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WTF White Women?


WTF White Women?

Laura Flanders

2016 was bad. 2018 was worse. While fifty-two percent of white women voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence in 2016, in 2018, seventy-six percent of white women voted for Brian Kemp.


And frightened, as well they should be. The problem is that they are frightened by the wrong things. Seventeen years of intense fear-mongering propaganda has been successful.


I’d imagine that the old saying ‘Behind every great man is woman’ is just one of the ‘truisms’ entrenched in the rutted path of centuries old permanent growth trajectory / manifest destiny delusions. It has worked so far, with the rough price of lynchings, controlling the ‘lesser others’ who are not legacy frat and sorority equivalents of the ‘chosen people’. These tropes must never be underestimated. Sheer power and power in numbers of closed/gated/isolated power has resulted in a planet being poisoned and psycopathic denial of centuries of genocide, demands that ALL other cultures kneel before anglo arrogance to be assimilated - or plundered, or erased by whatever means deemed preferable at any given time.

That time is up; its over for the simple capitalist reason that the entire planet has hit the crushing “point of diminishing returns”. The problem is that predatory capitalism is utterly dependent on a sociopathic denial that the convenient and arbitrary claims for “externalized costs” cannot be claimed to disappear, go ** poof ** without very real, painful consequences.

When Bill Clinton said “I can feel your pain” that was a bald faced lie. He knew it most of the public knew it. But hey, he ushered in the model doubled down on and used across the board today. And with it, the acidic and slimy consequences.

White women of the political class and the broad swath of ‘wannabes’ suck-ups are trained/educated to play the ‘grand chessboard’, according to the rules in the rulebook that is handed to them. Pay your dues and become adept at an indispensable need to work your way into power- look at Kelly A Conway.

White women as human beings first, moms second and US citizens third; activistfourth or some variation thereof, presents a fluid recombining configuration that relates more to the REAL meaning of living with a Constitution. LIFE comes first and the primary function of government being to stabilize and hold sacred the elements of healthy life. The aberrations of our current slop mess might well be reminded of its place. And who better to do so than white women living lives as human being of soul and spirit first.


Whoever said being white makes you smarter, was probably a racist.


Stupid or spoiled? No doubt some of each, but how about just plain old nasty racist? After all, the stats quoted aren’t exactly from states known for their progressive politics. Why would anyone expect white women to be any different than their white male counterparts in this respect? Behind every white racist male there is probably a white racist woman. Both are products of the same racist environment.


Are white women less racist than white men?


So tired of this crap. They are going by the number of white women that VOTED in 2016, and the number of women in a deeply Red state ONE STATE. But it’s presented as “White Women.” The Left needs to grow up, and stop looking for someone to blame for everything. “2016 was bad, 2018 was worse.” Bullshit. They’re two different things entirely, but the headline makes it sound like there was a total let-down across the country. White women dropped the ball in 2016, because a lot didn’t vote. The Left need to stop “Eating their young” as they used to say.


Umm to say things are worse than 2016 requires comparing equivalent statistics. What does Georgia have to do with the nation as a whole? How many percent of white women in Georgia voted Trump - I didn’t see that in the story.


Jinx. (if I had seen your post I wouldn’t have posted). I really liked https://caucus99percent.com/content/bullsht-narrative-progressives-failed (from another poster here) as the type of story I’d rather read about the election. Plenty of reasons to be optimistic and move forward.


"Did they vote on the issues?"

Probably not since MOST voters , it seems, vote as if they are supporting a “team” or voting in a “popularity contest”. Is it any wonder our government looks like a whirlpool of shit?!


Whenever someone asks that I always think back to Hillary Clinton’s speech where she referred to minorities as “super predators” .


“We don’t want 2020 to roll around and wish that one hundred years ago we’d never given white women the vote.” What sniveling drivel. Who in the hell do you think you are!! Your analysis doesn’t include all the women, including white women, who were drivers in flipping around 40 House seats & getting a record number of women to run & be elected. While there is a place to discuss white privilege, you did not succeed here either. Your flat analysis just allowed and encouraged a number of women-bashing comments.


Yes, stupid, spoiled, frightened, and perhaps just as racist as their male counterparts, just as xenophobic as the Xenophobe-in-Chief.


Exactly. Why should a white woman in Vermont be responsible for how a white women in Georgia voted?


She basically provides her own answer.

Maybe they say “WTF Laura Flanders? Why do you talk down to us and berate us rather than find out what matters to us, and how do you attract our votes?”

This article is a classic example of how some on the Left would rather belittle and insult those who don’t agree with them, rather than find out why they disagree with them and how to persuade them to alter their views. This is the kind of mindset that created, and reinforced Trump. When you automatically treat your opponent as stupid and/or evil, you both lose the opportunity to convert them, and you give them something to rally around.


I say neither. White women are starting to see through the facade of the American political system and realizing the lies that have been fabricated specifically to fool them. One of those lies is the absurd notion that the Democratic Party is fighting for women’s rights. Actions speak louder than words. The reality is that the Democratic Party is much more loyal to their darling Republican Party than they are to women or Democratic voters in general. The American people have not divided and conquered the two-party system; the two-party system has divided and conquered the American people.


In a state like Georgia, look to the education system for your answer. White women in GA have a large, close-minded component of bias, indoctrinated by the white/biblical educational infrastructure.

“So white women are either stupid or spoiled.”

No. False choice. But in Georgia, many white women vote based on ignorant views of taxation and racial stereotype bias. As do many white men in Georgia.


“So white women are either stupid or spoiled. I say spoiled.”

Interesting conclusion. So if someone does not agree with your views they must be stupid or spoiled. Maybe they should not be allowed to vote until they come around?


Beto (Robert Francis O’Rourke) is White, not Latino.

Ted Cruz is Latino.

Does that change anything?


Wow, is there a place to check the votes to see who voted by race? Where do the stats come from for this? Is it by zip code, or street address? How does tracking voting by race work?