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Wrongly Incarcerated Youth, Scarred at Rikers Prison, Commits Suicide


Wrongly Incarcerated Youth, Scarred at Rikers Prison, Commits Suicide

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A young man who spent three years in Rikers Island prison without trial—almost two of them in solitary confinement—after being arrested at age 16 for allegedly stealing a backpack, committed suicide Saturday at age 22.


Kalief Browder, I have heard your message.


Rikers has always been hell on Earth with a nefarious reputation yet nothing ever seems to change. How many other people have been irreparably damaged after spending time in that hole?

I hope the state of New York along with the perpetrators of the cruel and inhuman punishment done to Kalief (including the warden) are made to pay million$$$ in restitution to his family.

All because the po-po stopped him for an alleged theft of a backpack. The real criminals hide behind a badge and a blue uniform.

My heart goes out to Kaleif’s kin.


This young man’s death canbe laid at the feet of a corrupt judicial system. However as in every case there is a personal component. In this case it is a derelict and negilgent prison run by a grossly despicable and disgusting gang of thugs. There leader, the so called warden should be fired immediately and his lieutenants with him. This case evidences sufficient illegalities in the methods of incarceration used in the Riker’s hellhole to put these soiciopaths in prison for decades.


Not the State of New York, Rikers is a New York City prison.


I am tearful about the fate of this lovely young boy. This is so very disturbing and sad. The American regime has become horribly violent, cruel, and evil; creating individuals like these that find it “normal” to abuse other human beings, run this so called correctional facility. Rikers Prison and its staff has created a hell hole. I am so disturbed.


RIP young man (⌣́_⌣̀)