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WTO: Dumping Responsibility on Third World Farmers Yet Again

WTO: Dumping Responsibility on Third World Farmers Yet Again

Timothy Wise

On the eve of their Nairobi ministerial, WTO members should remember it is not food procurement policies in developing countries like India but unfair US agricultural subsidies which threaten free trade and farmer livelihoods across the world

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Thank you Henry Kissinger for weaponizing food. /s

Watching again the return of this problem in one form and another, I have come to doubt that any solution exists that does not involve stepping away from the so-called “global economy” piece by piece.

I do not mean that we do not have to do other things–control governments and so forth. I just do not see that we have a good enough handle on the relevant institutions if we do not vote 365 days per year by withholding labor and withholding currency.

I am not talking about a boycott, though there are apt to be boycotts involved, along with a lot of other things. I am talking about a more gradual but more permanent change in buying and production habits.

We do our work and send it out for capital. We receive capital and spend it for work and goods from places and circumstances that we do not know. For this reason, we do not do the work that we wish, and we do not receive the product or support that we wish for our efforts.


Let’s not buy the stuff. We can’t stop all at once, of course: fine. We have to buy from the system to start to support ourselves otherwise. Fine.

But let’s get chintzy. And let’s get it at home. Cuba did it, and very fast. We can do it, given some knowledge, and we have longer.

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Kissinger, the worst human on the planet