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WTF USA? Shock and Horror as Donald Trump Wins Presidency


WTF USA? Shock and Horror as Donald Trump Wins Presidency

Common Dreams staff

Huge swaths of the American population, and the countless watching around the world, reacted with shock and outrage Tuesday night when it was reported that Hillary Clinton had called her Republican rival to concede the election, making Donald Trump the presumptive winner of the 2016 election who will now become the 45th president of the United States.


"In an alternate universe, Bernie Sanders is giving his victory speech right now." - David Sirota



The next 4 years will either kill us or cure us, for sure.


I did not vote for Trump or Clinton. I do not and will not accept Trump's "policies" anymore than I did not accept Obama's, Bush's or (Bill) Clinton's "policies".


It sucks, but it's not the end of the world. Time for wholehearted organizing.


Thank you DNC for putting a black frosting on this cake.



Sigh is right. Russ Feingold lost his election in Wisconsin to the same corporate shell that was elected last time. Rural white voters came out in droves. This wasn't the same, it appears Hillary will win the popular vote, but has some of the hallmarks of the Reagan win in 1980. The left was its typically divided self, just as it was then, while conservatives united. This was big, as the Supreme Court is gone, as is a whole bunch of other stuff.


This is Brexit on steroids.

I kind of expected it, having been shocked by Brexit before, but its still a major shock.

Now it's time for a progressive/green alliance to sweep away the corrupt DNC.

And while they're at it, sweep away the corrupt MSM.


Looks like Sinclair Lewis was wrong. It came here and it's not wrapped in the American flag or carrying a bible.


The problem you face is voters rejected guys like Russ Feingold too, who Bernie actively campaigned with. Trump and the Republicans are in the driver seat now. They have every branch at the federal level. Those on here who tried to minimize what this would mean are in for a challenging awakening.


When right wingers chant "McGovern ~ McGovern ~ McGovern" to dissuade Democrat voters from voting in progressive candidates, can we left wingers now chant "Gore ~ Kerry ~" and a resounding "Clinton ~ Clinton ~ Clinton" back? Or is that still off limits?

The Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. Clinton lost to her Pied Piper Candidate of all people.


Good! Real progressives can now ignore the failed Democratic Party, come together, and fight for a genuinely just and egalitarian nation.


This is what the nation wanted...right? Of course not, but what kind of citizen would give their vote to such despicable people - that's what happened. The American media's propaganda sold both these dreadful candidates to this country, but the country is not buying.

If the DNC would have played fair and square the country might have had a chance to recuperate from the 2000 coup d'état. Now, the fight begins.


And Jill Stein made a whopping 1%.

Woha. Nobody could expect that.

Especially those people running around here screaming that "Jill Stein is the only reasonable option".

Yeah sure. As if it wasn't clear that reaching that 1% is the biggest thing she could hope for.

And for the record: I think that probably nothing that happened here had any real influence on this election.

But well, lets see what happens next. Although I fear that the next 4 years will feel pretty endless.
And worse: with a R president, congress, ... and a Supreme Court that will be swamped with with super conservatives assholes, be assured: the US in 4 years will be a very different nation.

And whatever "progress" anybody thought to have reached here so far; be ready to watch clocks being turned back. And be ready for some real physical intimidation when it turns out that the Trump policies won't work; and when the Trump voters start looking for scapegoats.


President Obama can still take steps to render Guantanamo essentially shuttered. He can still get the Army Corp of Engineers to forced DAPL to be rerouted. He can still pardon Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, Oscar Lopez Rivera, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden.


He won't do any of those things. If anything this election will encourage him to push the TPP even more. If you think democracy is dead because of Trump being elected you haven't seen anything yet if the TPP passes.


Sometimes normalcy is worth having, but too many people here wanted to list all of Hillary's wrongs and minimize a Trump win. Well, we'll see how global warming gets addressed now.


Hillary wouldn't do anything about Global Warming anyway. People are sick of the status quo that brought us here.I do not support Trump but is clear that whoever won this election would be horrible for this country.


Good luck. Wait till you see the Ryan Budget. Just and fair it is not. But it will be law come early next year. I almost can't believe the distance here versus reality.


Baloney. She would have supported the Paris accord, kept renewable energy tax credits in the budget, and continued to defend Obama's greenhouse gas regulations in court. That's out the door now. Keep telling yourself imaginary things, but the Republican agenda is going to much different than the supposedly horrible Obama agenda we've been living under.