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WSJ Says CIA Chief Wouldn't Do Anything 'Inappropriate'—Despite Record of Torture and Coverup

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/07/wsj-says-cia-chief-wouldnt-do-anything-inappropriate-despite-record-torture-and

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That’s about a willfully ignorant as it gets


Why would anyone expect WSJ to badmouth their bosses?


Glowing the dark

“Perhaps if outlets like the WSJ provided less adulatory coverage of the CIA’s leaders and the organization 's illicit activities, it would be harder for it’s members like [Bloody Gina] Haspel to get away with lying.”

Oh Joshua if you only knew, but you’re young, you’ll get there. You will discover how 3 major newspapers (or more), bury their illicit behavior if you stay in the reporting game long enough. One of them practically in their pocket since their inception. Until then I suggest a primer on the subject, “Operation Paperclip”, outed many years ago. Study it, and dream of the CIA possibilities since that time.
Now days they cut out the middleman, and position their assets teaching journalism at the university level, it’s possible you were taught by one.


Dear Journalists:
I think the only way to demonstrate how “safe,” these torture activities are is —of course---- to demonstrate them upon yourselves —and in real time so that there could be no cheating. I look forward to seeing this video where the WSJ reporter experiences this and then expresses his/her reaction to it.

I have no idea how anyone could show that “Rectal feeding,” was a good idea. Who came up with that? Did the originators of this idea actually have it demonstrated it on themselves first?
I don’t understand why anyone in government thinks that any torture would work. Wouldn’t anyone and everyone being tortured just agree to anything in order to make the pain and the horror stop? So what is the purpose? What exact qualities is the CIA looking for in its employees? Is it possible that after they leave the CIA that they still might hanker for their old jobs and just rogue out on their own? It seems that inhumanity—for whatever reason would make any person less human. : (