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Wrong Way Economics: Trump's Roadmap for Corporate Domination


Wrong Way Economics: Trump's Roadmap for Corporate Domination

Kenneth Peres

President Trump has been engaged in a giant bait and switch scheme: he is using the rhetoric of America First to cover-up policies that put Wall Street and Global Corporations First.


Its hard to call it “TRUMP’S roadmap for corporate domination” when the US started down this slippery slope when the first dismantling of New Deal financial industry regulations moved forward nearly four decades ago (I believe that allowing securitization of mortgages was the first). The roadmap started taking on higher levels of detail upon Saint Ron’s ascending the throne in 1981 with all of his successors adding more details to the roadmap.

Trump’s approach to adding details to the roadmap and following the roadmap is more unabashed than the approach his predecessors took, although Dick Cheney and his puppet Dubya came close at times.


Which is why the DamnocRats lost in 2016 and will continue to lose to the better-organized & more ruthless RePooplicans unless there is a MAJOR housecleaning and a return to the party’s populist roots.  “Donald Trump is Even Worse than Krooked Hillary!” is NOT an effective argument on which to base a campaign, especially when both candidates are obviously lying about their party’s (lack of) accomplishments.


Just as the Boston Globe reporters realized that getting rid of Cardinal Bernard Law would not change anything with respect to rampant Catholic clergy abuse, getting rid of Trump will not solve anything in a place as corrupt as Washington DC. Attacking the system, not individuals is what is needed.


Sounds like a recipe for a French-type of revolution complete with guillotines, or a modern equivalent. Think about some of the sci-fi movies from the 1970’s. Will the people be trapped in a Soylent green type of society ? Fahrenheit 451 maybe ? Or are Trump and pence the Anti-Christ and the false prophet with all the conservative evangelicals being the deluded, fallen away people they abhor ? At 65 I don’t know what I will live to see, but I worry for my grandchildren and curse the uninformed people who placed these fools in office.


The central problem is the domination of our political economy by global corporations, Wall Street and the super wealthy.

That is a major problem, lethal.

I think our problems are far deeper and more fundamental than policy can address.
One fundamental problem is our weak, non-selectable cultural genome. Its weakness is largely a function of the dominant phenomenon of our era: exponentially accelerating complexity.

The efficacy of our most impactful cultural codes – legal and monetary codes – don’t match, can’t handle our new, unprecedentedly complex environs. They fail this rule of thumb from the biological network:

“The rule of thumb is that the complexity of the organism has to match the complexity of the environment at all scales in order to increase the likelihood of survival.” Yaneer Bar-Yam physicist, complexity scientist

Here’s the dominant coding mechanism / app for human culture’s interface, within culture itself, and with geo eco bio & tech networks:
Attempt to generate selectable relationship hierarchies by ordering trillions of ever-dynamic & complexifying relationships in-and-across those networks, and across time, by deploying world culture’s dominant information processing mechanism: humans using a thousands-of-years-old coding structure: monetary code.

Exhibit A: Sky. Exhibit B: Ocean.

Here’s a distillation re code, including monetary code, in a physics, evolution and complexity context, and more: 6 Concepts 4 Survival: http://ow.ly/4n1t85

Yaneer Bar-Yam on NPR: https://www.sciencefriday.com/segments/why-theoretical-physics-says-the-us-is-ungovernable/