


It was an American who initially caused this refugee crisis so it would seem that we should take responsibility for their safety.... If Saddam Hussein were still in office there would be no ISIS, and no refugee crisis. The recent attack in Paris would not have happened. Many of the world's dead would still be alive. So, let's take in those fleeing refugees and give them shelter.


The state governors are acting provincial. That is their place. They are not diplomats, not sophisticated, not urbane and certainly not presidential material. They are what they are and that is local politicians of no vision, no view of the whole picture and undeniably ignorant.


As long as there are American citizens, veterans and poor that are homeless and needy – our good natured heart should go out to them before we begin feeding and carrying for refugees from other countries. Politicians and others who are so concerned with refugees can step up to the plate so to speak and take personal responsibility for them. They can sponsor a family/individual into their home, feed, clothe and provide all the medical and financial aid required until such time the individual/s become US citizens or return to their native country. All sponsors would provide at their cost language instruction to enable the refugees to function in their new society in addition to private instruction for school age children.


I would agree with you if we were not witnessing the same people who beat the war drums the loudest (supporting the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq) now refusing to accept responsibility for the refugees that anybody not afflicted with terminal denial syndrome knew would be the result of those invasions.

Just as I was not in favor of the Viet Nam occupation and not looking forward to the subsequent refugee wave, I do not look forward to this refugee wave but believe that it is the price we pay for Pax Americana.


Supposed passports of terrorists "found " @9-11 ruins?! Paris was planned to escalate Syrian coup,taking rights from French people,increase profits of mil-Industrial-complex,curtail environmental movement. World is controlled by .0001percent who also want massive world de-population.


Seventeen US presidents were governors first. Twelve were generals.