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WTF is the TPP?


WTF is the TPP?

Kiley Fisher, Patrick Woodall

If we don’t pay attention to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), this behemoth of a trade deal will destroy much of the progress we’ve made in the United States protecting the environment, workers, food safety and people’s health.


Hillary said, without being specific, that her current lack of support for TPP is based on " TPP in its current form is not the gold standard trade deal that it was" when she was working on it.

Whenever its convenient, Hillary or others will insert an inconsequential tweak in one paragraph, magically restoring TPP's gold standard status and giving Hillary cover to promote it as zealously as Obama has promoted TPP during the past 5 years.


While I hate to say this, TPP makes NAFTA look good. TPP solely benefits the global plutocracy. TPP doesn't give democracy any consideration.

Once TPP is analyzed in its complete context, all of those outside the plutocratic ruling class will suffer/lose. TPP makes it very, very clear that workers and consumers serve one purpose:

  • To serve the capitalist/plutocratic ruling class by producing ever-increasing capital/profit without any concern or consideration to the working class or the environment.

TPP is a wet dream to capitalists. The terms/rules of TPP override the laws of governments. TPP is truly runaway, unbridled capitalism and TPP will, without question, kill people.


Corporations will no longer need to buy judges, once TPP turns the judicial system over to the corporations they will BE the judges.


IF there was not a total news black-out on this issue, more people would be aware of how terrible this corporate coup is. I can not believe any average US citizen, left or right, would be in favor of the TPP. The disastrous TPP will complete the shredding of our constitution. I never thought I would live to see the day where a corporation could stomp all over our democratically enacted laws. Maybe if everything people see, read and hear came from more than 6 corporations we would be told how bad this treaty (not called a treaty) is. Thank you Common Dreams for your reporting.


Very well said mbrownec, and, sadly, you speak the truth. The TPP will further enslave us all.


Guessing your two posts indicate that the DNC is not to be trusted.


Defeating the TPP, TTIP, and TISA are of the highest priority.


Seeing how 95% of the Democratic Party's billion dollar revenue stream comes from Wall Street and corporate cronies the DNC IS to be trusted to keep gunning for the 1% 24/7.


Because of the virtual blackout by MSM, the public is mostly unaware of this looming disaster. I was hoping the release of the text on Nov. 5 would generate more interest, but I was wrong. I'm sure Obama would love to slip this one through Congress before more people wake up. Everyone needs to commit to spreading the word, making the issue visible in your community and contacting your reps. They need to feel pressure from the public so they'll think twice before taking those bribes that will surely be coming their way.


I have tried googling this question, and still can't find a definitive answer. I am wondering how President Obama justifies the TPP when he knows what a bad deal this is? Was he paid off by a specific corporation or group of corporations? Does he just want to be remembered as supporting a major trade deal, even if it's terrible?